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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 4: Cluster v2, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion...etc...
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  • thepalalias please include cake 2.1 in test. popular patch with lower bitrate to compare with best

  • @onionbrain Not nonsense, cool footage, or cool information. Nice movements. I have been working with Mysteron but seem to be having problems with Premiere Pro. Shooting on the street, Stop light, Sodium Vapor, Halide Lamps, incandescent etc... The color shifts are incredible. The overall ambiance is...... interesting. Trying to get something clean onto Vimeo, but the resulting encoding is shit at best and losing to much detail. suggestions before I make and attempt at posting

  • @onionbrain Great shots and keep looking at Mysteron. I'm following your tests pretty closely. I've decided I just can't live with the short clips from burst but I'm liking Mysteron more all the time.

  • @onionbrain That's an outstanding video. I love the theme of it as well as the images. Reminds me of my pretty derelict house which I currently own, awaiting some work (that house was someone else's dream from long ago...)

  • @thepalalias I'd like to see more gop1 vs gop 3 comparison testing.

  • For those who say they use Driftwoods 24H Sedna or Mysteron on Sandisk 30 and 45 Mb/s cards, I'd like to hear what your shooting.

    On dashboard of car driving 30-35 mph, I can get a full 4 GB file about 75% of the time. On steadicam walking amongst flowers, trees and bushes, I get about 1 1/2 minutes or so before write error. Have 2 camera and 3 cards from B&H and Adorama, so they are authentic. Format often so not sure what else I can do.

  • @thepalalias. I would vote for GOP1 vs longer GOPs specially when it comes to 720p60, 1080i60 and HBR.

  • @jfro You may want to mention your lens, picture profile and ISO settings to get a more thorough response. :)

  • Okay, so the long GOP vs GOP1 test seems to be a big question for people. That is now at the top of the list.

    So GolGOP and Cake vs Sedna and SpanMyBUv2? Or do people have 4 other patches they would prefer?

  • And are people more interested in 50P or 60P? I have to-format the cards each time I switch.

  • I vote 60P

  • Okay, that's 1 for 60P (or two if we count Zaven13's vote before I framed the question). :)

  • Okay, so the way I see it the possible GOP>1 options to test are Sanity 4.1, Cake 2.1, golGOP and Flowmotion. Am I missing any other one that people are curious about?

  • thepalalias. I vote for 50p

  • @peternap Thanks, my friend. As far as I'm concerned -- Sedna is more than good enough for prime time. I've already used it for production purposes. I've only played with Mysteron on the side -- and -- it's also been outstanding. Barring unknown technical glitches with Mysteron -- I'd be confident to take either on a shoot.

    @Mark_the_Harp Thank you. Yes, exactly. The house was built in 1909, and when you get close to it you can see it was someone's dream home built with love. It's been abandoned for decades -- a calendar on a wall I saw through a window read "January 1978."

    @exilenorth Thank you.

    If you're having problems with Premiere -- there's a darn good chance the issue is with your hardware. Premiere has become damn good these past few years -- and I've never had an issue with these hacked GH2 files and Premiere.

    Regarding export (doing this from memory), I export directly from Premiere ("export-media"). Choose H.264, and then select the "HDTV 1080 24p" preset (again, I'm doing this from memory, so allow for some inaccuracies). There are tabs in the center of the window. On the one with video options, select the frame rate of 23.976 (the default is 24, and there's a difference), set aspect ratio to square pixels (default is something else), set the profile to "high." Beneath that select variable 2 pass encoding (the default is 1 pass, and 1 pass is faster but can get ugly). I think, think, the default target is 24 Mbps. For Vimeo if you go above 10 you get stuttering issues. I think, think, Vimeo requests 3 Mbps. At the very bottom there are three boxes that can be checked. Absolutely check "best quality," and leave the other two boxes un-checked ("use previews" and I forgot the third one). These are the essentials for 24p encoding from your GH2. You can mess with audio bitrate -- but the above should do the trick.

  • @Onionbrain For what it's worth, this one was 5 mbps (plus another 1.4 mbps for audio).

    I think Vimeo may have given a warning while uploading, but I haven't had anyone mention playback issues as of yet. The original upload was 12 mbps 1080P but Joanna's account did not support the extra resolution so I re-converted and re-uploaded before posting here last night.

  • Hi @jfro I'm using mysteron on a Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s 32GB from B&H - Have tested (trees & bushes) and real shots with movement (driving shots) only used it on with the 14-42 (it's my wider lens). Got shots over 3 minutes.. never a writing error. Have used 24h, 30HBR & 60p.

    I got errors on 80%. I like it more than sedna because with sedna I basically couldn't use 60p. Only 50p worked fine.

  • @onionbrain great footage,grading and most important-story : ) i was distracted by it away from my pixel peeping...and maybe there is a lesson to be learned from this ; ) btw, what do you use for this smoooooooth movements?

  • @luxis I was wondering the same thing. It looks like a slider but no jerk.

  • Today I was using 14-24 at 14 at f8. I was using 14-140 on my other came at 14mm at f8 also for a comparison while driving. For Sedna B, ISO was 200, 24p, & shutter at 50 with smooth -2 -2 -2. Everything manual. Sunny dat with variable ND filter on lens.

    I realize that everything is in focus as this point, so that's part of the problem.

    @YOSS When driving with same settings, the majority of time I'm not getting failures, it's mainly walking through gardens and bushes with the steadicam. That's sort of my torture test. I have a failure last year on a slider shot on a job during the time when trees are blooming with the sun overhead. Don't like failures in field so try not to use settings that aren't very very reliable. Don't have much problem with talking head shots, but..... outside is a different story.

  • @thepalalias Great job on that!

    @luxis Thanks! Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly with Electra Drive. Photo attached.

    900 x 600 - 152K
  • @jfro. -I did a test on Mysteron 24h (14mm / f8 / shutter higher than 150 / standard 0,0,0,-2) i always format the card after inserting it on the cam. Moving the cam on buches & trees. I manually stopped after 3 minutes & something.

    On the iso test I only got a speed error over 3200 I think.

    I use standard 0,0,0,-2 because I usually don't grade. I shot stock footage with the GH2. So no compromises with clients. Have not used it yet on productions.

    Your smooth could be the issue due to it's higher "latitude" & noise.

    I'll do another test Monday or tuesday walking, over trees / bushes trying to span.. I'll let you know.

  • @driftwood, I thought I saw two new files?

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