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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @wyatt250 Thanks! yeah it turned out great. watching the dailies after on a 60" samsung plasma i was blown away. The little camera that does 10x its value.

  • @wyatt250 BTW your footage is very nice, forests can be hard to film in, and you have a nice crisp flat image.

  • @wyatt250 Love this footage. How are you moving your camera... do you have any pics of your setups. I'm going into a six day shoot into a forest like this, any tips?

  • @jpb: beautiful, very good cinematography, very nice composition. Just one very minor detail, what was it about the focusing at 2.02? Keep it up!

  • @wyatt250: also very nice work. Very nice movement of the camera. You keep a very nice balance, many people over do the camera movemen just for the possibilities they have, but not so on your end!

  • @mirrorkisser Thanks for the comments. The rack focus at that time was a choice, although I don't love it either. Was trying to think of ways to keep a linear kind of story, progressing through the terrain. Like racking at times to show what shes looking at. At that spot I will say that there were probably better choices. But thats hindsight! Thanks again.

  • @Ebacherville nice :) generation once only event

  • Very nice @wyatt250 there is nothing that i don't like.
    i wish i can edit that way.

  • HI, Im also using the drew hack as well with my GH2,and I'm getting famous "can't play video notification" so then I either press record then it works or turn the camera completely off then on. Are you having this problem ? Im using a 32 Sandisk extreme pro card as well.

  • @JPB1138, great work. Wich of the settings did you use?

  • @xaviermelio Thanks!! I used Driftwoods Sedna AQ1 'A' setting. Have used the Sedna setting since it came out and have no complaints and can hardly see much improvement coming in the future short of flatter cinematic custom picture profiles... which I'm still praying for.. But thanks, Im glad you liked it!

  • @Imaginate Thanks! I'm just using an igus slider - picture of my setup here:

    @mozes - thank you. @mirrorkisser - thanks as well

  • @wyatt250, great looking video. what mate box are you using. Can you say a little about it? Thanks.

  • Shot with the patch from Nick: Cluster DREWnet Product: The new Le Mans GT Steinhart, Swiss Made Lens: Leica 45mm f2.8

  • could anyone point me in the direction as to how I would go about merging two patches together?

  • @wyatt250 Great composition! What's your method of sliding smoothly without much shakiness? Do create a steady pull by placing your hand on the carriage, ball head, or camera?

  • My first test with the "Drewnet" cluster v6... Love it!!!

  • *** Driftwood News ****

    Apocalypse Now settings are undergoing more tuneups this week especially as i am shooting my new film 'Swim to Land' with it. The setting is looking good for a release very soon. :-)

    The sunrise/sunset competition will be closing soon - can't believe we've only had a few entries ! Whats wrong with you all - don't you want to win the X lens? :-)

    Next month, I'm in Chile and the Atacama desert re-shooting scenes for an international version of my short narrative-exploring film 'The First Raindrop, the Last Teardrop'. After these scenes are shot, I will be creating a new thread about a unique collaborative opportunity for GH2 'Driftwood' users to film eyes, mouths and reactions set to a unique factional story and instructional script.

    The original version of the film was previewed at last year's 'Nuit Blanc' winning exceptional reviews and a pickup by 'Silent Cinema'. 80,000+ saw the short and it was very well received. The story is a retold narrative set in the Atacama desert in Chile and the relationship between Mars, the Atacama and the mysterious Chinchorro mummies.

    I will be requiring filmmakers to film people in three stages;- 1/ a retelling of a 3 page factional story read straight off the page (without rehearsal), 2/ followed immediately by an 'in their own words' retelling, 3/ followed immediately by a final 'interrogation' of the truth. Each 'human subject' will take approx 60 mins of filming.

    I am very interested in producing a international native language cut with human subject entries from all over the world.

    Lookout for more info on this soon. The film results will be entered into an array of up and coming short film festivals. Hopefully YOU will be interested enough to get involved as its not too taxing.



    PS Thanks to all for some great looking footage appearing in these pages of late. Im sorry if I cant personally thank you at the moment as I've been extremely busy of late. Some incredible work is beginning to appear from you all using this great lill' camera. :-)

    PPS Anyone living in Chile please get in contact with me.

  • Hey peeps! I got a chance to film some bands for a whole night. This is the video of the main band. All settings in Sedna AQ1 for both cameras. Shot in 800 iso range. The 720p mode is the Nebular's settings because it was more stable than the AQ1 for me. It came out very well! No color correction. Just sharpness was added. I also had a go pro hero 2 so i attached it to the best seat in the house! So I hope you peeps find the song as catchy as I think it is and enjoy the show! :)

  • @stanlymanly2 the band sounds great, the video looks good, the only thing that bothers me is the out of sync. Very distracting :)

  • @strancali thanks for the input! i couldn't really sink all the video to the audio because i was the only camera man so i didn't get full recordings of the songs just clips cuz i was running around. :p

  • @Butt I am a huge watch collector and this is a great piece! Although, I wouldn't buy it simply because it says "Timepiece" on the front. Why?! lol but...great video nonetheless.

  • This one is after sunset. I wanted to test noise in dark areas with cm night.

  • driftwood 2:07AM The sunrise/sunset competition will be closing soon - can't believe we've only had a few entries ! Whats wrong with you all - don't you want to win the X lens? :-)

    Lets hope we will have some nice days before the contest is over.........

  • @mozes

    You are right. It is no so big task to go and shoot something. Win or lose it is not a point. We all want to see what people do, and how well Diftwoods settings work.