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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @itsmc2011

    Nice work - I loved the '3-shot' in the woods!

    Recently I substituted for the DP on a feature, and used my GH2 with Sanity. The director and producers keep raving about the quality.

  • Hi guys ! I love Sanity Pach! Here is a music video i shot with Sanity 5.1

  • One more with Sanity 5 shoot wit a x 2 anamorphic projection lens.

  • Unscientific test with some lenses last night using Sanity V.

    The original footage havent so noise.

  • HBR : 30p :45m/s Lense : 14-140mm SS : 1/50 ISO 400 Mode : smooth Color Grad : EDIUS6 Filter : HD Multi-Coated Variable ND Fader Filter

  • @kelto52 My camera works in 720p to 50, where can I change it to work at 60?

  • @tomson8877

    Nice Balinese knives :)

  • My last test with Sanity Hack

  • The 720P bitrate is 44M, but it can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the complexity of the scene. That's the beauty of Sanity - it only uses the bits it needs - no extra fat!

  • What is the bitrate at 720p at 60fps?

  • @Axier thx, it was smooth -2,-2,+2,-2

  • Hi. This is the video of Sanity5 on GH2 with monokle lense.

  • Hello Ralph_B you are so so so great man Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love Sanity5.1 so much

    I shoot new footage Right here ! This movie was shoot by 30p 43m/s, I like its!!

    Mode ISO400 Smooth From JP,Yokohama

  • @Ralph_B I would rather shoot at night too. I think you have alot more creative options at hand.

  • @vicharris Glad you're enjoying Sanity. Night shooting is important to me, and it's one of the things I worked on to get right.

  • Hey @Ralph_B Not sure if you saw it but I shot the timelapse stuff and all the dusk and night shots at the end of this promo video with 5.1 and the Pany 20mm 1.7. The night stuff came out great with amazing colors! Thanks so much for the amazing patches at such low bit rate!! Actually the still for the video is 5.1

  • @tcarretti Dude, you really need to start working out. You're starting to look like shit!!! LOL

  • Indoor example of Sanity 5.1 using 14-42 kit lens:

    Kit lens was hunting a little with face recognition in the opening shot, but very pleased with quality.

  • @tomson8877 Goog job. Could you tell me which profile as used? And the levels of Sharpe, Contrast..

  • Hello guys ! I love Sanity Pach very well ! Test Movie Right here !

  • ....using Sanity 5

    for our knife project....

    Edit: FCP X

    Song: Summer Heart | I Wanna Go

    Lens: Sigma Super Wide II 24 mm

    Skater: P+S Technik Skater Junior

  • On the lefth is the shout I make using the information off the exposure meter, on the right the shout that I think was ok in the searcher

  • can't read any of your info on the screen in front of the dart board.

  • Funny thing happened to me. After recording with Sanity 5.1, Sedna A Q20 and voigtlander 25mm lens I have this question: Why different ISOs when shooting at the camera measures the light differently? I will explain. At ISO 640 and 1250 I can not trust the camera's metering. The shots are dark. But at ISO 160 I can. Look at it in this video that I have done.

  • Just wait till I post the big crowd shots, not that I could really capture the size of this event without a helicopter and infared to show the completely packed giant buildings ;)