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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @Ralph_B

    How is the run time on card being determined? By the counter only? I've been setting a static shot, and recording. Would a high motion/ high detail shot record less time? I'm still not getting the 53 minutes and change you mentioned on a 16GB card- It's going way past that. arrghh...

    Just to confirm, Sanity 5 is for use with Ptools 3.65 ?

    Is there a way to verify that a hack has been indeed loaded on a camera (software that works on Mac) ? I feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark.

  • @jclmedia, I'm using an AF100 vs. the HPX170 but found that the following settings come pretty close and in post I have to do very little to match the GH2 and AF100 footage:

    For the GH2 I use Vibrant -2 -2 -1 -2

    The AF100 I use 1080/24P Detail Level -4, V Detail Level -1, Detail Corning -4, Chroma Level +2, Chroma Phase -3, Master Ped -5, DRS Off, Gama Cine-Like D, Matrix Fluo

    The compression from Vimeo really doesn't do the actual footage of this video justice, but here's an example of using the above recipe with mixed cameras:

  • @moondoggy 53min 26sec is what the counter shows for 24H when you insert a blank 16 GB card. Actual run time may be longer. It sounds like you're doing fine.

  • I wonder what would Sanity 5 with mysteron's matrix yield. (with deblocking and everything.) I still really couldn't figured out how to mix them. gonna give it a try though.

  • @cjdincer It won't work. Sanity 5 has it's own matrix that is intergral to it's operation. If you want to play with other matrices, use Sanity 4.1.

  • @frerichs

    Thanks! Also So i just set same Wb and Shutter speed, aper,?ect ima goin to do a outside test very soon here ill post my results.

  • I was covering a Race tonight and used the GH2 with Sanity 5 in the vendor areas. Total darkness except for tent lights, headlights and some area lights across the street.

    Here's a screen grab of one of the tents:

    1600 x 900 - 216K
  • I really like my Sanity 4.1

    However... I need objective assessment. Wish we'd stop stumbling in the dark (no pun intended, given the preceding video cap :) and just get two things:

    1. A GH2 hacks' Comparison table

    2. Quantifiable test results showing quality of each hack version in test/typical/extreme shooting conditions.

    So far I don't think such things exist, or at least I'm not getting much luck discovering them:

  • Combi of Sanity v4.1 and bkmwcd's Golgop patches:

  • @ishvar - awesome video work!!

  • @Ralph_B I'm very pleased with Sanity 5, despite "lower bit rate" than other settings, it produces great image quality also nice smooth motion. Using HBR 25p mode ...

  • @feha Sanity 5 continues to amaze me, too. It rewrites the book of how much bitrate is actually required to obtain a top quality picture.

  • @Ralph_B, thank you again, it works great on GH2 but also on GF2, well done. When i get some time, will make and post some test videos ...

  • I did a 22 minutes HBR 25p shot in daylight on a very static scene with just one person running around and it was using just 1.89 gb in file size while looking quite good. On the economical side this one seems to be the best one! Well done Sir! Otherwise, no one here at personal-view seems to be very pleased with HBR mode quality-wise. Will there ever be an ultimate HBR setting?

  • @Ralph_B I'm not a great believer in pixel peeking but sometimes I just have to look. I compared it to Mysteron last night and darned if it didn't look a little better to me.

    I'm old and haven't been to a concert for 30 years or so but I am going to a Beach Boys Concert in July.

    They're picky about cameras but I can get by with the GH2. Based on the low light performance so far, Sanity 5 is the way to go. I haven't gotten any significant noise yet and Neat Video takes care of what little there is.

  • @peternap Just curious, but what mode were you comparing? 24H? That seems to be the most common one that people shoot. But Sanity is really four patches; 24P, 720P, 1080i and HBR.

  • @Ralph_B 720p-60 Vibrant ----2. Pentax A 50mm 1.7 lens

    I almost never use 24H. Nearly everything I video moves a lot. I've never put it in 1080I.

    It is possible that Mysteron is a little finer grained in 24H but I can't see much sense in wasting time testing something I just don't use.

    I like Cluster but it's harder to Color grade than Sanity in 720.

    I'm looking forward to testing Cluster 2, but I keep coming back to Sanity 5 for everyday use.

    I buy a lot of old primes for the Canons and the GH2, and have been doing the serious testing with The GH2 and Sanity. If they come out good with that combo, they seem to be good on everything.

    This unedited screen grab was from last night.

    1600 x 900 - 172K
  • The latest Sanity 5 , 24p High Quality freaks out Mac-based VLC and FCP7´s "Log and Transfer"- tool! But only only with high detailed shots like in the attached image, which shows the same defects in VLC as well as in Log and Transfer Recordings with lesser detail, also noisy ones, just play fine in VLC and Log and Transfer.

    BUT: 5DtoRGB lite 1.5.8 will convert the same problematic clips just fine into ProRes. No problems there. Phew... so at least no shot lost.

    The left image shows the errors produced by VLC (during playback) and "Log and Transfer". The right image is transcoded with 5DtoRGB lite 1.5.8 and shows no errors.

    Clip #58 059defective.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 523K
    1920 x 1080 - 480K
  • @ishvar

    I'm curious to know your opinion of sanity (4.1 or 5) against bkmwcd's Golgop especially in 24p. What patch do you prefer in rendering motion and which one in lowlight? Also did you test driftwood's patch?

    Thank you.

  • @Frame how about simply copying the contents of the SDHC card to a temporary desktop folder and then use compressor to generate your ProRes/DVCProHD files and bring them in FCP then?

  • @Ralph_B

    Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. The counter is showing 53:57 on a formatted 16GB Panasonic card, close enough for me. :-)

    Thanks again man.

  • sanity 5 nearly two hours of well lit footage @ 160 iso on 32Gb card

  • That's 2x more than Sanity 4.1

    Meaning, Sanity 5 requires two times less bandwidth.

    @Ralph_B says there's no appreciative difference between the visual quality of Sanity 4.1 and v5, but I'm afraid to upgrade since v4.1 worked well for me...

  • and the spaning on 720p works beautiful

  • @Ramses. sorry, I guess you misread. The post was not about importing problems/workflows but playback problems. With messy playback in VLC and also messy import in FCP, I would have regarded the files as damaged. Not very good when shooting without a Mac and many programs in reach.

    But 5DtoRGB transcodes fine.This problem only occurs with highly detailed shots. I would like to know why.