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    War: Total censorship will come to Youtube soon
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    China: Oligarchy is forming fast
    • According to the Hurun Rich List 2021 published on Tuesday, March 2, China became the first country in the world to have over a thousand billionaires. In particular, 1058 people officially live in the country with a fortune of more than a billion dollars.

      The United States is in second place (696), in third is India (177), followed by Germany (141), Great Britain (134), Switzerland (134) and Mordor (85).

      “Despite the economic troubles caused by COVID-19, this year has seen the largest increase in capitalists wealth in a decade,” said Hurun Report President and Principal Investigator Rupert Hoogewerf.

      According to him, "the world has never seen such a dramatic increase in wealth created in one year." Hoogewerf recalled that last year.

      Hurun noted that, despite the trade war with the United States, there were more billionaires in China in 2020 than in all other countries combined. In fact, over the past five years, the Asian giant has grown 490 billionaires, while the US, for example, has only 160.

      Lot of people not realize that socialism is not about declarations and red flag, it is about to never allow money to be deciding factor. It is actually about abolishing money.

      As we see more and more rich people and tight integration of them with CCP - we can conclude that China is going using reactionary way and sooner or later it will explode or turn into fascist state.

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    War: Google want to push profits and block advertisers access to some data
    • Google on Wednesday said it will stop selling ads based on a person's individual browsing across websites, a move that could shake up the digital advertising industry as consumers call for more privacy online.

      Of course, privacy has nothing to do here.

      First - it is form of protection, as Google want to destroy lot of sites and competition using cookies blocking.

      Second - they now will sell same information using indirect methods and for much higher prices. They also will try to prevent advertisers to more directly target ads and hence make more competition and higher rates.

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    Idiots: Microsoft Mesh as example of degradation of management
    • This guys keep remaking same shit again and again, instead of solving real hard problems of people.

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    MAGA: On China and parasites
    • image

      Biden now represents largest group of ruling class - total ruthless parasites. They can make lot of weapons (but rely on mostly old age engineers) and nice PR releases, but almost nothing more.

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    War: Pushing electric cars is tragic mistake
    • Volvo will become an all-electric company by 2030: by that time, the Swedes will have removed combustion-powered vehicles, including hybrid vehicles, from their lineup. This was reported by the press service of the automaker.

      Volvo intends to introduce a range of hybrid or all-electric vehicles in the coming years. The next premiere of the new electric car of the Swedish brand will take place on Tuesday, March 2.

      Volvo noted that by 2030 "consumers will accept electric cars" thanks to the expansion of infrastructure for such cars, the emergence of a large number of charging stations, as well as changes in legislation.

      It all started with fake madeup media thing against diesel, hence this part first had been destroyed. Now they move further.

      Electric cars related infrastructure lacks most important thing - stability. It is extremely expensive (now you need to have wires going to each and every charging station), very hard to repair and support.

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    Energy: Giant Solar Flares
    • In 1859, the science of solar physics truly began with the largest eruption in recorded history: the Carrington event. Prior to this time, many people had observed the Sun: counting and monitoring sunspots, watching the Sun’s differential rotation rate, and making a potential link between sunspot activity, the Earth’s magnetic field, and observations of Earth’s aurora. But when astronomers Richard Carrington and Richard Hodgson noticed an enormous “white light flare” on the Sun on September 1, 1859, we realized that the Sun and the Earth were connected as never before. Just 17 hours later, Earth experienced the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded, and the worldwide reports of its effects are now legendary. Knowing that these events happen regularly, are we now prepared for the inevitable? That’s what Erich Rathkamp wants to know, asking:

      “a CME the size of the 1859 Carrington Event would, if not prepared for, effectively level the power grid of the United States... Can we actually provide a full day's worth of warning? Is a sufficient warning period actually significant enough to allow us to survive a Carrington class [event?] ...if a Carrington class event were to be detected tomorrow, would we actually be able to survive it effectively?”

      In a worst-case scenario, the flare would arrive during a cold snap affecting the Northern Hemisphere during its winter. It would knock power offline for the majority of the developed world, leaving billions without heat or power. The storage and distribution of food and water might be knocked out, leaving billions to fend for themselves.

      It is interesting how corrupt capitalists made huge amount of waste and build totally unstable and unreliable system.

      If you so want to add renewable energy - it must produce fuel. Gasoline, oil suitable for diesel, ethanol or gas.

      Such way it becomes possible to use cheap long life diesel and gasoline cars, fuels is simple to store and all capacity is already in place and easy to add.

      And by having reserve stations with huge fuel reserves you are always prepared for worst case, contrary to all present green madness.

      Why they don't do it? Simple - because CO2 fake warming theory will go to waste instantly, it is not compatible with this way.

      And they need this theory as they want to tax out all produced coal, oil and other stuff. Not because they like, but because they actually do not have anything to give in return if they pay real price.

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    War: New trend - touch sensor in power buttons
    • It is becoming standard in latest notebooks, will be standard in new Macbooks and Macs in general, and will be feature of many Android smartphones.

      Main idea is not just reduce costs, but to force you to 100% touch the sensor. Such way manufacturer will always collect lot of your fingertips and upon request (for people who have value) send them to government. Yes, without any approval and your knowing it. Such functionality is performed by special parts of modern CPUs or hubs. They also have secure storage for fingertips that you can't check.

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