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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • Have you copied over all the fiiles to hd first?

  • driftwood nailed it. I have to copy everything off the card first. The PRIVATE folder. Then ingest from the hard drive. It does not play well with copying from the card. Thanks all. Mysteron smile is returning :0) Gosh, that hack just makes you wanna shoot something!!!

  • Glad Nick handled it for you. :)

  • Another new episode shot with the GH2 and Driftwood's Sedna Q20 settings.

  • Video stop motion gh2 variable 300% and render sony vegas 24p

  • Sorry...) this video!!!!

  • @andyvia68 Which setting did you use?

  • Mysteron Burst Patch


  • Here's another try with Orion 4vB:

    Set to Smooth with everything on -2 and retro color graded. Thoughts?

  • Sedna A

  • Has anyone encountered visually corrupted frames in their MTS files? The phenomenon I am seeing occurs for only a single frame and the lower part of the frame contains part of an earlier frame from the same clip.

    Patch: Sedna A AQ1 Card: Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s card.

  • @Piotrj No, I have not encountered that. Have you been able to reproduce the same behavior in two different applications?

  • Shot on Sedna 'A' AQ1, -2,-2,-2,-2, Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95. Sharpened in Premiere.

  • Mysteron 'STANDARD' Straight out of camera, no sharpening or cc

    Camera: GH2 with Mysteron 'Standard' (MyFilms1 settings with -2 -2 -2 -2, iso 400, WB indoors "bulb")

    Lens: Olympus 45mm f1.8

    SD Card: Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s

    Slider: IndiSlider Mini

  • @strancali Adorable kid, warm light, smooth move. I looked at the graded version and it felt like it had lost a little bit of the original warmth to me, but that might just be my aesthetic.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • @thepalalias: I see a visual glitch when playing the MTS in VLC. I also see the glitch when playing back in Adobe Premiere. I started noticing in almost all clips at about and after 75% of the cards capacity. The earlier clips do not exhibit the phenomenon.

  • @thepalalias thank you for the kind words. To be honest, I'm not good with grading so I'm still learning :)

  • @PiotrJ I will try to keep an eye out for it, but I normally do not review all the footage from the shoot consecutively in one sitting. If I find it, I will try to help you debug it. The only other thing I can think of is that you could upload one of the problem clips using (as long as the clip is under 300MB).

    In the meantime, is this happening on your other cards too? Or is there a chance that your card has been damaged or is defective?

    @strancali Some of the people on here (like @Bueller) do it professionally so I am sure you can learn a lot on here. :)

    Here is a tutorial I watched early on in my first experiments with color grading.

    In terms of getting a warm look for children or family, I find it helpful to not go too far with sharpening or contrast. Sometimes I even add diffusion filters either on the lens or in post. Remember, a high contrast line tends to look harder than a low contrast one and detail can easily get lost in the eyes if you crush blacks too far (which gives it more of an action movie look than a family one).

    I also try to make sure that the skintones have a little more orange in them than would be the case if they were neutral (but don't go overboard).

    I am not a professional color grader - I grade my own work a lot of the time and would prefer to hire someone more apt at the process whenever a budget allows. So if someone more experienced chimes in, listen to them instead. :)

  • Posted in wrong comment

  • @thepalalias much appreciated! :)

  • thank you for the hack

  • Hi, I'm trying to download these settings on a mac and the links don't seem to work. All I can do is download an image file, but no zip file. I've tried Safari and Firefox. Does anyone have any ideas how I can download?

    Many thanks,


  • @davidlean sign in to personal view. Click on the zip files and they will be unzipped automatically to your download folder. Alternatively, right click and 'Download Linked File As' and give the zip file a name such as the setting name youre d/ling (overwriting the long numbered name which automates).

    Youll have to run ptools in a Windows computer or Wine installation on the mac keeping the downloaded setting file (unzipped of course) in the same folder as ptools and the original panasonic firmware to load up. Then you can save the new irmware to your sd card ready for updating into your camera.

  • @thepalalias I've only so far looked at the one card. It's a brand new card. I'll look at the other cards this week. I'll look into uploading a problem clip.

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