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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • hey Ralph_B, thanks a lot for the settings. After discarding GH2-specific parameters, I'm using them on a GF2 with a stock lens and the 1080i60 footage comes out clean (see screen attached).

    Stream Parser reports a peak of 5.6 Megabytes per second and while my current PNY can take it, I wonder.. do you advise a particular SDHC card with plenty of extra room (speed wise) to use Sanity 4.1 with? I'm more interested on reliability than space (so even 4 or 8GB cards are an option)

    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • mPlayerX works well on Mac. WMP and Splash Lite work well in Windows.

  • @pdlumina

    Sanity doesn't require an uber fast card. I developed it using Sandisk class 10 30M cards, so naturally, that's what I recommend. But probably any class 10 card will be fine.

    Congrats on getting it to work on the GF2!

  • @pdlumina Please attach your ini file that I try on my GF2 thank you

  • jclmedia I have 16gb 95mbs sandisk pro card,and all mode(+etc) have worked perfectly (PAL), only 24p playback does not work until re-connect the power to the camera. Everything works the same way 16gb 30mbs sandisk. I recommend....

  • Second the GF2 ini file upload, ill test it on GF3 also

  • The settings are in Sanity already, hence...

    Sanity 4.1 for the GF2 (mostly NTSC)

    What: Discarded GH2-specific settings and added MotionJPEG values to obtain what I consider the highest image quality possible on 720P. The downside is that the (MotionJPEG HD) footage is not playable in-camera.

    Also, to record in MJPEG 720P, you'll need a very fast card. With enough detail, is not uncommon for the bitrate to go over and stay at 100+Mbps, but I can assure you that the results are worth it. Take that P2!


    I suppose that if in-camera playback of 720 Motion JPEG was needed, one could simply modify the 480p width/height to 1280x720 and then just assign the E1-4 Quality/Tables default values to the F1-4 Quality/Tables. That way you could have your choice of High quality 720P (HD) or 720P standard (VGA) on the same patch. Unless I'm missing something here.

  • hello Ralph_B, i want test the 4.1 at first time. Must i patch with ptool365d? TXH for your work

  • I use PTool v3.64d. I assume 3.65d will work, but can anybody confirm this?

  • thx...sorry..but is spanning the unlimited recording time with new files at 4,3 gb?

  • 3.65d work

  • @Ralph_B

    I've tested Sanity 4.1 (PAL) again because I really want this to work as a second option setting with moderate bitrates while still maintaining high IQ (this is what Sanity is about and this is why I have been using Sanity 3 very often).

    However I have issues with HBR mode (again: this goes for the PAL version).

    I do see "pusling" here and there. It's pretty obvious when shooting highly detailed scenes (less obvious with scenes that do not force the codec to produce large I-Frames). Here's an example (extremely pushed to clearly show the issue) - 100% size on the left, enlarged crop on the right.

    Too, I have a question regarding the 18GOP length in PAL mode. To maintain the same ratio of I-Frames per second I think the GOP length should be 15 in PAL mode.

    • NTSC 18GOP = 1,6 I-Frames per second

    • PAL 18GOP = 1,4 I-Frames per second

    • PAL 15GOP = 1,6 I-Frames per second

    This would also preserve roughly the same ratio as the stock GOP lengths (24p + PAL GOP=12 / NTSC GOP=15).

    As several settings in PTools apply to both PAL and NTSC modes at the same time I think it could improve things if you would preserve this ratio (so the same amount of I-Frames per second in PAL as well as in NTSC mode). What do you think?

    The pusling thing is really annoying. Other than that Sanity V4 again is a great setting - many thanks!

  • Is Its over expusure, you get peaking?

  • nope ... the file was just pushed in post to show the issue.

  • @Ralph_B you mentioned you sometimes have to switch it on and off to get playback.

    Frequently I get this problem with both 24H and 24L. Once I lose playback, the camera won't let me record again until I switch it off/on. Is this considered "normal".

    Sandisk Extreme HD Video 16GB class 10 30MB/s

  • @towi

    "The pusling thing is really annoying". - Hang on, a fix is in the works.

    "I think the GOP length should be 15 in PAL mode". - Wrong. GOP 18 is essential for stability.

  • @tinyrobot

    "Once I lose playback, the camera won't let me record again until I switch it off/on. Is this considered "normal".

    I guess you could call it normal. I've encountered this problem with other patches, as well. It's a minor inconvenience - the price we pay for a great picture.

  • @tinyrobot @Ralph_B I will add that as far as I am concerned, there is really no need to switch the camera OFF and back ON, or to 'pull the battery' as I have read in some other threads. To me it seems like a barbaric method of regaining control of the camera.

    In fact, while testing several patches and using inferior SDHC cards, I experienced several lockups but never had to abuse of my camera with a 'hard reset'. The first time it happened to me, I just didn't have the heart to pull the battery or to turn off the switch, so I started thinking about what I could do.. and just like that the answer came to me: "patience" the camera whispered to me, as it magically unlocked itself after what it seemed like an eternity waiting (really it was probably like 30 seconds lockup).

    After that, every hard lockup requires me to just wait a bit, the camera unlocks itself and then I can continue. It works every time so you might want to try that: do nothing.

  • Patch looks great so far! But I'm also having playback issues.

    24L won't play back at all, and 24H only plays back when I have an EVEN number of clips on the card. Also one instance of playback "glitching" where I got a bunch of crazy purple pixels then froze, and another instance of the camera refusing to record whenever I pushed the record button.

    I'm using a SanDisk Extreme 32gb Class 10 45MB/s card.

  • Sporadic 24H record and playback errors with a Sandisk Ultra 64mb Class 10 30/mbs.... 14-42mm, daylight, low ISOs.

  • SanDisk Ultra cards are too slow.

  • @balazer

    The price was too good to be true.... This one is going back to the store, 30-day return.

  • @Ralph_B

    "GOP 18 is essential for stability"

    I wonder what's wrong with the default 12GOP... Sanity V3 did a great job with 12GOP.

    Then again... there are certainly good reasons for you to use 18GOP even for PAL modes.

    Looking forward to the fix!

  • hi, will Sanity 4.1 will work on my Gh13 hacked? thanxs , PNY class 10 16GB

  • This was shot in Sanity 3 720p 60fps. No ND filter. This is one of the custom hacks Senda for 24fps and Sanity for 720p. So far it's been flawless for two extensive shoots. Some color grading in post. I'm still trying to dial in the settings for uploading to vimeo. This was just a Vimeo HD setting on Premiere. I think I can dial that in a little better.