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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Hey Ralph_B

    I've just gone back to using your hack (Using Sanity 5 at the moment) for events shooting, and haven't missed a beat. I'm wondering though, when I copy it over to my computer and try to play it with any of my media players (I have VLC and Windows Media Player 12... or whatever the latest is) it will play the first 2 seconds and then freeze. IF I try and skip through, the image pixelates and won't play. I'm playing it straight off a SATA connected drive (2TB)... which I'll assume doesn't affect it at all, as footage from Driftwood's Moon hack (a significantly higher bitrate hack) plays smoothly, as does Flow Motion V2.

    It seems that your hack is the only one I have this issue with. This tends to be a pain if I want to review my footage before I go into editing (so I can make notes). Just wondering if I'm the only one having issues with this?

    It still seems to be the best hack for Wedding and Events shooting, and I haven't had any issues with recording on my 32gb 45mb/s Sandisk Extremes.

  • @brandonmrsh

    The hack does not change the shooting modes at all. Once you go into manual movie mode, there are two menu items that detemine the shooting mode. They are 'REC MODE' and 'REC QUALITY'. REC MODE sets 1080i or 720p or MJPEG. REC QUALITY then sets the quality for the recording mode you've selected.

    Yes, the designations for REC QUALITY are terrible. One way to think about it is, the longer designation is high quality and the shorter designation is low quality. (Actually, in Sanity the low quality isn't so low. It's actually darn good and totally useable).

    Hope that helps.

  • Hey guys, I have some questions I think came from the hack. I'm very new to shooting on the GH2, so any help would be much appreciated.

    When I hacked the cam, I noticed that some shooting modes were deactivated (Maybe on purpose?). When I am in Manual Movie Mode, I'm unable to select between AVCHD 720 and 1080i. Now, the only modes selectable are the FSH, and FH modes (described as 1080i in the manual). Does the hack change/adjust some of the choose-able options?

    Is there a rough guide to which modes shoot what? I'm trying to wrap my head around everything, but all of these abbreviations are a pain in the ass.

  • yep ahha :)

    Video is here...

  • Holy moley, a class 4! You're really pushing the limit!

  • Same results for me also, I have been using a 16GB class 4 card and that has been performing wonderfully. Its a really good patch!

  • @brandonmrsh

    Yes, a while back I tested Sanity with a class 6 card, and it seemed to work. I never ran the class 6 card through my extreme torture tests, so I don't know how stable it is under all conditions. So, I still recommend class 10 cards to be on the safe side. But if the class 6 is working for you, go for it!

  • That's the point of Sanity, reasonable bitrates but still improved GH2 performance over stock settings.

  • So I loaded sanity up for the very first time ever. I was recording to a 64gb extreme w/o problems, loaded in a 16gb class 6 transcend for shits and giggles, and.. well.. It still worked? I have yet to get any recording errors. Is this normal, or did I screw up the hack?

  • Thanks for the write error warning, I've been using a UHS1 transcend card and run hacks up to 130mbs with high iso and never had a crash. Would be awesome is you could integrate CBrandon's soft 444 matrix , love the way that matrix renders color saturation - much more realistic - as well as the overall look due to the way it swaps the channel resolutions.

  • @einstein7

    Glad you're enjoying Sanity. When I set out to create my own patch, I had no pre-conceived notion as to what would be the best GOP length. I experimented with all of them and discovered that GOP 18 hit a magical sweet spot. Of course there's more to Sanity than just GOP, but it is important.

    As for higher bitrates, well I experimented with those, too. The ones I settled on were able to pass my extreme stability tests. Higher bitrates failed those tests. Now those tests were extreme, and in normal shooting you may be able to get away using higher bitrates most of the time. But be advised, you may hit an occasional write error and lose the clip. You'll have to remove the battery to reset the camera.

  • Congrats from a pixel peeper!! nice hack settings. I've been using a modded Apocalypse soft444 for almost a year doing special effects and cg stuff on the footage and had 24p running stellar but in 60p could never get the bitrate high enough or macro-blocking low enough to use for cg work and sometimes 24p just has to much wobble and not enough frames for quick stuff. Have to admit with the longer 18 GOP I was a bit sceptical that the frames between I frames would be usable. Detail is amazing! bumped the bitrates up about 10-15 mbs and this has better detail in low exposure and less macroblocking than any other hack I've tried. 60p is now equal or better detail than 24p -- hard to tell but stunning. A little macroblocking in extremely low exposures and slight banding on solid colors when bitrate is low but that true for any 8bit video and all hack's I've tried.

  • more tests with Sanity 5.1 and the Lumix 25mm 1.4.

  • I still love Sanity 5.

  • @golson

    That has nothing to do with the hack. Use a higher shutter speed to freeze the action. Try 1/500 second or even 1/1000 sec.

  • I get some motion blur when shooting a soccer game of my son in "SH" mode.

  • @jweeke

    You could try shooting with a lower ISO and/or try a different card.

  • @ralph_b

    Haven't taken my cameras off Sanity for months now. Love it. Sad to say though that spanning has failed at the 8GB mark of a Sandisk Extreme 30MB/S, with a 58mm Minolta on 24L. Happened three times now. Any suggestions for a fix?

  • My son and friends shot this recreation of the opening scene of Memento using my GH2 with Sanity 5.1 for a contest. Heavily graded in post in some places to recreate the look.

  • @arvidtp

    Thanks for this, I'll check out that component and also found Clipwrap for batch. Even if I don't bother with this, I should still benefit from the improved picture quality from the patch shouldn't I?

  • If you import into FCP 7, it transcodes to pro-res on import i think and there is no way to tell. You need to import in a different way - clipwrap, quicktime player (QT X will do it in 10.7 or later, just not in a batch), panasonic AVCam quicktime component, or anything else that will open and re-wrap the .MTS files to quicktime movies. These are the same video data recorded by the camera, just now in a quicktime wrapper instead of an AVCHD wrapper - so you can look at the datarates, and analyze what's happening. This will also save you disk space in the long run, because when done with a project you have the option of tossing your ProRes transcodes and just keeping the much smaller h.264 source files.

    P.S. But I don't suggest using ffmpeg or ffmbc based software to re-wrap clips if you think you'll ever want to use the footage in FCP X in the future - ffmpeg and ffmbc generate h.264 movies that FCP X will not play for whatever reason - and will need to be transcoded, defeating one of the awesome things about FCP X which is that you can get away with almost never transcoding.

  • @Ralph_B I've just managed to get it working. Thanks and apologies.

    On another note, how can I confirm the recorded data rate? I transfer into FCP 7 at the max rate of pro Res 422 HQ ~23MB/s. Is it just done by eye in quality difference?

  • Christ I'm an idiot. Top man ill try it today!

  • @GSMYTH555

    You're making things unnecessarily complicated. Put the Sanity 5.1 ini file into the same folder as ptools. Open ptool and load in Panasonic firmware 1.1. Once inside ptools, load Sanity. Save the altered firmware. Call it GH2__V11.bin . Copy that file onto your SD card, and then load it into the GH2. Done.

  • @Ralph_B

    Thanks for your reply. I have just retried it now, to no avail. My process: Reset firmware back to Pana 1.0, then update firmware to 1.1. (Checked at this point to see HBR and it was there). Load Sanity 5.1 onto newly formatted SD card. Update to that. (Screen asks to update to 1.0). No HBR available again and still got 720p cancellation issues. I was able to record Cinema 24p onto a Sandisk Class 4 card though. So it doesn't make sense! Maybe I had an issue in ptool, but I spotted none as such, it all went smoothly. Should I load 4.1 on first? Or 5?

    Thanks for any help. George