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    MAGA: Homeless people in New York
    • In recent years, homelessness in New York City has reached its highest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

      In March 2021, 54,667 homeless people slept in New York City's municipal shelter system every night, including 16,956 homeless children. Nearly a record 20,790 single adults slept in shelters in March 2021.

      During fiscal 2020, 122,926 various homeless men, women, and children slept in the New York City Municipal Shelter System. This number includes over 39,300 homeless children.

      In 2015, families entering orphanages came primarily from several neighboring zip codes in the poorest neighborhoods of New York City. Now, however, homeless families and single adults come from every zip code in New York City before being admitted to shelters.

      The number of homeless New Yorkers sleeping every night in municipal shelters is 39 percent more than a decade ago. The number of homeless single adults is 109 percent higher than a decade ago.

      Research shows that the main reason for homelessness, especially among families, is the lack of affordable housing. A study of homeless families identified the following main immediate, provoking causes of homelessness: eviction, shared or heavily overcrowded housing, domestic violence, job loss, and unsafe home conditions.

      Studies show that, compared to homeless families, single adults who are homeless have much higher rates of serious mental illness, addictions, and other serious health problems.

      Every night, thousands of homeless people sleep on the streets of New York, on the subway, and in other public places. There is no exact figure for the number of homeless people in New York City, and recent urban studies significantly underestimate the number of homeless people in New York City.

      Research shows that the vast majority of homeless New Yorkers are people with mental illness or other serious health problems.

      Blacks and Hispanics / Hispanics in New York City disproportionately suffer from homelessness. Roughly 57 percent of heads of household in shelters are Black, 32 percent are Hispanic / Latino, 7 percent are White, less than 1 percent are Asian American or Native American, and 3 percent are of unknown race / ethnicity.

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    Quantum Computing sector - cousin of crypto scam
    • image


      It is amazing market sector where narrow specialist formed something like mafia that is scamming investors and politicians.

      Lies are behind 97-98% of all quantum projects.

      It is still too small compared to thermonuclear mafia, but they are going strong lately.

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    Idiots: Panasonic UK management threw out some of your money
    • Manchester City Football Club has selected Panasonic LUMIX as its official supplier for video camera equipment.

      Panasonic’s LUMIX kit will be used for all feature video projects filmed by the club’s in-house content department; consisting of a nimble and innovative team of self-shooting Producers who aim to push the boundaries in terms of creativity. They produce a wide variety of digital video content, from daily posts on TikTok through to premium branded content and feature-length documentaries, available on the club’s subscription channel City+. The chosen equipment includes Panasonic’s flagship LUMIX S1H and S5 full-frame cameras as well as a variety of lenses and accessories.

      Gavin Johnson, Media Director at Manchester City said, “In the fast-paced world of professional football you often only get one chance to get the right shot. We need our content creators to maintain a subtle footprint on the ground, without compromising on quality. Our S1H and S5 LUMIX full-frame cameras will give us all of the creative tools we need to make our in-house video content stand out from the crowd.”

      Barnaby Sykes, Head of Marketing for Imaging at Panasonic UK said, “We are delighted to support Manchester City’s content generation with our unique LUMIX technology to enable the club to deliver high-quality footage from our cameras to fans at home and all over the world.”

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    Capitalism: War on beef, big progress
    • Residents of the United States began to massively abandon beef due to fears of harming the climate. Producers and public catering have already felt the consequences of the "war" of the population with meat.

      The tendency to abandon beef in the diet is becoming large-scale, since the damage to the environment from its consumption is compared by Americans to the harm from the use of coal. According to ecologists, it is the breeding of cows that has a destructive effect on the climate. Livestock emit a huge amount of greenhouse gas during their life due to the peculiarities of the digestive system. According to the United Nations (UN), 14.5 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions from human activities come from livestock, and two-thirds of this amount comes from cattle.

      According to a 2020 poll by research firm Datassentia, 70 percent of the US population thinks it's time to cut back on meat, with 58 percent already opting for fruits, vegetables and whole grains. US colleges are also rejecting beef dishes. Harvard, Stanford and the University of Kansas have joined the Healthy and Sustainable Food Transition Special Program.

      American farmers were the first to feel the shock of the "protein war". Investors have started to invest more in artificial meat startups. Because of this, meat restaurants have to either close their business or completely change the menu.

      According to the Kearney study, by 2025, global meat sales will also begin to fall significantly, and by 2040, beef substitutes will take away 33 percent of the total product market. Experts have also documented the rejection of beef by millions of people in all countries. Its share in total production decreased by 19 percent from 1961 to 2018.

      We need severe repressions, with lifetime sentences for scientists, presstitutes who are involved.

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    Capitalism: The Destiny of Milton Gomrath
    • Milton Gomrath spent his days in dreams of a better life. More obviously, he spent his days as a garbage collector. He would empty a barrel of garbage into the back of the city truck and then lose himself in reverie as the machine went clomp, grunch, grunch, grunch. He hated the truck, he hated his drab little room, and he hated the endless serial procession of gray days. His dreams were the sum of the might-have-beens of his life, and because there was so much that he was not,his dreams were beautiful.

      Milton’s favorite dream was one denied those of us who know who our parents are. Milton had been found in a strangely fashioned wicker basket on the steps of an orphanage, and this left him free as a boy to imagine an infinity of magnificent destinies that could and would be fulfilled by the appearance of a mother,uncle, or cousin come to claim him and take him to the perpetual June, where he of right belonged. He grew up, managed to graduate from high school by the grace of an egalitarian school board that believed everyone should graduate from high school regardless of qualification, and then went to work for the city, all the while holding onto the same well-polished dream.

      Then one day he was standing by the garbage truck when a thin, harassed-looking fellow dressed in simple black materialized in front of him. There was no bang,hiss, or pop about it—it was a very businesslike materialization.

      “Milton Gomrath?” the man asked, and Milton nodded. “I’m a Field Agent from Probability Central. May I speak with you?”

      Milton nodded again. The man wasn’t exactly the mother or cousin he had imagined, but the man apparently knew by heart the lines that Milton had mumbled daily as long as he could remember.

      “I’m here to rectify an error in the probability fabric,”the man said. “As an infant you were inadvertently switched out of your own dimension and into this one.As a result there has been a severe strain on Things-As-They-Are. I can’t compel you to accompany me, but, if you will, I’ve come to restore you to your Proper Place.”

      “Well, what sort of world is it?” Milton asked. “Is it like this?” He waved at the street and truck.

      “Oh; not at all,” the man said. “It is a world of magic,dragons, knights, castles, and that sort of thing. But it won’t be hard for you to grow accustomed to it. First, it is the place where you rightfully belong and your mind will be attuned to it. Second, to make things easy for you, I have somebody ready to show you your place and explain things to you.”

      “I’ll go,” said Milton.

      The world grew black before his eyes the instant the words were out of his mouth, and when he could see again, he and the man were standing in the courtyard of a great stone castle. At one side were gray stone buildings; at the other, a rose garden with blooms of red, white, and yellow. Facing them was a heavily bearded, middle-aged man.

      “Here we are,” said the man in black. “Evan, this is your charge. Milton Gomrath, this is Evan Asperito. He’ll explain everything you need to know.”

      Then the man saluted them both. “Gentlemen, Probability Central thanks you most heartily. You have done a service. You have set things in their Proper Place.” And then he disappeared.

      Evan, the bearded man, said, “Follow me,” and turned. He went inside the nearest building. It was a barn filled with horses.

      He pointed at a pile of straw in one corner. “You can sleep over there.”

      Then he pointed at a pile of manure. There was along-handled fork in the manure and a wheelbarrow waiting at ease. “Put that manure in the wheelbarrow and spread it on the rose bushes in the garden. When you are finished with that, I’ll find something else for you to do.”

      He patted Milton on the back. “I realize it’s going to be hard for you at first, boy. But if you have any questions at any time, just ask me.

      (c) Alexei Panshin, 1967

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