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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • What is interesteing:

    In Foto-Mode, ISO12800 makes the Picture violet/purple. In Video mode it doesn't.

    greches Video seems Noise-Reduced in Post-Production. Isn't it?

    When you need really bad Noise, you go to ISO 12800, overexpure by +3 (gives you ISO 25600).
    Then NR -2 and Ex Tele Conversion ....

    You can use this as a random Number Generator (from the color).
  • @arvidtp @greeches That music is great! But maybe we really need "porno" type music for all this high-ISO porn!!
  • @mudmojo I tested again tonight, this time with the EX SH mode as well. I managed to get frequent card speed errors on the 16GB Delkin UHS-1 (80MB/s write and higher read speed, unless I'm mistaken).

    All the other modes were stable, with the following caveat: if I got a write speed error using EX SH mode (and like you, these ocurred at almost any ISO as long as the ISO limit was disabled) then I sometimes needed to turn off the camera because I would start getting errors in other modes. Once I turned off the camera and back on again, the other modes seemed to function predictably again.

    Anyone else having issues with EX SH mode or is it card specifc?
  • No post production other than exporting as a wmv and whatever youtube does in their recompression. The original file is remarkebly clean.
  • thepalalias-> last night I was shooting the Moon (Aquarius v2., Sandisk Extr. 30MB/s, Canon FD 200mm) and everytime I tried using SH 720p50 I got a card error after 1-2 seconds (tested on 3 Sandisk cards). Funny enough, I could use EX SH for about 3-4 minutes before I got the same error. That's strange since both modes USUALLY work fine with Aquarius when shooting 'normal' (and probably much more demanding) stuff.
  • @brudney That's interesting. I wonder if the fact that you're shooting at p50 and I'm at p60 makes any difference? Either way, odd for it to be reversed like that. I'll try it on my SanDisk 32GB 45MB/s next time.
  • i also have many errors with 720 50p (only in this mode)... in Sandisk 16GB 30Mb/sec.... why s that ?
  • seems fine so far here in 720p60 Ex Tele and normal, both 32Mbits and 20Mbits (using a modified cbrandin's 44M patch with the "low" bitrates set down lower for spanning safety)

    Except that once i had, in all 720p60 modes, a strange sluggishness to the informational display while shooting that definitely was not there before the ISO hack. for instance if I turn the dial for aperture or shutter speed or manual focus while shooting, it takes around 1 or 2 sec for the info on the display to update… but - now its gone after a camera reboot - works fine now. what the hell?
  • Hi Guys,
    Where can i find more moderate patches for 3.63d?
  • Two suggestions for inclusions on the PTools download page ...

    Can somebody please create a simple Excel table that shows comparison of hacks/patches and how they affect functions in different cameras? For instance, my head is swimming trying to work out basics of (a) original GH2 specs v. GH2 functions that have been successfully upgraded (b) whether recent patches are applicable to all video modes in the GH2 (b) which hacks are stable, in testing or in development(and by who?). The Version History page ( only goes part way to providing this info and cannot be easily skimmed and assimilated. The Beginners FAQ page ( helps a bit but many of the answers can be out-dated very quickly. The Excel document can be the central overview perhaps????

    As a GH2 newcomer, I would also love to also see a Tutorial video walking us through installing the hack software. Basic stuff including definition of patches, GOP, AQ and other jargon! I am happy to collaborate on doing the Excel sheet but can't do the tute video. Victoria, Australia
  • Hi @cp_from_oz - I'm from SA.

    Please re-post this in
    Your questions can be answered there.
  • @OSGondar this info is already at the beginning of this topic...
  • @OSGondar Vitaliy may remove your link.
  • @alcomposer @driftwood

    This is a witch hunt! i was just replying to the comments i read on some of the pages here, did not see it was added to the thread info, and besides i posted one of the earliest how to's on this same site. The "hehe" was in reference to that haven't you read other threads? ( a while back) I found it silly people are STILL asking for tutorials so i posted again. no need to reply to this reply btw i'm not getting into a thing here (too common the last few months) if it gets removed w.e, that's that, thanks. the new guys are downers =(
  • I'm afraid the thread title is too general and makes newbies post here instead of the beginner's thread. I'd suggest to Vitaliy a thread where only he can post to inform about new versions – just like Jim Jannard under "Recon" does…
  • @nomad I suggested to VK to have a NOOB-ANYTHING GOES thread... and put it on the first page permanent (as important)
  • Extremely impressed with the work so far.

    One thing I would like to see is a preset split between "24H" being super-high quality (like Driftwoods) and "24L" being the standard Panasonic settings. Is something along those lines possible? Basically I love using hacks on important shoots but don't want to have to muck around with settings and cards when I just want to film every-day type stuff.
  • @brudney: same thing for me..
    Not sure I formatted the card in the camera before shooting though (and I didn't want to loose the stuff I had shot).. I did 24p ex-tele without problems with the same Lunar subject. And 720p50 has worked ex-tele before.
  • @ Jester504
    +1. Great idea!
  • @jester504
    If i understand you correctly you want a setting that allows you to keep a high bitrate patch for 24H along with the standard 16mbit of 24L.

    I believe that's already possible. Just leave 24L settings blank next time you make a patch.

    maybe I'm wrong as I'm not taking low GOP into consideration....
  • Does the ratio thing, that 24L must not be below about 2/3 of high setting (if I remember right) does not apply anymore with new Ptools?
  • @Meierhans - good question. It appears not to anymore - i'm currently using a patch where 24H = 44Mbit and 24L = 26Mbit (highest i can get with reliable spanning on my card) and it seems to work fine - but have not done super extensive testing yet. But i'd like others who've done more teasing to weigh in on that.
  • which is the highest bitrate with safe and reliable spanning ?
    I have 16GB SD sandisk extreme 30Mb/sec ....
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