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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • We came into the city for dinner tonight and I decided to test Nick's night patch. I spotted a group of people who were even strange for City I loaded Sanity 5 and spent some time with them. Love this patch. It never lets me down.

  • @peternap The guy in the green shirt by the table looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

  • @subco I don't recommend it - you run the risk of instability and getting write errors.

  • Yes, it's rather remarkable.

  • I look forward to testing out Sanity 5.1, I'm still running Sanity for the old firmware. I'm really interesting in a patch that works for 60i, 30p on top of 24p. thanks Ralph.

  • @ peternap - Forget Shaggy. Dude bottom right looks like he's on the gravy stroke! :)

  • Sharing a Sanity Experience: Two days ago I was amazed when I saw this:

    I guess that I-Frame trick is working wonders because Sanity 5 works great while managing to get lower bitrates than stock on static footage. Yesterday I was out to spend my birthday gift (which was a ticket to see Dead Combo at Aula Magna).

    This is a very small band with a big cult already here in Portugal. Some of their music is featured in Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" and it has found it's way to some portuguese cinema.

    In a stupid mistake, there I was at the venue with only 1x8GB SD... which reported 26m of recording time. Well, apparently it stored ~4s of video for each 1s it reported, :) so I though it would give me about 1 & 1/2h if I was lucky. I couldn't find a better spot to record and at the same time enjoy the show but after about 1h (when I still believed I would get way with the whole concert) the battery died and in another stupid hurry mistake I didn't carried the reserve.

    When I got home my jaw almost dropped when I checked the footage, this is what I got, enjoy:

    BTW they played for 2h40m with a 2m break!!! I could have never record the whole show, I didn't even made it to the second part. :)

    (EDIT) This piece was shot with, 24p High, I Dynamic off, IR off, ISO160, 1/25s, Nature 0,0,0,0 (inadvertently, I usually use smooth -2,-2,-2,-2), Automatic WB. Pasadena Audio was merged and I was using the second least sensitive mic level. The sharpness is probably due to the Olympus 45mm @F/2.0.

    Later in the concert I had to up the ISO to 320, 400 and 640 so I got something more out of the shadows but as the light quickly changed I also got some burns, especially in some of their white clothes (sometimes even their faces). I also lowered the mic sensitivity to the last level.

  • @duartix Good sharp image! What lens and setting did you use?

    I've been beating the bushes (literally) for the last couple of days and testing Driftwod's CM patches. I'm not real impressed with day pm, night is great and soft skin tone is a little more detailed than Sanity....but even in 720, at a higher cost of card space. I'll use those patches for special shots but Sanity is still the bread and butter load!

    This is with an old Sears zoom I was testing that's a little soft:

  • @duartix - what frame trick are you referring to?

    Which lens and what camera settings did you have during teh concert recording (which looks fantastic!) ?

  • @mo7ies

    I think this is the trick he's talking about:

    Ralph_b said I discovered a way to create monster size I frames, while still keeping the bitrate low. In 24P, we're talking about I frames approaching the one million mark with certain subject material. And this applies to 24L, as well! For 24H I had to lower the bitrate from 66M to 38M, and yet the image quality is the same (and maybe better). I applied this technique to all modes; 24P, 1080i, 720P and HBR.

  • If I understand correctly, the "trick" is simply to use Sanity v5, yes? No other operation is required?

  • @mo7ies That's correct.

  • @mo7ies The trick was what Ralph used to get the mega I frames with low bit rates. Nothing the user has to do but focus and shoot.

    Ralph didn't refer to it as a trick I don't think, but lpowell did use that word with his 100mb Flow Motion.

    I'm still guessing that's what duartix is talking about because there's certainly no trick I know of, in using Sanity 5.

  • @Ralph_B: is there any situation when Sanity v5 is NOT recommended? (say high motion/deep shadows/high contrast/low contrast/720p60/whatever)? - or is v5 universally good?


  • From a very quick and dirty look at Sanity V5 I'd say the bread and butter of it's amazing efficiency lies in having a real long GOP (18) and scaling tables for P/B frames that are a lot more aggressive than stock. That could have some effect on IQ, but perhaps with AutoQuantizer being set to "4-All to details" it makes an amazing recovery.

    What I can say is that for a tripod mounted shot of static footage such as this it worked like a charm with amazingly low bitrates...

    Details of the shot updated on my original post:

  • @peternap & @mo7ies Yes I was referring to the mega I-Frames trick.

  • Sanity 5 is universally good. It handles motion incredibly well. I wouldn't have released it if it didn't. Don't think for one second that it's only good for static shots.

  • OK, this patch seems to be what I've been looking for if I'm not wrong.

    1) AFAI could figure out it would work on GF2 cameras, right? 2) And it's a real bread and butter patch for nearly everything, right? 3) Mostly stable?

    If yes for all three questions then it should be my patch to try out. I'm a noobie to those kind of hacks and patches so just be a bit patient with me. ;-)

    I will read the whole thread anyway but I thought I should ask quickly since at the moment there are some folks around here. I highly appreciate all your efforts on working on such patches.

    Cheers Jens

    edit: Ah, Ralph answered as well in the meantime.

  • @Ralph_B, it really works great, but i got freeze, it crashed when shooting from fast driving car, lens 14mm (auto focus), on GH2, is there any way to prevent this, so Sanity get's stable when shooting with auto focus ?

  • @feha

    subco is right - the card may be the culprit. I developed Sanity using Sandisk Extreme HD Video 30MB/s 16GB class 10 cards. This is what I recommend. People have reported good success with other class 10 cards. However, there have been occassional problems with higher speed cards- 45MB/s and 95MB/s. Some people have had success with class 6 cards, but not all of them.

  • FWIW, I use Sanity v4.1 with 64GB 95Mb/s cards, and never had any problems in-camera...

  • @Ralph_B I've used Sanity 5 with 16 gig and 32 gig 95mb, 16 Gig 30mb, 16 Gig 45 mb sdxc cards and never had a problem. I did try some low end class 4 cards tha locked up but I expected that.

  • @Ralph_B , all my cards are Sandisk Extreme HD Video 30MB/s 32GB class 10.

  • @feha What mode were you shooting in?

  • @Ralph_B, i used HBR (PAL) on GH2, same problem i had even with GF2, FSH ... both used with pancake 14mm / auto focus. This happens only when shooting from the car, fast moving objects and much details, but not always. It's not that easy to stress it to that level ... But this makes me worry ...
    Sanity 5