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PTool v3.65d topic
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  • BIG big like record at 1000 fps for super slow motion?! I know it is not..

  • 4:4:4, 1080 60p, 720 120p, P-LOG.

  • Big... BIG means that driftwood and vitaly are getting married. Can I come to the wedding? I promise I won't bring a toaster?

  • @liquidify If Driftwood and Vitaliy were getting married, at least they would have a ton of wedding photographers all using GH2s.

  • If this is as big as Nick is saying, so it must be more than the picture profile. For me flatter picture profile with more DR would be the best thing. But I guess for many 4k or higher resolution would be really the big thing. I always thought about the 4 megapixel 40 fps jpeg would be a way to get some higher resolution out of this camera. A 24 fps mode like this would really be big and not to the gh2 community, like the picture profile, but to the whole camera world. A 4 megapixel pristine jpeg base in a $ 700 camera would be an earth quake.

  • the biggest thing would be to have the GH2 encode its MTS files into fullswing (instead of studio swing). Most likely this would eliminate all the banding issues... IMHO

  • Nick, Vitaliy and Chris have been rather quiet lately, so it has to be something collaborative amongst them, rather than something outside of ptools, as in let's say a Panny endorsement. Oh, and let go of the conspiracy theory regarding 1st of april, the seem far too busy for shenanigans! Anyway, really exciting times!

  • Woh, i just got a PM, It's BiG all right ... You'll be astonished!!

  • @rambo Pink GH2? Finally!

  • B-frames I-frames... G-frames?

  • Okay, all this waiting and speculating is starting to drive me a little crazy hah. Don't know if it is/isn't an April fools joke. I'm going to do my best to stay off of Personal View until Sunday and see what happens. If something BIG is announced though, can someone please PM me so I can jump back on Personal-View? Hah. Hopefully it is something as big as I've built it up to be in my head.

  • Does anyone know what happened to that guy who pulled the scam on the T2i getting 5K and what not over a year ago? Did he get lynched in public or what?

  • @rambo a virus named PM caught you! LOL

  • Yes, I see it, the gh2 does 4k, or 10/12 bit or whatever extraordinary thing and announced on April 1st. Everybody says a joke dishes etc. and it the end it is true. hahaha true VK.

  • GH3 special prize and pre-ordered for P-V member would be a BT

  • there is no such thing as april fools in Spain... we have something similar for nov 28.. so it would not be fair doing it to me

  • arg arg argar garahahagaoizjrpoipiuguygoijuè!y à&è!t"t§èè§r ygftyhujjuikn (face on keyboard from excitement)

  • Fulgencio es el 28 de diciembre. Santos Inocentes

  • @paglez es cierto! en cualquier caso lo de abril no vale con nosotros

  • I'm hoping for picture profiles. Flatter more room for grading would be pretty sweet to experiment without losing quality we currently have. I just think with resolution and the smoother motion of all-I patches, flatter settings would round out the cinematic tools.

    NOW if it could be something bigger I would be all for it, but I'm sure some things are just impossible, like 444 RAW output. but hey we can dream.

  • If we had access to start developing our own firmware alongside Panasonic firmware (a la Magic Lantern) along with custom profiles (a la Flaat/marvelscine/CineStyle) now that really would be BIG.

  • I have a feeling we have to take this the literal way, like a big, BIG matte box or something :) I'm not expecting more GH2 magic... but maybe another camera? What's with the secrecy anyways, not a good way to prepare people for eventual disappointments ;)

    Who am I kidding, I'm dreaming too...for something BIG (and I'm not talking about my penis rolleyes)

  • It's just going to be April fools stuff... you guys are crazy!

  • did you ever noticed that best and most interesting stuff gets announced or relased every first of april? mm....

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