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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • @mozes Very nice video, seems very smooth.

    This video is not mine but it's shot with Mysteron and slowed down with twixtor. I think it's very smooth.

  • I might beat the dead horse, what is the best settings with class-10 cards?

  • @daq Sanity, Cake and Cluster all perform well on slower Class 10 cards. The same may be true of Flowmotion and lower bitrare bkmcwd settings (I think Natural was the name of one of them).

    Personally, I rely on Sanity when I need reliability on lower spec cards. I also use it when I need to transmit the MTS files quickly after shooting. I am not comparing the quality to the higher bitrate/max quality options in intra. But the size to performance ratio for Sanity is currently unsurpassed in my testing.

    If you need intra, start with SMBU v2, fallback to v1 if that does not work (it has lower bitrate). I have not tested much with Pictoris, but it should produce even smaller files.

    Sanity and SMBU are my main choices for long record times. I wish I had more time to test the others.

  • I think if I run it through Neat, it'll be really clean.

  • Here's a short experiment I made with GH2, Sedna A1, Smooth (-2-2-2-2). I was using Samyang 35mm 1.4. The test was to create a nice vintage look with only grading in PPro (Using tints and rgb curves).

    Hope you'll like it!

    Sequence 01.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 742K
    Sequence 01_1.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 689K
    Sequence 01_2.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 757K
    Sequence 01_6.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 435K
    Sequence 01_3.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 892K
    Sequence 01_5.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 850K
    Sequence 01_4.jpg
    1920 x 816 - 905K
  • @davidhjlindberg Amazing as always! I really love the look. This is what I want to achieve, do you have a tutorial on this David?

  • @strancali Thank you very much! No I don't, maybe I'll make one in the future. Just get out and experiment with the curves effect. It's actually the greatest tool in grading imo. Thanks again!

  • There are two patches I keep going back to, Sanity 5 and Sedna AQ1. I need Broll today under a lot of different conditions and as little n post as possible so I pulled out the Sedna. It's still champ in it's field.

    Click Here to View The Video Titled: sedna aq1 test broll

  • @peternap Looks really good!

  • @peternap Two great settings to use in any situation. I would use Sedna even more if I shot a lot of things with blue, but since I often do not, I use CM Night a lot.

  • New episode shot with Driftwood's Sedna Q20 @ 24p Kit lens. I have been using 32GB Transcend Class 10 cards and they have been working pretty good. However, this time I had the camera shit out on a couple of high detail scenes complaining that it couldn't write to the cards fast enough. Time to get some Sandisk Extreme cards I think.

  • Just released a before and after of my latest experiment:

    You can find info about the video and all the settings about 6 comments above.

  • @thepalalias I'm still having trouble with Night. It's almost like a haze over everything during the day. What settings are you using?

  • @peternap i suggest you patch back to sedna A.i got something new and odd for extremists.i have 3 sedna A patches from @obscura. he tested Sedna A in different bitrates all these patches writes in CBR. only for sdxc sandisk 95m/s card owners or try if you have a card which can write over 60m/s. the details of these patches follows.....(The default Sedna A has Aq1 & Q20 @ 154Mbit VBR) Seti = Sedna A Q8 CBR @ 191Mbit Setb = Sedna A AQ0 CBR @ 181Mbit Sete = Sedna A AQ1 CBR @ 169Mbit (almost same as default sedna a aq1 but CBR @ 169) i just now patched Sete 169,....i am gonna test all of them. Thank You!! @obscura @thepalalias @driftwood

    Sedna A super
  • @peternap @thepalalias is using Canis Majoris Night Default from Driftwood, even i used the same for a while. its vbr @ 176mbit. Good one.

  • Screen Grab of Mysteron from Boulder Boulder 10k race. I was using 24h but had to up the frame rate because I didn't have an ND filter. Very impressive and will post video soon.

    Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 2.06.51 PM.png
    1901 x 1063 - 2M
  • Another Mysteron Screen Grab - detail is incredible! I was using a $100 f1.4 Olympus lens! 50mm

    Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 2.05.35 PM.png
    1908 x 1066 - 3M
  • @AfricaGH2 What is the "running time" for that clip? ;) Thanks for posting. Did you mean "had to up the shutter speed" as opposed to frame rate?

    @peternap Yes, @rajamalik is right. I shot CM Night with Smooth, Standard and Vibrant, usually at -2, -2, -2, -2. I think that particular shoot may have been entirely Smooth, but I cannot remember clearly at the moment.

  • @thepalalias still having problems with this card or build. Tried using SpanMyBitch, but it freezes my Gh2 and I have to pop the battery out every time to get the display to unfreeze and work again. These are in bright conditions, nothing else changed to the settings.

  • Here is a still from some shooting with Sedna Aq1. just messign around. Did some small grading. But I think it looks pretty cinematic. Let me know what you guys think. I'm always refining and searching for the most cinematic settings, lighting, and color grades. Thanks!

    Screen Shot 2012-05-29 at 11.46.28 PM.png
    1915 x 1044 - 2M
  • @JPB1138 , this looks wonderful, cinematic, very nice grainy ...

  • @JPB1138 out of the box none of the digital cinema cameras do grade or color correct shots by default .post production work is major when it comes to digital cinema.all we need is to shoot with proper exposure, lighting, and white balance. if you have a shot from sedna A in std or smooth profile -2-2-2-2. you need to convert that file .mts to an editable format. cine form or prores 422 hq. you can edit mts directly in vegas 11 pro. prores 422 hq and cine form are the 2 best codec for driftwood topnotch patches.

    color correct your shots using colorista II grade them with look 2 then decide. yes you need a better color correction and grading system to get maximum cinematic look. for all dslr footage and digital cinema camera footage this is common. post changes everything. shooting only brings clear and essential resource to work with.

    i hope you understand. the shot you have taken is so good. get the correction and grading done buddy.

  • I took the raw mts and converting with 5DtoRGB (701 and Full Range, Pro Res 422HQ) on a Mac based system. Imported to Final Cut and used Magic Bullet Software there for the quick grade.

    Usually I use the COLOR APP within FCS 7. But I was just messing around. Added grain from Rgrain Plug-in

    Was shot in Smooth all -2.

  • Cluster v2 will be out tonight.

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