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PTool v3.65d topic
  • PTool v3.65d released

    1. You'll need to download firmware from

    2. StreamParser by Chris Brandin as help tool to analyse AVCHD streams -

      Other good idea is also use trial version of Elecard StremEye -

    3. Remember that Testers section patches are for testers. Use simple bitrate patches.

    4. How can I make encoder hold better in low detailed scenes? Use Auto Quantizer patches.

    5. How to update firmware:

      • Load your camera firmware, see 1. how to get it.
      • Check all necessary patches, Version increment must be always checked.
      • Save firmware. Just change last digit to any number you want.
      • Copy firmware to root of SD card. Fully charge you battery. Do not even attempt to use AC coupler!
      • Power off your camera if it was on.
      • Power on camera. After this press (not hold) green play button.
      • You'll see hourglass and prompt to update.
      • Press down arrow and after this Menu/set.
      • Wait until upgrade will be completed.
    6. How to provide reports in this topic?

      • Post here only problems and questions about new patches. For all else we have special topics.
      • Use systematic approach (one-two changes at a time with careful thinking).
      • Shift-Click on round button in PTool to save your particular settings.
      • Attach here settings with detailed observation + MediaInfo screenshot + StreamParser screenshot in case of troubles.
    7. Read FAQs at

    8-999. Reserved.

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  • Announcment about BT (Big Thing) will follow in next few days.

  • BT? The musician... ;-D

    Any 'cryptic' hints?

  • Wow, already a new version. Awesome. Can't wait to hear about BT.

  • @Vitaliy Any clue about BT?

  • Can't wait to hear more!!!

  • GH2 Added Recording limit patch

    Hoping that this is just a "Small Thing" - not that it isn't very welcome.

  • Vitaliy is made Chief Technical Advisor to Panny Camera Divison! Either that or Brian Transeau is going to remix the hidden slide show tracks in the GH2.

    EDIT And the joke's on me - I was right! (sort of)

  • Very curious though... I hope they managed to hack the film modes / custom curves / LUT profiles @crisbrandin has been really silent the last months so I hope his new settings stuff drops.


    GF3: Initial release with features identical to GH2, except 24p support Note! In GF3 GOP for 720p25 and 1080p25 must be the identical, same for 720p30 and 1080p30.

    GF2: Added Recording limit patch

    GH2 Added Recording limit patch

    General: Few fixes

  • BT? let's the "betting season" begin... GH3? uncompressed hdmi out?

  • Voice activated focus pull on m43 lenses? "Closer..." "Wait! Pull back!" "Enhance grid 1138" Perfect for us wedding shooters when we get tired during a ceremony! Or the other way around: They've turned the GH2 into a Theremin!

  • BT: It would be an inminent announcement about GH3..))

  • Let's think outside the body box. The next big thing would be... lens hacking????

  • mmm maby 10bit or color profiles, or a good real 25p
    or a extra menu for changing some patch settings

  • @mozes No, 10bit Vitaliy already said it's impossible. Probably gh3 or hdr

  • I should have a chance to download tonight, but what is the recording limit patch? Does it let you set a time limit for a recording? Or is it a patch to keep the card from trying to span? Or something else?

  • Does it let you set a time limit for a recording?

    Yep. It is only useful for very high bitrate patches that fail to span to protect footage and be sure that camera stops properly.

  • @thepalalias

    It allows the camera to fail gracefully if it cannot span. You cannot use the 30 minute time limit patch with it though.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    It wasn't clear in the notes. Does the new Ptool allow manual video mode for the GF3? Also the GF3 still lacks the 1080p 80% slow motion, 720p @ 60 FPS, true 1080i/60, and ETC modes of the GH2, right? If you added those in then BRAVO to you. If not then still a great job. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Pay no attention to my previous comments, I was merely trying to be funny. So on a more serious note: We are probably getting continous light from the flash, finally turning the GH2 into a proper videocamera.

  • @oscillian I laughed so hard at your first comment. It was necessary!

  • If it could make 3rd party battery shown level. That would be Beer Time for BT :=)

  • Sometimes you wonder that even small thinks like this can find convinient and not at first sight thought applications.

    Time limit for extreme settings, time limit for timelapsers, what else ..... you will see soon that there will come more if enough creative people think about it.

  • So what could BT be. Jello, no way must be hardware base, limited by sensor readout. We already have higher bitrate, so a no. So whats left to hack. Film mode would be a big one with flatter profile for example for bigger DR. A function to set the I-dynamic that is useless in its current implementation, again for more DR. Hack of the 1 second 40 fps 4 megapixel mode to longer time or continuously at 24 fps. Clean HDMI with true 4.2.2 . Ha ha ha should stop here, I am getting crazy.

  • Maybe enabled video mode for 3D lens ? ..... I know ..... I know that would be only for a very small target group and really for fun only but I would be happy :D

  • Full refunds maybe?

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