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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @Mirrorkisser thanks: as you can see, the dragonfly (Libelle) corresponds with me, head movements, etc. We had fun together - no, it was lucky @Mozes thanks

  • @Butt , very crisp, as in documentaries ...

  • CM night crossfire @ 24H, SLRMagic 12mm

    Please be gentle ;) I'm no film pro. I'm an artist trying to document my work as good as I can :)

  • @FEHA thank you!

  • I'm currently working on a documentary of an old cemetery in the Netherlands called Bergklooster.

    The second video is from a local singer Bep Pierik, she sings O Ignis Spiritus from the composer Hildegard von Bingen.

  • @Michiel_83 , the second video is amazing!!! What lens did you use ?

  • Shot with Sedna Q20 on Sandisk Extreme 45mbps 32gb cards. No errors!

    Warning: The humor may not be to your liking. You have been warned.

  • @APXmusic glad the card is working good and man your video cracks me up, good job!

  • I have a question regarding the YV Canis Majoris Day setting..

    I am using a 32gb 45mb/s card and it works great... But I can only record just under 4 minutes at the time, why is that? The entire file takes about 1.4 gb, so it's not that it wont span or anything like that, so I really don't get it.

    I like the setting, stable and nice! So please if anyone has an answer, help me out! =)

  • @Adde There is a setting "Recording limit = 237". You can either uncheck that when you load the settings, or just delete that line from the ini file and you should be good to go

  • Hello,

    i'm a new user on this forum and new user in photo/video, I have a Panasonic GF2 and I have installed the : CLUSTER v6 'DREWnet' - Sedna/Orion Optimised classic GOP 12/15 PAL/NTSC.

    But I have a little problem : when I record a video in 720P 24p I can't read the video on my GF2, it's say : problem, please check SD Card, I can only viewing the first image. I need to transfer the video on my PC for viewing.

    but in 1080 (FSH) I have no problem, I can read the video.

    Why ?

    Thanks. Jeff

  • @apxmusic, the aquarius part was hilarious, i think i pissed my pants!

    Did you use any sort of steadycam in the gaminghall? The first shots looked a bit like it, while the rest then did not.

    Nice job, keep it up!

  • @sanzadez

    Thank you so much! May I ask why this setting is there, is there a risk in shooting longer than 4 minutes at a time with this setting?

    Anything I should look out for if I remove the limit?

  • Just wanted to report, we had a "happy faces show" recap of a live conference event, I and a coworker were shooting things around this event, from stuff happening on stage to set up shots of people doing daily activities.. I was shooting with a ENG style camera, handheld run and gun style, and my co worker who is not very experienced at using cameras of any sort, I handed him a tripod and GH2 with Cluster6 the 14-140mm lumix lens and put it on AI, said just grab as much of anything I shoot from another angle.. because some of these things were HAVE TO GET items and were live, no redos.. The ENG camera was our main camera but I have to say, side by side in the same project the GH2 kicked butt quality wise, even on AI the GH2 made quality video and from a novice operator. One of his shots actually saved this project.. he was locked down on sticks on the other side of the stage.. the big end award of the awards show was with confetti cannons shooting confetti onstage over the award earner.. a piece of confetti came down and stuck to the woman's eyebrow as she did a kiss blow to the crowd.. my shot had this huge chunk of confetti on her forehead, the GH2 you could not see it since it was more profile from the other side.. saved that shot completely.. That shot was the end shot of the faces show.. slowed a bit for a emotional finish of blowing kisses and confetti falling...

    I brought the GH2 for some heavy shallow DOF "artistic" shots, I just cant get with the ENG cam due to its tiny sensor, but in this case the GH2 footage really was a notch above the Panny ENG camera. However on full auto for the novice operator sometimes the GH2 had focus issues.. in the hands of some one on manual this would not be a issue but its nice to know I can hand some one with little to no camera experience a GH2 with a auto tele lens and a pair of sticks and get some great usable footage. My co worker also grabed some handheld stuff that surprised me also, he hasked about taking it off the tripod, i told him to zoom with his feet and not the lens for best shake control.. he did as i said and shot at 14mm and zoomed with his feet.. the shots were great. Ideally i should have gave him the 14mm f2.5 prime , but this was live "grab the persons reaction" in the audience stuff and he happened to find her in the audience before she was announced on stage.. so we just did what we could in the shortest amount of time.

    As for the patch, it worked great we did have a few instances that we would hit record and it would give us a error.. then try again and work flawlessly.. happend 3 times, this probably was a card issue, but we didn't have time to figure it out totaly.. just swapped cards and it went away.

    Love the this patch, great results on a real world 4 day (and really long days I must add) shoot where it is run and gun type, must get it live stuff. THanks to all that contributed to this patch.

    The clients reaction to this project, "Best one ever", (they do these every year and this year decided to let us "inhouse A/V" do it to save 20-30K, they usually hired it out to "real production companies" and we did the conference work to be done.. The reactions we got were, "Absolutly amazing shots" form upper management .. the two of three shots the CEO called out from the rest as amazing, were GH2 shots.. of those one wasn't even manned, just started and left to run for a while in a place we knew would give a great perspective.. the other was skillfull camera work on my part with the ENG.

    So does equipment matter , yes to some extent it does really matter.. but again what really really really matters is content, and getting it recorded. Having a patch that can produce quality and be nearly 100% reliable is a HUGE thing in a situation like this where it is "got to get it as it happens" event coverage.

  • @mirrorkisser I used a shoulder mount for the whole thing. It went a bit wonky though as it is a piece of shit. (Gonna buy a new one soon!) So that's why some of it was a bit shakey! Especially in the arcade.

  • @strancali Thank you sir! Please tell your friends about the show.

  • @Adde My understanding is that sometimes if it fails to span, the file recorded can get corrupted (which can usually be fixed with a recovery tool). Thus, it was put there to stop recording safely right before the file limit of 3.99GB. With the 45mb/s card, I'm not positive if there would be any consequences as I don't have any experience with it. All I can say is that in my experience with cheap Transcend cards and the expensive 64GB 95mb/s card, ive never had a file get corrupted because it didn't span. But, that is just my experience and you should read around to see if anyone else has experience with the card you have.

  • @feha I used a Nikon 50mm F1.2 for medium and Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f2.8 G ED for wide.

  • @sanzadez

    Thanks man, you're a lifesaver! =)

  • Hi Everyone, I finally had time to edit the footage I shot using Diftwood hack. here it is on Vimeo :

    Special Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev and Nick Driftwood

  • A little edit of my trip to madrid, Using Quantum v9b updated, lenses panny 14-140 and sigma 50mm 1.4, thanks for watching!

  • Gonna try cluster v6 this weekend to film a wedding. Gonna use smooth film mode. Intrested if anyone tested custom wb to get better skin colour on smooth?

  • @driftwood Thanks for great work all around. Do you have any idea when you might be releasing Apocalypse Now? If I remember correctly Apocalypse now is based on the Canis plus CBrandin matrix, where you took picture of woman with blond hair holding her hands to her face? Great stuff - reminds me of The Shining.

  • Driftwood 'Apocalypse Now' Settings' - Soon to Released


    To celebrate the soon to be released 'Apocalypse Now' setting here's a little competition mentioned a few weeks back but we've had only a few entries.. so come on people - WIN A NEW LENS FOR YOURSELF - Here's the rules;-

    The best filmed sunrise OR sunset captured on a GH2 or Gxx Lumix camera using any of my Driftwood settings (the winning entry be validated by proving the mts file) will win my precious 14-42 X Lens!

    The top Sunrise or Sunset captures will be selected by all in this thread and the top 3 put to a vote - only one will be decided the winner. Filmmakers will upload their entries via youtube or Vimeo and posted as a visual link into this thread.

    UPDATE: You can provide a graded version on Youtube or vimeo if you prefer. However, the original mts file must be kept and be readily available to submit when the winner is announced. Don't forget to KEEP the ORIGINAL MTS file as it will be required for verification (certain giveaways like matrix values the file allow me to know) AND for the film*.

    Simple. Get to it. :-)

    Closing date: 18th August 2012. Maximum duration of film = upto one minute of submitted vimeo/youtube linked footage

    *What do I get? One other thing I forgot to mention, the winner must agree to allow me to use this sunrise OR sunset capture in my forthcoming film 'Swim to Land'. Of course, you will receive a credit too if it is used. :-)

  • I'll see what I can do. I've not tried any of your patches since the last Sedna, but then that's 'cause I'm swamped with run and gun projects. I'm pretty stoked to load some of your latest stuff and take it for a spin. Is there any specific skyline that you prefer/would fit in well with your film, and how do you feel about flares or anamorphic footage?