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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @peternap

    "Did you do any post on them?" No, they are untouched MTS files straight from the camera. The profile was Standard -2,-2,+2,-2. And the lens was Panasonic 14 to 140mm, set somewhere near the middle of the zoom range.

  • @Ralph_B Loaded Sanity 4.1 PAL this morning, looks great! Thanks for your work Ralph.

  • Been using it for the past week, I do see some macro-blocking in the shadow areas when I do some curves adjustment that I didn't see on the higher bit-rate patches. However it cleaned up well with Neatvideo and I really like the quality it gives.

    Most of all the stability, I just love having to not worry about a crash in mid shoot.

  • Yesterday, I shot some tulips in my back yard with Sanity, and the results were fairly nice. I shot the same area with Cake this morning. I didn't notice much of a difference. I haven't looked at it too closely, so things like macroblocking may still be in there, but I'm encouraged.

  • I had a look at SH mode in Sanity 4.1 NTSC. Images look good. Rate control looks good. Camera was stable. B-frames are giving a slight advantage in efficiency. Spanning failed using a SanDisk Extreme HD Video 30 MB/s card. (ISO 12800, stationary and pointed at a wall, average bit rate 43.6 Mbps)

    Edit: nevermind. Just saw your note about spanning only working at ISO 5000 and below and without ETC.

    FYI, Encoder setting 4 720p is how I solved my spanning problem. Give it a try.

  • which matrix did you use, Ralph?

  • @peaceonearth which matrix did you use

    Stock matrix. I experimented with various matrices, and while you may gain a little something in one area, you also lose something somewhere else. It's like, how are you going to distribute the bits? The stock matrix seems to take a balanced approach, and that's just fine by me.

  • Thanks Ralph. It was just a curious question. I am totally ignorant when it comes to these technical specifications.

  • @Ralph_B

    under "gop related" settings try to set these values:

    • 1080p24 GOPx2=36
    • 1080i60 GOPx2=72
    • 1080i50 GOPx2=72
    • 720p60 GOPx2=72
    • 720p50 GOPx2=72

    maybe this will enable spanning also in HBR mode (maybe also in 24H... who knows).

    see here:

  • Sorry towi, I tried your idea and it did not work at all. I never got a chance to see if it improved spanning because it produced write errors within 5 seconds!

  • I've tried to apply the tables in question (Sanity PAL version). Recorded without errors on SanDisk 30MB/s.

    It doesn't span, though...

    so who cares :-)

  • Was doing some testing today with Sanity 4.1(NTSC)..I went to play back my first clip and it wouldn't playback in camera,took battery out and it still wouldn't play after powering back my day of IQ testing turned into wondering why my footage wouldn't playback in camera..I was in the forest just taking random shots of trees or what have you,but no matter what mode I was in 24pH or 24pL I was still getting the error..I even took a still photo and got the error..At first I thought it was my card until I got the error with many different cards.. "Sandisk Extreme 16gb class 10 30mb/s".."Sandisk Extreme 16gb class 10 45mb/s".."Transcend 16gb class 10".."Transcend 32gb class 10" just to name a few..While I didn't get one crash from any card I used,it was just frustrating not being able to view footage in camera.

    Far as stability this patch seems to be rock solid but the in camera playback seems to be a big issue..btw when I got home and viewed the footage on the cpu it was beautiful!!..I really like the look of the patch considering the modest bit-rates,but need it to playback in camera..any suggestions?

  • Damned if I know, EYESOUL. They play back in my camera. Sometimes I have to turn the camera off and on again to get playback, but I never have to remove the battery. The fact that you couldn't even playback a still photo is utterly bizarre. Maybe somebody smarter than me has a suggestion.

  • Try resetting the camera. (Menu, Setup, Reset) Sometimes weird things happen.

  • @Ralph_B lol yea my camera was freaking out..In all fairness it wouldn't play back the still photo moments after recording a very detailed wide shot..that's the thing,some less detailed shots would playback in both 24pL and 24pH mode, but if the scene was real detailed it would show a error.

    Again I couldn't get the patch to crash,but these are the issues I ran in the IQ of the patch and thanks for your efforts on producing it.

  • @balazer I will try that thanks..

  • @EYESOUL did you change pal<>ntsc?
    probable you now it already, but after every setting change, turn the GH2 off, and on, then format your card, that did the trick for me. even when not changing pal<>ntsc

  • Is there a version of this patch that will span HBR?

  • @wigginjs

    Sorry, not yet.

  • This is a color grading test with Sanity 4.1 by Ralph B - PAL version @ HBR 25p settings. Password is "123qwe!"

  • Im using mysterion right now and I have 16gb 95mbs sandisk pro card. I really need a Good patch that wont freeze up my gh2. I was shooting in 720 60p last nite and it froze and i had to take battery out to begin filming again and i missed my friends trick. This is really making me mad ahah, I cant seem to find any stable patchh at all.. Ne idea? only thoughts would be to go back to stock settings... :(

  • @jclmedia

    Dude, you came to the right place. Load up Sanity 4.1. You won't have any freezes in any mode. The only thing I caution you about is that 16GB 95Mbps Sandisk card. Although they are very fast, those cards have been known to momentarily drop down to a very low write speed, which can cause a freeze. Sandisk class 10 30M cards are solid. People have reported success with other class 10 cards, as well.

  • I tried Sanity 4.1 NTSC with my GH2/14-42mm stock lens on a SanDisk 32gb 45 mbs card, and none of the videos I shot (seven of them) will play past 10-15 seconds or so. Some stutter a bit and then stop, while others just stop. I used VLC on my iMac, also tried it on my MacBook Pro. Any help would be appreciated. I am an absolute beginner here, so it could be something simple.

  • @orlandopiano

    I strongly suspect the clips are fine but the problem is with your playback. I don't have a Mac so I can't advise you. Perhaps someone else can.

  • It's probably VLC. That's typical behavior with VLC and these patches.

    I use Splash Lite but I don't know if they make a Mac version.