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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @Hakosuka I just copied the matrices and settings from the nebular patch to the sedna by opening 2 sessions of ptools, copy and pasted them. lengthy process. i don't know if theres a better way but that worked for me :p

  • last night a friend and i decided to try and emulate the lighting situation from kim ji-woon's i saw the devil. took us 4 hours to dress the set and lights just for this minute shot. used the cluster v6 nebular hack.

  • Thanks to Mr. Driftwood I became really obsessed with shooting Sunsets...

    ...used mostly Canis Majoris Night and Cluster 6.6

    961 x 541 - 101K
    959 x 541 - 88K
    959 x 540 - 98K
    961 x 541 - 98K
    959 x 540 - 78K
    959 x 540 - 83K
  • @anti12 - I think I just pooped my pants. EPIC

  • @anti12 - amazing - loved the last shot the most of all

  • I try to find the 2k setting.. If I switch to mjpeg I have 2 or 3 minutes record time on my 16gb card... sounds like big 2k files! But when I load the file in sony vegas pick that file as "match project settings" it shows up as 1920x1080..

    Can some one explain me how to shoot 2k with my cluster v6 "Drewnet"?

    Thank you friends! I try tomorrow morning to shoot a nice sun rising here in holland!

  • @leejib4 Yes - splits the clock, but it is already sold out, thanks

  • Any news about "Apocalypse now" preset?

  • @zsound yes, read some post back from driftwood....

  • Shot on 2 GH2's same hack, Cluster V6 Drewnet.

  • Here's my first submission... More to follow. All shot on CM Night.

  • Here's another...

  • Swim~to~Land is fully into production. Picture still below. 5.45am UK. Lens: Canon EF 80-200 'Magic Drainpipe'.

    Back to Competition: Looking forward to more sunrises (in particular) and sunsets before the next few days out. There's some terrific looking entries coming in :-)

    Swim to Land Still3.jpg
    2560 x 1234 - 784K
  • @driftwood Nice shot. Rock on!

  • I just wrapped principal photography on a short film, titled 'Mulberry', that we shot on a GH2 loaded with Sedna AQ1. While I've been using the hack for months, this is the first time I really put it through its paces. The results are so impressive I'm tempted to build a shrine for @driftwood.

    Camera profile was set to Smooth, -2, -2, -2, -2. Three lenses were used: Panny 7-14mm, Oly 12mm, and Panny X 12-35 zoom. These stills were pulled directly from the raw, ungraded camera footage:

    560 x 315 - 37K
    560 x 315 - 55K
    560 x 315 - 40K
    560 x 315 - 41K
    560 x 315 - 53K
    560 x 315 - 36K
    560 x 315 - 44K
    560 x 315 - 61K
  • @johnnygh2 Im not an expert but the footage you get out the camera is coming as 2048x1152. therefore, your project settings should be same instead of 1920x1080. otherwise when you click "match project settings" it will make your footage go down to 1920x1080 ?? I dont know if that makes sense. AND i believe the 2minutes recording time is equals to 2GB so you have 16minutes of filming in total.

    If im completely wrong can someone please correct me

  • @apriori nice work, man. Very nice.

  • @shian Thanks, man! Your exposure tutorials were essential to our shoot. Excited to see what Colorghears can do for us once it's time to grade.

  • @last_SHIFT Thanks, we definitely put a lot of effort into lighting!

  • Seriously? Cool. I had no idea. I'm glad the tutorials are helping.

  • @apriori Wow that is amazing! Looks like a legit movie. Did you ever use iDynamic in any shots?

  • @futurefilmmaker Thanks for the kind words. We actually didn't use iDynamic. I'm not comfortable enough with it to try it out during an important shoot.

  • Hi here is a sunrising I shot.. I will post my second one later!