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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • for me it was 26Mbit for 1080p24 modes and 20Mbit for 720p/1080i modes - with a Patriot class 10 32GB card. Tested by reducing datarate by 2Mbit each time until it spanned over 3 files properly wen shooting leaves blowing in wind @ small aperture, high shutter speed and good focus.
  • @TOXOTIS70, ARVIDTP, ETC see discussion on LOW GOP thread. AQuamotion spans fine -- 100 mbit -- at least with Sandisk Extreme. Kae's old 3.61 66mb GOP3 spans on even cheap class 10 cards.
  • where can i find them ?

    never mind... i found them.
  • Hi everybody!

    My report contribution:
    I use a 16G Sandisk extreme HD 30Mb/sec Class10 UHS-I and with suggested values of ptools software (30min lim, ISO and PAL/NTSC + AVCHD only changed) i have aleatory write error recording in SH setting, H is ok.
  • @Etb and others who are new, sorry, I should have been more clear -- sandisk extreme, not sandisk UHS-1 -- the 45 mbt UHS-1 seems to work okay, but not the 30 for high bit rate. Really, the only card I trust is the good old class 10 extreme (sorry, I know this is off topic a bit just trying to save everyone some $$ on cards that don't work). Here's the card that hasn't failed me yet:
  • @JDN Thanks for the precision.
    I'm not really new, just discrete :)
    I have follow the advice of the sandisk extreme topic of VK. But maybe it's obsolete with these new suggested settings... Maybe i'll just lowering my encoding.
  • No issues here with the 32gig HD VIDEO Sandisk Extreme (UHS-1) newest card. Buy it now- or wait to find out all the fun we will have testing the 95Mb Sandisk (My money is on it being the same as the 32gig HD Video) :..(
  • OK so something wrong in my settings..?

    @alcomposer : what do you use? Preset, suggested value, or personal?
  • Any medium (66-88mbs) patches for ptools 3.63 available?
  • After several tests, I have to say that Vitaliy 3.63 patch with seAQuake Driftwood settings it's absolutely perfect. No noise at high ISOs. No strobbing effects with pan shots in 24 P. Clean pictures. For me TEN absolutely. Dear Driftwood, now next target would be spanning. In this case, Vitaliy and Driftwood for oscar!!!!
  • The great thing about seAQuake is its intense use of the encoders to provide great QP - and on the initial frame - which sets up the reference for the rest of the recording. It sure looks special. I'm saddened that people are having problems with 1080i and 720p as I'm geting some rather spectacular results with my new settings. If you have card issues, lower your frame limit for 50fps or 60fps taking off a few thousand at a time until it stabilises.

    Now with spanning, here's one for the great mathmaticians. I just used Panasonic's utility 'Restore AVCCAM' which recovered a first recording on the card 00000.mts which had failed to span to... wait for it... 8.59 Gb!!!! A strange anomolity or is there more to what is going on than we know on the Panny seafloor!? I mean 639mbps is like a UFO flying out of the water...

    btw The recording looks fucking amazing.
    639Mbps 8.59 mts file after restore.png
    984 x 828 - 113K
  • I hope I am posting under the right topic.I am sorry if what you are going to read will sound foolish. I am new to GH2 and to filming. I bought the Gh2 a few days ago and unders suggestion of a friend I used Ptool 3.63. I selected all the suggested values. Now I don't know if this is normal or a problem due to wrong camera setting or a firmware problem (related to the selected settings) but I have this terrible flare effect clearly visible in my video. Any suggestion? Again sorry if this is not the right forum topic.

    Here is the video
  • Driftwood:
    For me, the first one of your settings is 24p H mode. And I repeat: It's marvellous. After twenty five years of video recordings (from Betamovie to EX1) I have to say that GH2 little wonder (with vitaliy and Driftwood great help) is the BEST ONE.
    Thanks Vitaliy and Driftwood and very sorry for my poor english
  • @matte81, the problem is that your shutter speed doesn't match the mains frequency in your country. A lot of lighting runs directly off the mains frequency, ie. it actually flickers at 50Hz (Europe) or 60Hz (US, Japan?). If the shutter speed isn't a clean multiple of that, it will cause this type of interference. For 50Hz try 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100, for 60Hz 1/30, 1/60, 1/120.

    Note that some lights are driven at different or higher frequencies, so always check during recording (or better yet by playing back a short take).
  • @_gl thank you!!

    Anyway maybe at this point this is not the right topic. Sorry about that. I posted in Basic questions, hope someone will reply there.
  • matte, he just answered it. It's a topic seen with every camera. shutter speed vs electrical freq.
  • @driftwood WTF? Was the file ok on the card after restore? Did you open the file in Streamparser? (don't get me this excited- spanning would be the bomb for this cam- SD cards will get bigger- so no issue with size)
    What- already 120gig?
  • Gus, remember this is topic about new settings only.
  • @Proaudio4, I posted in Basic other two questions that I don't know if are related to how I used ptool 3.63 or with the camera itself. Too basic to discuss them here probably.
    Thank you
  • Sorry Vitaliy, I'm just amazed by this setting !
  • Hi Vitaliy, is it possible to have this on the G2 aswell?

  • >is it possible to have this on the G2 aswell?

    I don't know what you mean here.
  • oh sorry, i meant the High ISO unlock for video?
  • @Driftwood Would you say that your SeAQuake setting under 3.63D is the best one you have come up with yet? I am liking the reAquainted setting but I'm thinking of giving seAQuake a shot. I'm actually less interested in high ISO (anything above 3200) and more interested in achieving the following:
    - Cleanest footage at 1080P 24fps (that's all I use the camera for)
    - Smoothest looking motion. Doesn't have to look like film exactly just smooth, artifact free movement. No strobing other than typical 24 frame stuff
    - Detail
    - Noise that is pleasing, yet easy to remove in post if need be.
    - spanning (I can deal if this is not possible at high bitrate. I just make sure takes are under 4 minutes)

    Three things that currently frustrate me with the camera are:
    - ISO Bug (I assume not fixed in 3.63D)
    - Gamma bug on monitoring
    - Ghosting flares (not solvable by firmware :-) )

    Curious to hear your feedback on what patch currently fits that description best utilizing 3.63D
  • @smsjr in theory seaquake will give you best pictures as it makes use of the encoder better. Used correctly, its certainly the cleanest yet.
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