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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @Quinnthouzand wow! Big krit! Thats pretty awesome, i'm a fan of his. How'd you get the gig? Always curious to how people land these sorta gigs

  • Test patch Driftwood VY Canis Majoris 'Day PM' . Mode smooth all -2 . No color grading . Directed by Julien Verly ( ) Music composed by Hecoures ''Eveilles'' ( )

    TECHNICAL: sony vegas 11, Manfrotto-525mvb+501HDV, tokina 11-16mm, heliopan ND 4x, Glidetrack 1m, transcend 32go,sony clm-v55 .

  • Made with Cluster V6 (first version) - Enjoy!

  • Used Mysteron 'Burst', Cinema mode -2,-2,0,-2, no colour correcting. Music by Miike Snow - Paddling Out

    Voigtlander 25mm Nokton 0.95f - Sandisk 64g/95. Make sure you turn on HD.

  • @A_Boy_Named_Soo @juliendu24 @jhero Terrific examples and excellent cinematography all round :-) Well done.

  • @jhero great looking footage!!what in camera settings & lenses were used?

  • Thanks!! Used smooth on both cameras and a combination of a zeiss 50mm, voigt 25mm, 14-140mm stock lens (there may have been a shot with olympus 50mm or fd 50mm, don't remember)

  • @jhero That was lovely.

  • @jhero , great footage, super quality, amazing !!! Was it Drewnet v6 ? Slow motion, what did you use ?

  • @jhero beautiful color, what method did you employ with those low bike shots?

  • Thanks! It was cluster v6 IIRC before any name but I've since gone up to Nebular. Slow motion indeed, 720p, and shutter above 125 for a couple shots. For colour I just crushed the shadows a bit and added some contrast for a summer poppy feel

  • @jhero what lens did you use for the beginning shot and around 0:10? Also curious which stabilizer you used :)

  • @strancali the beginning shot was the nokton 25mm and anything steadycam was the 14-140! For stabilizing we used the glidecam 4000

  • @jhero Great looking video. The overall contrast was great and the highlights looked really well controlled especially with the backlit sun shots. Did you need to pull any of the shadows up in post?

  • @pundit Only a few shots I had to pull up the shadows but all in all what you saw is what we filmed (levels wise). With color, it really brought out the pop. It was actually kind of hard to grade as that day was ping ponging between overcast and sun. It finally settled down near the tail end of the video though!

  • @thepalalias shot few dawn i am gonna shoot more.,... results are bad....what about you anything for the competition,...canis night looks better for sunrise,...tell me what do u do?? any good news???

  • I shot this with Canis Night check it out!!

    Here's the vimeo verison for you guys that hate YouTube like me

  • @Quinnthouzand Small world! I know those girls in the video. Well I know one of them and I know OF the other one. The spanish one is named Jackie and I've worked with her before. You must be based in ATL. Pretty crazy how I was just checking out her BTS photos a little earlier and I go to chk this site and bam, there's the video lol :)

  • Hi guys. Earlier this year, I loaded my GH2 with Sedna Q20 and headed out to Japan for a week. Tokyo and Kyoto and back to Tokyo. Here's what I got. It would be awesome if you guys can weight in on my video. Thanks! And seriously, I know this has been said a lot, but you guys rock! I'd put the whole personal-view dev team up for a technical oscar if I had that much pull.

    Password is tokyoto

    EDIT: Took out the need for a password.

  • Hello. I'm new here, and just starting to GH2. I want to say thank you for this hacks. Thank you very much. (sorry my bad english)

  • @driftwood My entry into the sunset competition. Have original MTS.. and have various versions.

    Two shots: a wide, and a more telephoto shot.

    Sedna AQ1 'A' 24fps, 24H, Smooth -2, -2, -2, -2

    Lens was Zeiss 85mm f1.4. Second shot used Tele-Extended mode

    Some weird youtube compression, but none in original or ProRes.

    May upload to Vimeo, to check compression there as well.

  • Hello I'm in the the process of purchasing a GH2 and I shoot a lot of long form things (wedding videos, music videos, and assorted events.

    The Highest Capacity Cards I have are 16GB Class 6 Cards and the rest are 8GB class 10 Transcend cards. I also have two Sandisk Extreme 95 mb 8GB cards

    Would these cards be sufficient to run the Cluster 6 DrewNet Patch or should i just save some cash and get the 64GB Sandisk Extreme Cards?

    Thanks in advance for any help I receive on this question.

  • @driftwoow @MattRobertson7 @mistan

    Thanks for the props y'all. The post process was pretty simple. On the Red, I dialed in a different black and white look in camera on set for each scene, this made it easier to quickly tweak the look in RCX. From there I made a prores 4444 and a prores proxy of each shot. I converted the MTS files in adobe prelude to the same. Then sliced and diced as usual in PPro CS6. The only filters I used on the GH2 footage was 'RGB curves' and the saturation slider in the 'fast color corrector.' I applied a tiny bit of Neat Video to the mpc overhead shots because I used the telephoto crop mode to save time on set. The gh2 footage was shot 2x anamorphic 16x9 while the red was capturing 2.4 square pixels through regular cinema glass. So I had to crop some width off of the sides of the GH2 footage. I set my sequence to 1920x820 and just fit height. This allowed me to do a few slick pan and scan tricks, bumping the frame side to side to the beat using motion key frames. As far as landing these jobs, all I do is try and make the best thing possible and work as closely as I can with directors to make it the best it can be, and then they come back with bigger and bigger jobs and we all grow together. It's basically an evolution of free work into paid work by not screwing anything up along the way in terms of quality as well as relationships.

  • @johnhizzle If you can afford it, I would strongly recommend you get the 64gb 95/mbps card. After all, we are doing hacks and why take the chance of ruining a shoot because the card cannot handle the data. That would end up costing more in the long run with all the time and effort that went into the production. With that said, I'm confident that your 2 sandisk 95mbps cards and the class 10 card can handle Cluster v6 DREWnet (correct me if I am wrong).

  • @DeShonDixon and don't tell me it was the kit lens lol...because its NOT!