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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • @driftwood That's great. Thank you. When you say used correctly, I'm guessing you are referring to exposed correctly right? Great job!
  • After AQUAMOTION ver 2, next project is mjpeg for Driftwood. :-)
  • @driftwood, there's an AQUAMOTION ver 2? can you point me to where it's at?
  • It'll be out tonight.
  • Sweet! Looking forward to it ;-)
  • @driftwood

    you think the detail of the MJPEG can be improved?
  • @johnnym who knows...? ...maybe!
    AQuamotion version 2 @HillTop1 can be found on the patches site.
  • This is probably a terrible question, but when I click on the link to download PTool ( my browser just spins and spins, but I can't download the file. Does this happen to anyone else?
  • @driftwood- thanks for your latest AQuamotion v2 patch, Finally a setting the span's. Its not as good as seAQuake but honestly its worth the compromise.
  • @driftwood, cheers for the SpanMyBitchUp patch, wicked to have optimised bit rates that still span :)

    I reckon I will settle on using this one.
    I have just applied it and I'm trying it out in 24H cinema mode at the mo, it has just ticked past 15 mins with no problems on my 32gb sanddisk extreme pro 45mb card :)

    superb work Driftwood and Vitaliy
  • Driftwood's latest SeaQuake + MPEG Timelapse settings
  • @ Hallvalla, I can't spot the difference between that one and the original, have you uploaded the original driftwood one ?
  • Sorry - here you go:
  • @ Hallvalla, cheers for that, I can now work out what to add to the SpanMyBitchUp settings :)
  • Yes, I'm looking forward to testing driftwood's new settings out this weeekend.

    Also, the great thing is these are all 24H GOP1 ! So, even if you're using SpanMyBitchUp and like what you see in a static shot, it will be of the same quality for each motion frame.

  • @Driftwood your Spanbybitchup patch is amazing. I've got a band shoot tomorrow including some backstage footage to get, and this is just the dog's nuts. With my f1.4 Nikon at 6400 or 12800 it's amazing, plus I notice with GOP1, Neat NR seems to work a lot better. Maybe because the noise is more even in size than the slightly clumpy noise which I have had before at high ISO. I have avoided low gop stuff up till now but it's such a great look for what I need to do for my backstage / onstage footage.

    I've modified it to provide 44m / 66m so I have the choice (at 44m it will record on a 16 gig card for 46mins which will be great for our gig as we've organised the music in 45min chunks), plus the 2fps MJPEG hack to do some timelapse of the setup in the hall. Thank you a million times!!
  • @Driftwood wow spanning at that high a bitrate! gonna have to test this one! Just curious - how did you get spanning to work - was it just trying until you got the right lucky combination of settings, or is there a method to it?

    Looks like this would get you about an hour of 24H on a 32 GB card. Ideally I'd like to have a setting that can record for longer than that on one 32GB card, but I assume pushing the 24L setting lower in Spanbybitchup would be a problem since it is GOP1? Or since everything is intricately balanced?
  • @Mark_the_Harp
    Neatvideo works better because it's a temporal denoiser and with GOP1 the noise is changing from frame to frame, just as it comes from the sensor. Any larger GOP is smearing noise over time.
  • *** NEW TerrAQuake *** This is seAQuake verB for poorer type 10 cards. Very slight drop in frame size to work on non top spec type 10 cards.
    Driftwood TerrAQuake for poorer Type 10 cards hi quality INTRA -
  • @nomad Thanks - I thought it might be something like that - the noise at GOP1 definitely looks different. Oh and @driftwood, the card I'm using is a class 6!! Only just that patch is even more amazing.
  • Any test footage with this? Sound GLORIOUS! :)
  • does the MPEG 720p30 mode with width=1920 and height=1080 really work at that resolution or is it simply upscaled 720p ?

    I'm only planning on using mpeg mode for 2fps timelapse, but full 1920 would be handy :)
  • @Mark_the_Harp Be careful modifying the patches - too much and you WILL get buffer underruns/overflows.
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