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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @RandyCatanach - which version of Sanity do you use, and in which recording mode? Thanks.

  • Some footage with Sanity 4.1 1080i. Color corrected

  • Noob here. I finally took the plunge and hacked my camera... I think. I installed Sanity 5 and with 24H I'm getting 1:07 minutes of recording time on a 8GB card, and 2:45 on a 16gb. Those times tell me that the hack may not have stuck, or that it's still on 1.1 for some reason.

    Are these recording times consistent with Sanity 5 and 24H, or what did I miss something during the hacking procedure?

    I greatly appreciate any help

  • @moondoggy

    An empty 16GB card should show 53m 26s in 24H mode. I suggest you try again. In ptools, load the settings and then save the firmware. Don't do anything else. Also, I assume you haven't altered the ini file in a text editor (because you shouldn't).

  • @mo7ies you know, i'm not really sure which version I've been using actually. I started using it around the time ptool got updated for the 1.1 update so I think maybe sanity v3.x. Maybe even v2.x actually. I usually use HBR or SH modes and occasionally use 24H or 24L.

    @Ralph_B I just updated to 4.1 a couple days ago but I haven't been able to test it out yet because I've been sick. I noticed that v5 has a lower bitrate for HBR or 24H (I forget which). Is that only to stop write errors or is there another reason? Thanks.

  • @RandyCatanach

    Neither Sanity 4.1 or 5 produce write errors (assuming you use a proper card). Version 5 has a lower bitrate for 24H because that's all it needs to produce the same quality picture as 4.1. 5 runs more efficiently - you get more miles per gallon :)

  • Can someone suggest an objective way to compare visual quality of the hacks?

  • @mo7ies You'll get a lot of opinions on that, mostly because everyone has a different need. IMO...the patches are now so good, it's almost impossible to look at two and see much difference. The differences are much more subtle... how fine is the noise, how do certain settings handle motion, how well does a setting accept color correction/grading. The criteria is endless and depends on what you do. Toss in reliability, spanning and file size, it gets confusing.

  • We are not talking bokeh here, you know :) - there must be the way to measure the quality of each hack objectively?

  • @mo7ies well, last week I set up an intersection, locked the camera down and shot 3 minutes each of Sanity 4.1, 5 and Mysteron, changing nothing but the cards with the different patches......damned if I can see any difference!

  • I must say I really appreciate these Sanity v5 settings (kudos to you Ralph!) I shot a 13 minute hiking video near a waterfall and dense foliage (720p50). I'm really impressed. Here is the video should anyone be interested.

    There is some mild color correction done in Premiere (I'm a "GHearHead" (; @shian) but since my workflow is in Premiere Pro CS5 and not FC, I'm still having problems with exporting to AE.


  • yesterday I loaded sanity 5 over sedna Q20 A and IQ is very satisfiying with smaller size files. after converting them to prores 422, it is a little harder than sedna to CC and grade the footage. needs more experimentation I guess. Thank you Ralph_B, this is a big improvement.

  • Are you guys having better luck with playback for Sanity 5?

  • @Mike_C

    Wonderful footage! The Vimeo compression was pretty heavy, but through it, I could see the detail was all there. Those scenes were a real acid test for Sanity. Thanks for posting.

  • @Ralph_B

    Thanks for your response. I haven't modified the text file. I have "version increment" checked, am I also supposed to enter increment numbers in the box below? I've read varying instructions regarding this. At present, the increment is still on "1".

  • @Mike_C That's some beautiful video Mike! What lens and profile were you using? I'm a new Gearhead BTW. There is a learning curve!

  • @Ralph_B Thanks Ralph! The vimeo compression was the one recommended by the vimeo compression page. However I did a VBR 2-pass (I don't know if this was a good idea - in theory it should be better) target bitrate 4.9 Mbps (to stay under 500 Mb), maximum bitrate 8 Mbps, profile High, Level 4.2, render at maximum depth, and I also flagged "use maximum render quality" and "use frame blending". I also encoded at 50 fps (because I shot it at 50) although I read I should encode at not more than 30. So I don't know if this may affect in any way the final output.

    So if you could recommend in your experience a lighter compression for vimeo, I'm game for it.

    @peternap Thanks man! The lens used is the so-so 14/42 stock lens and the profile was Vibrant -2 -2 0 -2. About ColorGHear ... it's a totally cool and effective technique. However I have problems exporting the timeline to AE because I lose all transitions, titles and such (the music also if I remember correctly). But I cannot do those things after color grading because the video would not play smoothly in the timeline. In fact color correction/grading is the very last thing I do before encoding.

  • @Mike_C People shouldn't sell the 14-42 short. Ralph did stunning demo with it I believe. Anyway, wonderful work!

  • @moondoggy

    Leave the version increment at 1. I've done this hundreds of times and never used anything other than 1.

  • @peternap

    Actually, it was the 14-140.

  • @peternap Guess you're right and I should give more consideration to this lens. Thanks again. I'm still learning the hard way with this cam. My previous (pocket) camera was a Kodak zx1: go figure :)

  • Sanity Patch v4.1 - great allrounder! THX!
    (720p link)

  • I have a hpx170 and GH2, i heard that using the vibrant profile on gh2 is closest to the hpx170. Jus curious what settings I should set the hpx too?

  • @ishvar

    Excellent! Very enjoyable to watch!

  • @ishvar I'm not quite sure what to say about that. We all have our own style and specialty and 85% of what I see here is nice, but useless for what I do.... But that video was flat beautiful from my window!!! I don't have Sanity V2.2 and haven't seen it. Can you point me to the link?