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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • Here is a short test I recently shot. Shot with a hacked Panasonic GH2 camera. I used Sedna C patch by Nick Driftwood. Simply fantastic - thank you! Just some test shots to see how regular 24p mode intercuts with 24p ETC mode. I am very impressed. ETC mode is very handy. All ants shots are in ETC mode. Shots intercut very well, sometimes regular 24p mode looks too smooth compared to ETC but in this particular test it works out fine. I did not use the full potential of macro in ETC mode. I simply didn't have the right macro lens. With macro lens (which usually has a higher optical resolving power) this could have been much better. ETC is a really tough test for any lens designed for full frame, APS-C or even a m4/3 sensors. Those lenses simply don't squeeze the optical resolution in 2/3" image circle - instead the resolution is spread out on a much bigger area. I am impressed how well a humble Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AIS performed in ETC mode, shot at f/2.8 - f/8 - beyond that effects of diffraction are immediately visible. I think I might have used a wrong ISO setting which resulted in a known 320/640/1250 ISO bug (higher noise). I am not sure, maybe ETC mode introduced it, too. Seems to me that it is a red channel that is prone to noise in this mode, look at all the browns. Greens are super smooth, blue looks good too. I look forward to shooting more with this patch. Possibly Sedna A could have worked better for the close focus shots because of slightly more detailed rendering of the image. I am yet to find out. The Vimeo compression does not do this camera justice. 720p original file doesn't either (exported with Compressor from 1080 timeline). I have to figure out a way of highest quality upload. Maybe someone can share their tips with me? Only luma adjustments (no chroma grading). FCP, Color. Music: Nocturnes, I, Nuages by Claude Debussy.

    I am not sure why embedding the Vimeo video does not work, anyway, here is the link:

  • I just downloaded the Sedna AQ1 Pack and inside was setc.ini, setd.ini, and seth.ini. Which one is A, B, or C?

  • Open the .ini in the text editor and read the first lines..

  • I hung around late the other night and got to throw some Sedna A AQ1 up on the 20 foot screen with a Christie HD projector. Pretty cool. I wish we could all see our stuff like that. It does make me want to go get a Voigtlander or an Oly though, to see how that looks. The stuff I was looking at was shot with a regular FD 50mm 1.8 with a little sharpness thrown into it. Still pretty impressive.

  • @Bueller - That's wonderful! It realy is the only way to judge somehting that will be exhibeted that way. The driftwood settings and what they are reaching for in all their subtlties will be seen on the big screen. When you add sharpness, how do you do so and to what degree? Thanks!

  • Here's a short from a winery I just finished. Shot with many driftwood settings, including Sedna A AQ1, Orion v4b, and all the way back to reAQuanted 176. I started a thread with this already, but I thought it was a good place to show what 'old' driftwood settings can still do. I'm still on Sedna AQ1. It is rewarding to shoot with gh2. This community is a great place to share, learn, and hopefully inspire us to get out and make art. Vitaliy and driftwood are two people I'd like to shake hands with someday. Lenses were Super Tak 50mm, Tamron 17-50mm, and 14-140 Panny. Standard and Smooth used all at -2 (0 Sat)

    It's over here if you wanna leave a comment. cheers.

  • @bheath Bring the sharpness until it looks right, then back it off. I use Neat Video on most everything and it has it's own sharpening adjustments.

  • @peternap Thanks, I will try that. I noticed you can work magic on pourous (teenager) skin with noise reduction, in the way it rearranges the image structure.

  • I'd like to thank @driftwood and @Vitaliy_Kiselev for their hard work and for making the GH2 a BEAST! I'll make a donation real soon because those hacks are just amazing! I am currently messing with Orion v4b and i love what's coming out of the camera. Also thank yall for this great forum and wonderful community.

  • @bheath On camera filters are another approach. Have you tried a Tiffen Black Promist 1 or Warm Black Promist 1?

  • Used Orion v4b. -2 All Across. Shutter speed 1/40th & 1/50th. 35-70mm Sigma Zoom Lens 3.5 and Nikon 50mm 1.8. Both lenses used with ND Fader and Polarizer.

  • Used a modified Pictoris Patch. if you like it tell me

  • wow Paul, great job! Really beautiful skin tones, clean and crispy white. I am very impressed. Well done! Lucky you had a beautiful bride too who obviously liked acting very much. I hope they paid you a fortune ;-) Schappoh, Genosse!

    Did you use a steady cam if so which one? How did you grade it and which are your pictoris modifications?

  • @jazzwalker great stuff, I don't understand the message but visuals and audio are stunning.

  • @POP24 Absolutely amazing pictures!!! Could you post here your pictoris modified patch? Thank you and congratulations

  • @peaceonearth Thanks! it's a promo to a music video i'm shooting. the message is about struggle and how to become the greatest you can be through that.

  • @peaceonearth thank you :-) i used a glidacam hd 1000 @paglez for the pictoris patch i used the panasonic matrix. in the future i will use the Canis Majoris "night" patch i think this is the best patch i the moment.

  • ""in the future i will use the Canis Majoris "night" patch i think this is the best patch i the moment."" Could you explain this a bit, please?: You refer Canis Majoris "night" with panasonic matrix?

  • All sedna aq 1

    you can credit and most of all comment, this is going before a judge in school so i need to get the bugs out (:

  • @thepalalias, I haven't used pro mist filters on the gh2 yet, but i'm considering trying. I used them quite a bit with film, especially the later, sharper stocks. I was even looking at possible a rear element net. If I manage it, I will post some results. btw, the canis night settings have been working very well with the things I've been doing.

  • @bheath I am looking forward to it! I have shot with 77mm Tiffen Ultra Contrast 1, Ultra Contrast 3, Low Contrast 2 and Warm Black Promist 1 filters. They all have their pros and cons but for softening skin, the Warm Black Promist 1 is often the most flattering. Still, I have experimented with stacking just about every permutation of those filters to see what I could get. Most of the time what I got was a not very detailed and overly washed out image that I could not save in post, but then again: I am still learning and the issue is far more my desire to try crazy things than the fault of the filters. :)

  • @jazzwalker, love your video, looking forward to see the music video you will make...

  • @xavieramelio thanks! I can't wait either.

  • @paglez no, i will use the matrix from the patch Canis Majoris "night" the noise level looks like it is very low in this patch and the pictures are brilliant

  • @driftwood , any news on Cluster 2.0 ?

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