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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • Guys I have a problem

    I made some aerial filming with sedna, rec mode HBR, NTSC. Final Cut Pro X says the footage is 1080i29,97. The files transcoded by FCPX in prores422 are still interlaced. Anyway If I look the videos I see many many artifacts.. horizontal lines over details, very disturbing, some blocks of the image sometimes becomes a bit blurred..

    What am I doing wrong ?

    (sample file )


  • cancelled--

  • @robbie75vr Was it cancelled because you solved the problem? Or did you still need help?

  • @thepalalias yes yes I still need help, I cancelled a double post I made by mistake.. thanks

  • I'm looking to compare Sedna AQ1 "A" and CM 'Night' at a salsa nightclub, but I have the same question as @TheRuggedAdventurer: I just downloaded the Sedna AQ1 Pack and inside was setc.ini, setd.ini, and seth.ini. Which one is A, B, or C?

  • @cmel, if you put all the ini files in the ptools folder, when you open it you will see the botton letters highlighted, if you place your arrow over each letter it will show you a quick description of each file, so you know wich one to click.

  • @xavieramelio - thanks mate. I never noticed the tooltip behaviour when you hover over the buttons. I guess I was just blindly loading patches before :-| ... Now on with the tests...

  • @cmel just rename them u can rename setc to setd, the ini for details don't get confused with patch names,...put them in different alphabets in pool folder, ptool set firmware in, will automatically take up the patches in quick change bar.

  • @klem007 very nice! what lenses and picture profile?

  • Does Sedna AAQ1 records 1080p better than the new canon 5d mk3 ??? Anyone compared these both??

  • @cinemon pana leica 25mm 1.4 and some fd primes 35mm 50mm 85mm 1.8 i think i used standard profile (:

  • Here's some Sedna AQ1 I put under heavy heavy grading. Ginger HDR, a few auto levels here and there, and magic bullet looks. There's some grain to it but it held up well for the stress I put it through. I'm loving it. I did a wedding with it that came out really nicely. The stills were incredible. I'll put a few up when I get to my other comp.

  • @klem007 thx! witch lense after the crash-szene?

  • @rajamalik On EOSHD and a few other places they compared the 5DMkIII to the hacked GH2 (though the GH2 used lower bitrate settings than Sedna). You could still clearly see the resolution advantage the GH2 had quite clearly. The 5DMkIII seemed like it might have both better dynamic range and high ISO performance (and on the stills side there was no question that it won on all 3 points).

    But yes, in temrs of resolution in 1080p, you still get better results with the GH2 and Sedna.

  • Hi guys, this video was shot with a Sedna A Q1, using the Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens. Thank you very much Driftwood. This video is participating in a video contest. If you like this video, please click the following link and vote for the one titled INMORTAL making click on Like . Thanks for the support.

    INMORTAL. Thanks again.

    The password: sedna

  • @zzanttiago, beautiful work, loved the words, loved those hands...thank you

  • @zz Say brother that was some outstanding work. Good luck

  • @cinemon that would be the leica (:

  • Quantum X 'SpanMyBitchUp' V2/ B&W NO COLOR GRADE / ISO 640 Just test the lens and the low light situation. PL Mount Lomo Lens 28mm, 35mm, 50mm

  • Hi guys,

    I've used Sedna aq20 since the beginning without problems... until today:

    All my today shots completely ruined and useless. Two hours of clips ready for the bin. I filmed in a wood and all the shots with foliage shown severe artifacts, part of the image seems blurry. Look at the tree bark, the upper part seems out of focus and the middle part has a lots of artifacts. All the leafs seems frying :( I left the original mts file for dowload.

    Sedna aq20, 108030p, iso 160.

    Streamparser seems ok!

    405 x 396 - 45K
    1296 x 682 - 143K
  • Was your intention to film in 1080i or HBR mode? Did you try shooting some stuff in 24p? HBR I frames are much smaller for 1080i / or HBR mode, and this kind of shot will not guarantee good results. However, things are looking more than a little strange. Can you take me through all settings, sdcard, etc... lenses used... etc.. it would be interesting to know. Also send me some example mts files.

  • Cluster v2 has been road tested all weekend and should be set for release within the next few days.

  • Hi Nick, as you know I shoot mostly underwater. I find that 30p is smoother for uw use and sometime I can safely slow down to 24p if necessary.

    Anyway I'm not a pixel peeper but these shots are worse than the clips from my 50 euro Nokia phone. I cannot understand what I screwed up!

    Anyway: Sedna a Q20 HBR 1080p30, iso 160 a bounch of Sandisk 16GB Extreme 30Mb/s, 90% of manual lens: Yashica 28f2.8 and 50f1.4 then Lumix 14-45mm and 20mm. No etc... Always on tripod.

    The shot on vimeo has the original MTS file. I'll pm you for the others.

    @robbie75vr are you having the same problem?

  • Always sorry to hear of a session ruined. Of course, lets look into this. Also, I would like you to test out the AQ1 version of Sedna on HBR mode and the other Canis Majoris Day settings. More appearing this week - Ive been away from pv for some time with work matters but will be back down with some new settings over the course of the next few days.

    I'm particluarly iinterested in your problem and will spend some time tomorrow afternoon on a similar location to yours to see where the problem lies.


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