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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • Like DeShonDixon asked, is 2k really 2k or is it some kind of upscaled 720 or 1080? Do you really get more details with this 2k or is for example Sedna AQ1 1080p capturing more details? Interesting feature!

  • Yeah please if that question could get answered it would be greatly appreciated :)

  • cluster v2e- 2k mjpegHD and EXT mode are not a good idea together. the zoom is bigger then the 24H in EXT mode(actually is exactly the same as the 720p in EXT mode) and the noise is noticeable even in 160 iso and well lit subject, but without it looks quite good.

    @nemvan at the 3rd scene did you have the lens wide open or something?

  • Just joined, donated and tried out mysteron. The picture looks amazing but I feel like the autofocus is working slowly, is this something anyone else has noticed? I am using the 14-140.

  • Topic will be closed soon (due to length).

    Nick, please make new series :-)

  • In terms of quality mjpeg is not as good as avchd 150mbps. The GH2's mjpeg HD format is traditionally 720. VKs tools allow us to reassign the sizing to (within reason) the size of 2048 x 1152 (2K), together with high quantisation we can spend more bitrate memory on and over the stock settings producing more desireable looking files.

    Cluster's mjpeg produce 100+mbps data rate files. However, a consideration; some of the shutter rates will stop recordings or short term them. Try sticking to safe shutters.

  • @Kazuo you are right v2e has the sedna feel.

  • @cjdincer @driftwood @Kazuo Is sedna and or v2e as sharp or sharper than mysterion?

  • can we change 30p to 24p for example in ptools ? or, is 30p the best working framerate for now in Mjpeg mode ?

  • @DeShonDixon about sharpness I can't say anything with those settings 'cause I keep changing lenses and they also vary in sharpness etc. sorry too vague for me.

  • @cjdincer Can I expect a video image similar to mysterion with v2e?

  • Reality check: Nothing can beat ANY of the GOP1s on 24p. I have conducted my own tests and as far as detail goes if you want the best, stick to GOP 1 on 24p. Sedna, Canis, Mysteron, Quantum settings are right on it but will consume vast amounts of memory (147Mbps roughly) on high detailed scenes - each interpretation of my GOP1 Intra settings vary on the matrix - The Sedna and Canis Majoris settings are my own in-depth studied matrices. The Orion settings are my adapted AVC INTRA 100 matrices, all the other Quantums are Panasonic GH2 stock matrices - each and all are great at 147mbps but produce adjusted slants to wards different parts of the chroma spectrum and the hi/lo frequency range.

    The nature of the beast is that nothing comes near to 24p in the looks department as far as 1080i/HBR or 720p at 50 frames or 60 frames per second the i frame/p or b frame sizes never come consistently close because of the memory limitations in the GH2.

    No one should kid themselves. The GH2 camera is excellent but will NEVER produce perfect 25p, 30p, 50p or 60p. However, you can achieve excellent results and with the right lighting and scene / construction you can get close.

    Try ANY setting from anyone - film the same busy detail scene and look into the distance. Driftwood INTRA settings resolve more detail - and in the shadows. Also try against HBR/720 etc... the same result.

    Once you start adjusting patches in HBR or 720 modes - just as soon as youve got great B frames (or P frames) the i frames start to go down - vice versa when you get really high i frames. We're all fighting with GOP adjustments - allocating more or less memory to odd or even P/B frames. But the memory size of the GH2 is not unlimited and a careful balancing is called for.

    This is why I care mainly on film mode on the GH2 - I make films - and the GH2 is simply great at 24p. Its a royal pain in the arse trying to get really good looking HBR or 720. Believe.

    Cluster v2a and v2e are the best Ive seen at these other modes (thats my personal view) and I will be releasing a mixed setting later including Sedna on 24p and 1080i50, with the rest on GOP6 Cluster. A Canis mixed mode will also be released. This will save people the time and stress of having to mix up settings themselves.

  • @driftwood thanks solved all my troubles!

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