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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Just tried Sanity 4.1 with Panasonic 1.1 firmware on my NTSC body. It's beautiful in the HDR 29 .97 setting but I'm getting the freezing and purple pixels. Using a Transcend (10) 32GB card.

    Is the bit rate that much higher at H24 settings? I thought it would be higher on the 30p setting.

    Would a faster card fix my problems? I would love to have it working on both frame rates.

  • purple pixels and freezing with 24H setting only. 30p is working.

  • Also seems to play back fine in the camera but not in Final Cut X.

  • It sounds like a card problem. A new version of Sanity is coming soon. Until then, either try a different card, or use 24L.

  • @Ralph_B Soon? As in right after we test the current version at the big comparison tomorrow? Conspiracy, I say. ;)

    Seriously, though, looking forward to it!

  • SANITY 5

    Here is a new version of Sanity with some major changes. First, it fixes a problem with pulsing in the shadows in HBR mode. But more importantly, in the process of fixing the pulsing, I discovered a way to create monster size I frames, while still keeping the bitrate low. In 24P, we're talking about I frames approaching the one million mark with certain subject material. And this applies to 24L, as well! For 24H I had to lower the bitrate from 66M to 38M, and yet the image quality is the same (and maybe better). I applied this technique to all modes; 24P, 1080i, 720P and HBR.

    Sanity 5 is unified for NTSC and PAL - there is only one version.

    Spanning works with 24L, FH, SH & H modes. When spanning, do not go above ISO 5000 and do not use ETC. Spanning works in HBR mode with third party manual lenses. Do not go above ISO 3200. Spanning does not work reliably in HBR mode when using Panasonic lenses.

  • @thepalalias

    Looking forward to your test.

  • @Ralph_B Thanks! Do you feel confident in version 5 or would you prefer we test 4.1? Unless I hear back from you before the test, we'll use the new version 5 instead.

  • @thepalalias

    By all means, use 5.

  • Damn @Ralp_B i think you have done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really impressive

    Just getting tired off getting my own patch in the good way, i installed the original firmware 1.1, but that doesn't work anymore, if you get used to all those great patches.
    So i installed driftwoods β Pictoris with Hybrid Matrix..
    And i was happy again.......................

    And then you just released Sanity 5, i was already fan off 3.1, but not 4.0.
    So i did give it a try....................
    Lens used is a oly 14-140 , set on 140mm and withe tele.
    It is a provocative day with a lot off contrast light

    Sanity 5! .... Its one to keep.... :-)

    24p 00002_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 162K
    24p tele 00005_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 164K
    720 00000_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 168K
    720 tele 00003_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 156K
    HBR 00001_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 162K
    HBR tele 00004_Frames.PNG
    746 x 412 - 168K
  • right before i leave on vacation... awesome! will report on real world tests while traveling! thanks again!

  • @Ralph_B how is this handling the playback error? Is it improved?

  • Shot with Sanity 4 Looking Forward to 5

  • @Imaginate That's some of the nicest footage I've seen here. What were your settings?

  • "Spanning works with 24L, FH, SH & H modes." H as in HBR or 24H?

    Since the Bitrate is now lowered to 38M, I was just curious as to what makes a mode span or not.

  • Can anyone tell me how much time is now left on the card (any card but I have a 16GB) with Sanity 5? (24H)

  • @Imaginate

    That footage looks fantastic. Great look! What lens and picture profile?

  • @smontoto H mode is the lower bitrate setting for 720p.

    @jhero You will get 53 minutes on a 16GB card in 24H mode.

  • @ jhero:

    16 GB card, Sanity 5, PAL GH2:

    MJPEG QVGA: 60 Min VGA: 21:45 Min WVGA: 20:55 Min HD: 8:20 Min

    720/50p H: 64 Min. SH: 47 Min.

    1080/50i FH: 64 Min FSH: 47 Min

    25p HBR: 47 Min

    24p 24L: 69 Min 24H: 54 Min

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks guys, I'll run some tests Wednesday :) I used Sanity 4.1 on a recent interview shoot last week and it looks great so it'll be nice to see how 5 stacks up (at longer record times!)

  • Tried Sanity 5 today. Pretty bad banding in dark tones at ISO 200. I tried going up to 250 and back but it didn't make a difference. I was shooting a little spider in a barberry bush outside using a Sigma 150mm/2.8 lens with adapter, I closed the aperture a bit because the spider was getting some light. The defocused background (by DOF) in the bush which was darker had a lot of banding to my eye. I'd be happy to post a video of frame grab if it's helpful. I'm new here so if that is needed, please point me to any instructions on how to do that.

    EDIT: Oops! When looking at the clip again, I realized I was in ETC mode, so if that performs almost 3 stops worse then I guess I shouldn't be surprised by banding (ISO 200 + 2.66 stops = ISO 1250.)

    Ralph_B, I'm still trying to grok this camera. Can you tell me if this is right for your patch? For NTSC, if I use creative movie mode then: 1) manual movie mode is whatever you pick from REC MODE (1080i/60 or 720p/60) and if 720p then H or L based on which you choose from REQ QUALITY; 2) HBR is always 1080i/60 (which is actually 1080p/30 in a 60i transport); 3) Cinema is always 24p (you can choose H or L from REQ Quality or Q Menu); 4) VMM can be 30fps if you choose 80%, it is recorded as 24p but you can speed it back up to 30p in Premier Pro.

    Does Sanity perform better at 80% VMM than HBR if sound is not needed?

  • Can you try ISO 400 or above?

  • @bmcent1 Yes, please post a frame grab. It's always easier for me to gauge.

  • @peternap @tcarretti Thanks, it was all shot with with the Standard Profile -2-2-2-2 with the 20mm Lumix , The opening shot of him on his bike I was trying to go for more of a low contrast type look to it when I was grading the rest of the shots were done in LOOKS some of the standard presets that they have in there.

  • @peternap, sorry for the delay, I posted and then headed out. Here are three frame grabs saved out from Premier Pro as PNG files:

    I was in ETC mode and HBR mode for these with ISO 200. I wanted the shot to be a little on the dark side and that's where the banding jumped out at me. I have other brighter exposed shots that looked really nice.