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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • Shot with GH2 and Canis Night Hack

  • @scatterbrain

    Sir, this is awesome!!!

  • Question: which Driftwood hacks include Pasadena Pulse audio hack (I'd prefer to use Canis Majoris or Sedna)?

  • @nemvan

    All the newer hacks have added PP's audio settings. Sedna & Canis Majoris both contain the code:

    Volume Indicator 8=24576

    Volume Indicator 7=16384

    Volume Indicator 6=8192

    Volume Indicator 5=4096

    Volume Indicator 4=2048

    Volume Indicator 3=512

    Volume Indicator 2=128

    Volume Indicator 1=16

    AGC 3 Setting=128

    AGC 2 Setting=160

    AGC 1 Setting=176

    AGC 0 Setting=203

  • Nebular Cluster V6..Was out at a friends shoot & thought I would test Cluster with my old OM Zuiko lens. Glad I finally got a chance to test Cluster with people as opposed to my "in the forest" test.I must say I like this patch a lot,it has stayed on my camera longer than any patch since I brought my camera.

    "Thoughts on Cluster v6" (1).It's a very sharp detailed patch. (2).holds up pretty well in post considering the modest bit-rate. (3).It doesn't crash in any mode,yea I get the occasional "won't play back in camera" message,but who cares I get my shot. (4).Quality to card usage ratio hard to beat. (5).Works on all my SD Cards (6).I take CM Night on another Card to aid Cluster if the need for better lowlight performance arises. (7).My favorite patch yet! now I can spend more time shooting confident I have a patch that covers most of my needs. (8).thanks @Driftwood for the great work on the patch!

    Test Videos nothing much..pushed grading to see how it held up.

  • @driftwood Which of your patches would have the most stable 1GOP that spans?

  • Just recently got this lens through Amazon Japan. I purchased it to film the final episodes of KEVIN CROCKER IN JAPAN Season 2. Thanks to all of you who donated, giving me the ability to afford this lens. I really do appreciate it!

    All of the shots, except for the first title screen, were shot @ 1080 24p f2.8 with a ND filter. I am using Driftwood's Cluster V6 Nebular GOP6 patch with Vitaliy's wonderful hack.

    No sharpness was added. Only color correction. The GH2 user settings were -2 -2 0 0. The final shot in the test was shot using the EX Tele setting.

    There are Youtube and Vimeo versions. You can download the exported file from Vimeo. The exported file is a 25mbps VBR H.264 MP4.

    Google Docs link for original file.

    Note: Google Docs file link will go down next Sunday.

  • @Driftwood I would like to join the contest from Indonesia but I have tried to flash your patches into my camera without success. I click on the patches in the ptool and it says "settings loaded" then I save the firmware with a new number, but after the uploading, etc, all I get for recording choices are Standard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Scenery, Potrait, Custom ... nowhere can I find CLUSTER or GALAXIAN. Also, where can I find the canis night hack and all the "extras"? thanks so much.

  • @Jakartaguy The patches are already in your camera. They aren't recording styles. You won't find anything different in the Standard, Vivid, etc. menu system. Try recording a file and use Streamparser to check the bitrate. If it's higher than 24mbps then you definitely have it loaded correctly.

    As far as the "extras" go. It depends what you have enabled in Ptools when you made the new firmware file. It's nothing that will dramatically alter the standard UI on the camera.

  • @APXmusic , amazing quality, great lens ... Film mode "standard" ?

  • @feha Standard custom set to -2 -2 0 0

  • @APXMusic - first of all, thanks so much for the heads up and for posting the (hilarious-mainly because you think it is a cat talking) video. the 3.66 Ptool on my mac has a bit of a different interface but I basically checked every single box and put in the advised numbers. I also chose all of the buttons on the bottom (I downloaded the three SETS found on this thread which i think were duplicates of the ones already on the Ptool but alas.) I guess I am confused because the contest is for a sunset using any of the Driftwood settings and yet I have no idea how to distinguish between them. How do I use the Galaxian settings, as compared to the Cluster DEW, or the Nebular Cluster which you used for that gorgeous footage in front of the chevy? That part still stumps me.

    Screen shot 2012-07-31 at 5.00.34 PM.png
    380 x 627 - 35K
  • @jakartaguy I didn't make that footage on that Ptools video. It is older so the interface may be different but the principles are the same.

    Please read these directions that Driftwood made CAREFULLY!

    Q. Where do I get firmware v1.11 and ptools 3.65d?

    A. All the neccessary links are available here at top of page 1:

    Q. How do I load Quantum settings & firmware v1.11 into ptools 3.65d?

    A. See below - its simple.

    simply make a new folder on a pc call it 'Quantum'.

    Depending on which camera you own do the following;-

    GH2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GH2 firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    GF2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GF2 firmware v1.11 (GF2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    Download latest ptools v3.65d from the 'ptools 3.65d' thread link ( and copy that into the folder too.

    Download the Quantum patches (white looking documents found at the bottom of the above sections) and unzip them to a 'Quantum' named folder.

    NOW run ptools, then load the firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin for GH2 users or GF2__V11.bin for GF2 users) when it asks, now you'll see Quantum settings highlighted in Green (hover mouse over B and G buttons) click on either, whichever you wanna try.

    One youve selected your fav' Quantum setting then click on SAVE FIRMWARE button and save the patched firmware to your sdcard naming it higher than the original GH2__V11.bin (GF2__V11.bin for GF2) firmware (makes sense yeah!) for example 'GH2__V12.bin' (GF2__V12.bin for GF2) when asked.

    Load the new firmware from the sdcard to your camera by inserting sdcard, switch on camera, press the green-marked triangular ► 'Play' button once, Answer yes, to update your firmware. Note: Make sure youve got a fully charged battery before doing this update.

    Done! Film away! *Please note you WILL NOT see any cosmetic changes in the menu system of the camera - but rest assured, the Quantum settings are all loaded & working hidden, under the bonnet of the camera ;-)

    Jakartaguy: I know in the instructions it says "Quantum" but really ANY patch can be applied this way. The letters at the bottom of Ptools may be different but that's how you do it.

  • @APX - again thanks for your time. I actually spent a lot of time reading all of the background materials but I think the part that slipped was that I should ONLY CHOOSE ONE green choice. For example, right now in my Ptool I have the following options: Cluster V6 DrewNet Cluster V6 6 Nebular GX1 Cluster Gala Xian What I did is I clicked them ALL and thought that I would have options appear in my UI. So I guess by clicking on them all the last one I clicked would cancel out the previous one (etc)?

    So am I right to say that every time I want to choose a new setting (Nebular vs DrewNet vs Gala Xian) I have to use the Ptool? Also I have been reading about a lot of other settings like Canis Night Hack, Senda, etc, is there a repository for these? I have conducted search but no luck.

  • @Jakartaguy

    Yes you can use only one settings. If you want to try another you have to save another bin file in Ptools and flash that in to your cam. Just try them and judge yourself what your like. But remember you need fast sd card for many of these settings, otherwise you get card speed errors, or card write erorrs. But do not worry, you can allways go back to orginal.

  • Actually i like idea of this Driftwoods contest. He kick our ass to go out and shoot something real.

  • @otcx I am excited. I want to try to do something for the contest too!

  • @APXmusic So go out there and shoot some sunset or surise, and share it here to all of us. Pleas read Driftwoods rules. But anyway i have enyjoied every shoot that is uploaded. Really great stuff from everyone.

  • Just another sunset in Finland. Maby this one is under exposed, or too mutch to my lens, but there start to ocour some nasty noise. Anyway i wanted to share this moment to all of you.

    Olympus 45 VK hack CM night from Driftwood

  • Big thanks to @Driftwood once again for his amazing hard work and settings. This was shot on CM Night for the Film4 #SceneStealers competition - An alternative look at Slumdog Millionaire:

    @driftwood you are the man!

  • I shot all the anamorphic handheld shots in this video using Mysteron Burst. I shot the rest with the RedMX Dinosaur. I used B&W smooth for everything but the CU speaker shot which was vibrant, all at 0.

  • @Quinnthouzand Aye!!! Just seen this on MTV!!

  • @Nameless Funny man. Love it. Excellent tones. :-)

    @Quinnthouzand Mean vid! Lookin' real good. Both cams grade well together by the looks of things - tell us a bit more about the experience in post. Mysteron Burst is pretty awesome. I still use it a lot.

  • Here is the finished result, of the stuff I showed a little before .. shot on Crossfire greenscreen settings.

    For me it's just proof of concept .. I did it several ways with several bits of software. In the end .. rough cut in Media Composer .. then straight to AE (in 10bit codec .. albeit 36Mbits on this occasion). Rendered out and uploaded as H.264 mov at 17Mbits.

    If nothing else, I have proven it can be done .. there are a few masks on which I forgot to blend the edges .. as stated proof of concept/workflow