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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...

    Series 1 Link

    Series 2 Link

    Series 3 Link


    ALL Settings require Panasonic firmware v1.11 & ptools 3.64D '200212' OR 3.65d required). Settings for GH2 & GF2 Lumix cameras.


    Cluster v2a (12 GOP, 3 GOP & 6 GOP)- Released 31 May 2012

    FOR LONG RECORDINGS. VBR Long GOP (12 GOP) edition of Driftwood matrix driving 24pH with deblocking and high i frames (1,180,000 sized i frames in 80% mode). HBR/1080i Modes pushing 24p modes. 720p (GOP6) Working and spanning. mjpeg mode- simply the best around. Inc. Per Lichtmann's (thepalalias) top quality all singing-all dancing and quite brilliant 'Pasadena Pulse' audio settings.

    Cluster v2e (The ALL 6 GOP setting)- Released 31 May 2012 V High i frames on 24p (you cant get any higher on death charts) 120+mbps, 80% mode works, V High HBR (800+ on death charts), v High 720p (600/700+ on death charts), 2K HD resolution 2048 x 1152 pixels - Highest quality MJPEG, Highest qual mjpeg SD. Great Audio from Per Lichtmann once again. NOW with in camera playback


    v2a = is 12 gop on 24p and 1080i50, 6 gop 720p and 3 gop 1080i60. This settiing is aimed at NTSC users.

    v2e = all 6 GOP with 2k rez mjpeg & incam playback. (v2b, 2c and 2d are superceded by 2e) work for both NTSC AND PAL users.

    Therefore, anything inbetween 2a and 2e, forget about them!

    So, in summary, v2a or v2e are all you need to know about in this v2 release.

    Driftwood Mysteron. - Released 29th March 2012

    Top notch 24pH Intra setting with deblocking. 720p50/60 (GOP3/6) Workling and spanning. HBR / 1080i INTRA. Plus special burst mode setting of Mysteron giving 170M+ recordings and 900k Intra frame sizes at 5 secs hi detail, longer at less detail.

    Driftwood Sedna 'Settings' - Release 15th March 2012, 01:30am

    Stats: 24p Intra, 1080i/HBR Intra, 720 GOP3/GOP6 all settings as Orion with Sedna Matrices:-

    A = High Detail matrix Good for Wide full detail shots.

    B = Good allround detail matrix Great all round wide / mid shots.

    C = Softer detail matrix Softer skin tonal detail.

    Two packs, one at Quantisation 20 (default), the other AQ1 (pushed the Quantisation and bitrate further still). Note: AQ2 to 4 is unnecessary. Q20 is REALLY pushing the Quantisation to best levels without having to use AQ. Q20 Bitrate is measured to detail and will achieve in places AQ3 or AQ4 size bitrates without distorting Q so much as before.

    Driftwood 'Cluster' v1 With Orion (AVC Intra adapted) Matrix VBR 'Settings' - Released 9th March 2012 1am

    Stats: Upto 72M 24p, Upto 36M HBR, Upto 36M 720p modes. (*All REC MODES include B frames)

    Driftwood Quantum X (v4d Orion) 'Dark Matter' Matrix Pack + HBR FIX - CBR 'Settings' - Released 18:30pm 06/03/2012

    Details: Featuring the new 'Dark Matter' matrix set (three version variations) based on current Orion Matrix with hi/lo freq adjustments. Plus 720p on 9/6 GOP. AQ is NOT required. This is a constant Q (Q8) CBR setting which performs measurably better than with AQ4 on. All other settings as before. INFO: Orion 4d with Dark Matter matrix pack. Three adjusted matrices to try out, all scaled from perceived HVS Great Quality (v1) to middle of these (v2) and perceived HVS Highest quality (v3). HVS = Human Visual System. This is sharper than the Orion matrix of yore which is still great but many of you wanted to pull out a few extra stops. Let's see if this helps YOU. Only other changes from Orion 4b are GOP Releated, 720p is 9/6 for NTSC/PAL.

    Driftwood Quantum X v5b and v5c 'β Pictoris' (baby Quantum X) VBR & CBR versions 'Settings' - Released 10:30am, 01/03/2012

    INFO: Two versions - 1) CBR constant Bitrate at 75M, 2) VBR Adaptive Bitrate 35-75M

    There are actually four versions (two in each pack CBR/VBR versions) for you to try out of Pictoris, two different matrices - v5b is the new hybrid matrix, v5c is the Orion included matrix. with NEW Driftwood scaled Panasonic GH2 Matrix meets AVC-INTRA Matrix hybrid (somewhere in the middle of Orion matrix meets GH2 Stock matrix) inc;- Settings primed for 50/75M Standard Rec Modes plus additional 25M for Etc Mode, 1080p24 on INTRA 50/75M Standard/75M Etc Mode, 1080i50/60 INTRA 50M /75M Etc Mode, 720p50/60 GOP6/9 40/75M, Standard/75M Etc, MJPEG Highest Quality 1920&720 Mjpeg modes. Good standard SD card recommended

    Two Zip files below contain the settings: Download all packs and try them out:

    Driftwood Quantum X (v4b Orion) CBR 'Settings'- Released 00:15am 28/02/2012

    INFO: Settings include;- Quantum v9b style constant bitrate patch with full AVC-INTRA Matrix ; Requires firmware v1.1 and ptools 3.64d '200212 dated' (*Not compatible with 180212 dated ptools); CBR style 154M INTRA 108024p; CBR style HBR & 1080i INTRA 100M+ Max; CBR Style GOP12(PAL)/GOP15(NTSC) 720p 50/60 - 80+ Max; AVC Intra Matrix all round; GOP related Adjustments for B frames; EX Tele and 80% mode support. SD_Card=V good Class 10; SanDisk Extreme HD Video recommended

    Driftwood Quantum X (v3b Rocket) RC VBR 'Settings' - RC Released 00:15am 28/02/2012

    INFO: Settings include;- Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA on 1080p24 upto 154M; Adaptive Hi Bitrate 25p(50i PsF) upto 100M; Adaptive Hi Bitrate 30p (60i PsF) upto 100M+; Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA 1080i modes upto 100M+; Hi bitrate 720p modes on GOP 12/15 with B frames upto 50M safest; Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1920x1080 (720 compression mode); Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1280x720 (480 compression mode); EX Tele Mode support (will increase bitrate usage by around 20M); 80% on 1080p modes (will increase bitrate usage by around 25M)

    Driftwood Quantum X 'SpanMyBitchUp' v2b - Released 10:15am 25/02/2012

    INFO: Updated version of SpanMyBitchUp.

    Settings include;- Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA on 1080p24 - upto 100M. (* Only for GH2); Adaptive Hi Bitrate 25p(50i PsF) INTRA - upto 100M; Adaptive Hi Bitrate 30p (60i PsF) INTRA - upto 100M; Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA 1080i modes - upto 100M; 720p modes on GOP 6 with B frames - upto 98M; Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1920x1080 (720 compression mode); Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1280x720 (480 compression mode); EX Tele Mode support; 80% on 1080p modes; 24L, 720/1080i FH/H settings on Trick mode (encoder calcs bitrate)

    Driftwood Quantum X (v2 Rocket) 'Settings' - Released 22/02/2012

    INFO: Adaptive bitrate settings. (See attached settings zip file below). Settings include;- Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA on 1080p24 - upto 154M. (* Only for GH2); Adaptive Hi Bitrate 25p(50i PsF) INTRA - upto 100M+; Adaptive Hi Bitrate 30p (60i PsF) INTRA - upto 120+; Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA 1080i modes - upto 120+; 720p modes on GOP 6 with B frames - upto 98M; Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1920x1080 (720 compression mode); Highest Quality tested MJPEG on 1280x720 (480 compression mode); EX Tele Mode support; 80% on 1080p modes; AVC INTRA Matrix on I Frame coding with Flat 16 Matrix on P/B frames

    These settings are dedicated to VK @Vitaliy_Kiselev (master in control) and Chris Brandin @cbrandin (thee font of information).


    Orion 4b with AVC Intra
    Sedna Pack AQ1
    Sedna Pack Q20
    SpanMyBitchUp (SMBU)
    β Pictoris with Hybrid
    β Pictoris with Orion
    Driftwood Cluster v2a NTSC -
    Driftwood Cluster v2b PAL and NTSC -
    Cluster v2c FINAL 6 GOP -
    Driftwood Cluster v2d with hi quality 2K mjpeg -
    Cluster v2e -6 GOP - with in cam pback and 2k mjpeg -
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  • Q. Where do I get firmware v1.11 and ptools 3.65d?

    A. All the neccessary links are available here at top of page 1:

    Q. How do I load Quantum settings & firmware v1.11 into ptools 3.65d?

    A. See below - its simple.

    1. simply make a new folder on a pc call it 'Quantum'.

    2. Depending on which camera you own do the following;-

    GH2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GH2 firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    GF2 Users: Copy Panasonics official GF2 firmware v1.11 (GF2__V11.bin) into that folder. (You can download this firmware from Panasonics offical site at

    3. Download latest ptools v3.65d 200212 from the 'ptools 3.65d' thread link ( and copy that into the folder too.

    4. Download the Quantum patches (white looking documents found at the bottom of this section) and unzip them to the Quantum folder.

    5. NOW run ptools, then load the firmware v1.11 (GH2__V11.bin for GH2 users or GF2__V11.bin for GF2 users) when it asks, now you'll see Rocket and Orion settings highlighted in Green (hover mouse over B and G buttons) click on either, whichever you wanna try.

    6. One youve selected your fav' Quantum patch then click on SAVE FIRMWARE button and save the patched firmware to your sdcard naming it higher than the original GH2__V11.bin (GF2__V11.bin for GF2) firmware (makes sense yeah!) for example 'GH2__V12.bin' (GF2__V12.bin for GF2) when asked.

    7. Load the new firmware from the sdcard to your camera by inserting sdcard, switch on camera, press the green-marked triangular 'Play' button once, Answer yes, to update your firmware. Note: Make sure youve got a fully charged battery before doing this update.

    8. Done! Film away! *Please note you WILL NOT see any cosmetic changes in the menu system of the camera - but rest assured, the Quantum settings are all loaded & working hidden, under the bonnet of the camera ;-)

    HOW TO PUT IT BACK TO STOCK SETTINGS AGAIN? You can always go back to stock settings by simply UNCHECKING all the boxes in ptools (or by clicking any unused red button, A to J)and saving the edited firmware back to your sdcard and reupdating. Easy.

    All basic and beginners questions about the hack can be found here

  • *** NEWS ****

    VY Canis Majoris Day AM released this weekend. 'Green' to follow.

    Cluster v2.... OUT NOW!!!!

    Cluster v2d Graphs:

    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP all round - 24p graph.png
    1298 x 671 - 75K
    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP all round - HBR25p graph.png
    1294 x 687 - 86K
    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP - 720p50p static graph.png
    1290 x 679 - 86K
    Cluster v2c PAL and NTSC 6 GOP - HBR 30p moving graph.png
    1291 x 677 - 85K
  • Hi, this is a beginner question, but maybe someone can help, honestly I do not know the difference between mosquito noise and sensor noise, can someone post image examples, so I can train my eye. Thank you for the help. Looking forward to Canis Majoris and Cluster...thank you @Driftwood

  • i hope Canis Majoris can span (on 64gb SDXC at least). I'm sure I'm missing something, but it feels like there's only extreme (3-4min) patches or long record sacrificed patches – anything in the 10-15minutes reliability area that I've not caught?

  • @kingmixer ? All the new patches span on the 95mb 64 g sandisk card at 24p other than mystery burst. Are you referring to other modes?

  • next week (12 april till 16 april) I'll shoot a shorty. Stil thinking about which hack I'm going to use. On this moment I have Sedna A Q20 on it.

  • this is my latest video with a modified patch from driftwood. ask me for more info. GH2 hyperprime 12mm 3200 iso color -2 nostalgic mode

  • @conscius That remains one of (if not "the") highest quality patches at the moment. Stick with it for the short if you appreciate it already because ti takes time to test and appreciate the subtle nuances of each patch. If you are going to try another patch, and your only concern is the highest quality, then feel free to try Mysteron as well. But as far as Sedna Q20 vs AQ1, it is a personal preference with no reason to change if you have settled on the look of one vs the other.

    I shot the "singing" and "flower" shots in the "Prayer of Light" music video up at with Sedna AQ1 C (for a slightly softer look than A). I shot martial arts exhibition matches a few days later with Mysteron. I am still testing Mysteron and would use Sedna on paid work until I have more time to test it fully.

    @Driftwood is continually raising the bar and has long since earned my admiration - at this point it is hard to go wrong with his high quality patches. The reason Mysteron is getting a longer testing period than usual is because Sedna is fantastic and because Mysteron has been presented as an expewrimental setting.

  • @pop25 any additional info on that modified version of patch? I am impressed with the lack of shaking. you got steady hands?

  • Any plans for a "baby" mysteron?

  • The next time I get a chance to do some testing, would people prefer:

    • More highest bitrate testing (Sedna vs Mysteron vs Mysteron Burst vs Stills Mode)


    • Sub 100 mbps testing (SpanMyBU v2 vs SpanMyBU v1 Picturis vs Cluster with bitrates listed)


    • Various non Driftwood patches vs select Driftwood patches

    Please let me know.

  • The other option would be to revisit SeAQuake and Quantum v9b vs Sedna and Mysteron.

    Basically let me know what would be most useful. I will compare up to 4 settings.

  • @liquidify You got the Orion v4B and/or Sedna A AQ1 to span? How long?

  • I voted Sub 100mbps. I feel like it would be important to know which settings span, under which circumstances, using which SD cards so that we can make an intelligent choice for shots lasting longer than 4 minutes. Thanks for offering these tests.

  • @thepalalias Hard decision.. The third: Various non Driftwood patches vs select Driftwood patches Thanks for your offering! It´s good to have any more "scientific" comparison..

  • Okay, so we have one vote for a sub 100mbps spanning test and one vote for Driftwood vs other comparison test. Keeping track. :)

  • @kingmixer they span until my 64gigs runs out. I don't think this is unusual.

    @thpalalias I personally like the HQ tests because usually when I am recording at lower bitrates I just don't care about image quality as much as the file size. The high bit rate tests are nice because all the newest patches are so good. I tend to think of everything in terms of what is best for specific situation, but i am still learning what is best for what. Its hard to know. Conclusions I have come to are In low light AQ1 is choice. In medium light outdoors with good color i like q20, and beyond that I have no idea. Mysterion looks nice but just hasn't given me motivation to switch yet.

  • Just as heads up, while I will be happy to test Sedna vs other patches, I am really burnt out on AQ1 VS q20 testing (the night before they were released I did hundreds of tests and I have done many more since). I will do either Q20 or AQ1 but not both. :)

  • Here's some nonsense from yesterday using Mysteron...

    I did primitive curves adjustments in Magic Bullet Looks (not shown in the video) and it held up well. No unexpected issues in "grading."

    The "timelapse" at the end was done in ExTele mode -- and it spanned.

    This could be imaginary -- but I feel like I'm seeing less "fake" detail in Mysteron than in Sedna Wide. Again, this could be imaginary -- so ignore it if the comment is especially stupid.

    Overall I like the look of Mysteron -- but -- at this point we're seriously pixel peeping. Sedna is outstanding, and Mysteron may also be outstanding.

    Also, a few days back I filmed a nearly dark room at ISO 3200 with that Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 using Mysteron. I raised the midtones and shadows with a levels adjustment, and then applied Neat Video. The footage was stunning -- entirely usable. My thought is that the results from Neat Video are superior on these files because they're less compressed -- and because of the higher native detail of the GH2. Meaning, AVCHD anything is so very, very compressed that it creates issues with Neat Video, and other cameras like the 5Dm2 or HVX200 have such weak resolution that noise reduction software softens soft images -- resulting in "mud."

  • @thepalalias Best GOP3 patches vs driftwoods GOP1 to see the differences, if any discernible in actual images. And post grabs unlabeled and see if people can tell. Really like some of the GOPzilla Stuff or the new GOLGOP. I think it would be a good test.

  • I've been using Mysteron on a Class 10 card and it has been perfect. No problems. Camera settings are -2-2-1-1 Please dont call me a pixel peeper, but just have a look at the details when really zooming in. black and white was from Da Vinci, the color is from the camera.

    Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 20.40.25.png
    407 x 268 - 11K
    Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 20.40.17.png
    184 x 139 - 7K
  • @thepalalias I'd second JPB1138s call to shoot @bkmcwds GOLGOP setting against the GOP1s, either the stock matrix version or the current version with the Sedna A matrix

  • LOL @tak ! That's not pixel peeping mate, that's sub-quanta-peeping...yer big freak! :-D

  • Okay that makes two for low to large GOP vs Intra. :)

  • @JPB1138 I was using GOP3ZILLA for a while, but was not happy with the HBR (25fps), the reason I tried it. I am happy with Mysteron, but using it with 24p. I have given up on HBR and now just convert to 25. : ( Of course that's not a fair test for Mysteron. I owe it to bkmcwds to try the patch at 24p.

    @itimjim I would love to to do a quantum scan of just the one pixel. Maybe next time I am at CERN we can get pixels from Mysteron, GOP3ZILLA, the Sedna A matrix into the Hadron Collider and smash them with protons (or lead nuclei) and then analyze the possibility of supersymmetry in the various patches.

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