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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @Imaginate I don't like filming children in sexy poses and I wish you stop, but the quality is great... Al

  • @Imaginate Don't let unwarranted comments distract you from your art. You can't please everyone, and I guess we shouldn't try to. Some people will find inappropriate content where does not seem to be any.

  • @aljimenez I don't like it either but I didn't see any sexy poses in that video. I did see a pretty good talent at setting the mood for kids being kids though! You shouldn't try to read things into something that aren't there.

  • @Imaginate I really like the colors. How did you achieve the slow-mo? (on everything except the last shot). It is sad to see jello because it gives away the consumer camera this was shot with.

  • @pdlumina it was all shot at 60p then dropped on a 24p timeline, thats why a lot of people are hyped about Sanity is because its such a great patch for slo mo stuff. I'm actually like what I get on my 24p footage too. Jello is more noticeable with the long lenses like the 85mm. This footage was shot with a monopod.

  • I didn't see any sexy pose. If not for the earrings and and beautiful eyes I would have thought it was a boy selling newspapers. I think that girl just has a lot of character even though she was dressed like a boy.

  • Can someone please tell me what are the best settings with compressor for uploading to Vimeo?

    I shoot in 720P 50fps Sanity 4.1 and use a Imac.

  • @bmcent1 "pulsing, full frame width, thick horizontal lines at random vertical locations from frame to frame. I only see it as I close the aperture down, ie not at a well exposed shot, and also not when the scene is very dark, but as it gets darker while recording a big highly defocused background." I have same thing. and ı have no idea. why is it happening? we have to lean on the right side I guess. this happens with all the settings I tried maybe the sensor has some flaws.

  • I've been finding that when the rubber hits the road on client work, I almost always prefer using a setting that I know will span. Luckily, Sanity 5 24L has been delivering nicely.

    As always, some of the DR is being compressed out of this by Vimeo. No big deal, it's just a super quick project I thought I'd share in case it encourages anyone to get off PV and out shooting this spring:).

  • @tjnavyblue Was that Nike one yours too? Really nicely done. And yes - I definitely am stuck in a testing loop at the moment (so much stuff to learn) and must get out more!!

  • @mark_the_Harp Thx.

    I just shot the above footage to pixel peep detail and moire with the grass and car going by. As others have mentioned earlier in this thread, I think Sanity 5 24H is slightly better than cbrandin66 for detail. 24L is right on par. Given the file sizes (I'm getting a full two hours on an Extreme 32gb card) the 24L version of this is THE hack for interviews.

    I'm not seeing any of the banding discussed above. Perhaps I'm not re-creating those conditions properly.

    @Ralph_B - Case you can't tell, I'm super impressed with this Sanity family of hacks. The philosophy and execution is right on the money in the balance of IQ and practicality. So, thanks.

  • All, What type of hard disk drive do you use to edit the footage from Sanity? I am having problems during edit in vegas. The preview is stuttering to the point of unbearable. The footage from the hack is excellent.

    The spec sheet of my drive is 110MB/s sustained speed. It should be able to handle with plenty of headroom left.

  • if your footage is not transcoded, it is probably actually your CPU struggling. I know Vegas struggles to play 1080i/p clips from a consumer canon camcorder on my friend's Core2Quad 2.4GHz tower that i built for him a few years ago. Hard drives (even if attached with USB 2) are in general way faster than the SD cards the footage is recorded to in camera, so its probably not the HD unless you've transcoded to uncompressed or something like DNXHD. If te CPU's the problem, i'd recommend transcoding to DNXHD - seems to work well on windows, but i'm no expert there. FFmpeg will write DNXHD i think, so there should be plenty of free GUIs for it that will do the transcoding for you.

  • @tjnavyblue Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know people are actually using Sanity.

  • @Ralph_B Sanity 4.1 here, looking good. Any reason I should go for v5 ?

  • @arvidtp, it's not the CPU or memory issue. Perfmon in Windows XP indicate the disk being the bottleneck; the long disk queue suggests the drive is slow. However, editing from the same disk drive with a GOP1 hack does not give me as much problem as editing non-GOP1 hack clips. A GOP1 hack even has higher bitrate and yet the stuttering is acceptable for me. I know that GOP1 hack has all I frames vs non-GOP1 has other types of frames. How can this make so much difference?

    @Ralph_B, you should know that I not only use Sanity but I love it. Will try out S5 next. Thanks for the great work.

  • @mo7ies Visually, Sanity 4 and 5 look pretty much the same. In fact, in a blind test, I doubt I could tell them apart. The biggest difference is 24H mode. In 4 it requires a bitrate of 66m to reach what I would call 'ultimate quality'. In 5, a bitrate of 38m will get you to the same quality. So 5 is more efficient. You'll save on disk space.

  • I see. Someone made a comment that v5's bandwidth seems too low, so I was afraid to try the new version thinking is could be unproven yet :)

    I have v4.1 span in 1080p24H (and 24L) mode for me, but not in 1080p30. (That's on 64Gb 90MB/s SDHC SanDisk). Do you think v5 will span in 1080p30??

  • @mo7ies As I said in the notes, Sanity 5 will span in 30P, but only if you use a third party manual lens and don't go higher than ISO 3200. Actually, Sanity 4.1 might also span in 30P with this arrangement. I never tested it.

  • I have Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm f2 (yeah baby! :)

    Does it span with it? It is not native M43 - I use it with adapter, but it does have full electronic connection. So not sure if it falls under the "third party manual lens" category or not.

  • Yeah, I don't know either. The electrical connections might spoil it. The only way to find out is to test.

  • My take is that if you need to see large file size/bandwidth to feel like you're getting good IQ then there's a host of high bitrate hacks out there just waiting to fill up your HD. And they look great.

    I've done two shoots now mixing S5 GH2 and 5D, and my eye prefers S5 24H over 5D footage in most instances, and my processor prefers it too. 5D is a fair yardstick for a $650 camera I'd say. But that's all just IMHO.

  • Ralph_B said: "Visually, Sanity 4 and 5 look pretty much the same"

    Is there a scientific way to gauge the differences in quality between the hacks?

  • @tjnavyblue "My take is that if you need to see large file size/bandwidth to feel like you're getting good IQ then there's a host of high bitrate hacks out there just waiting to fill up your HD."

    I couldn't have said it better.

  • @Ralph_B just letting you know, i really appreciate your work with this patch. i mostly film skateboarding so write errors are my biggest enemy! haven't gotten a single write error while using sanity yet!