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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • I need to be able to connect an external monitor just for checking focus and exposure while my gh2 records 24p in etc mode. has there been any progress made in that department yet?
  • warning: there's a side effect from unlocking iso. sudden urge to take video whenever street lights appear.
  • @goodempire

    Try different OS or browzers.
    It'll be help you.
  • I also noticed the dark band with the new ISO patch. It's gone if you drop shutter speed to 30 or below... not the end of the world. I wonder if this is why Panasonic didn't release those ISOs for video in the first place. I also found that among the B&W modes, the smooth mode with contrast at -2 yields the least amount of noise.... looks really smooth!
  • The 12800 hack is fantastic. This is my B&W test. The grain is so cinematic:
  • Just hacked my GH2 for the first time setting 24L to 22Mbit and 24H to 42 Mbit and the new ISO patch. Everything works great, but if I set the ISO to a specified value, when I'm recording, it'll say AutoISO instead of the ISO I've selected. I'm assuming this is a bug, and it's still recording at the same ISO I selected, and is just a side effect of the hack, but I'd like to know for sure.

    Apologies if this has been covered already, but I wasn't able to find an answer. Thanks!
  • @kgartner

    Yes that's normal. And you just have to change to page 2 on this topic for your answer....
  • @CANTU

    1. the KAE Patch is out . . .
    2. yes - since PTool 3.62d, welcome to the club
  • @Butt

    Many thanks!

    Are you saying that KAE's old 66MB GOP3 (or any 3.61d patch) is "out" meaning it won't work or it should be working in 3.63d? (Sorry if I seem retarded here) ;)
  • New patch is unbelievable, thanks VK!!!
  • @CANTU

    I think he means that there are better possibilities ;)
  • I been reading about Panasonic new firmware update and they will supposedly add Progressive mode to the already interlaced modes on the camera. I wonder if its possible to use new features of one firmware and combine them into another?

    Progressive Segmentes Frame Recording: (its new Panasonic's big word)
  • >>One interesting limitation on the 12800 iso patch is that is seems to only work on the 1080p 24p AVCHD codec under the 24H and 24L settings. I tried to use it with the HD Mjpeg settings and with 720p 60p and the moment I pressed REC the light instantly shifted down to the 3200 ISO light settings.>>

    Is that true? Can others confirm that?
  • I rather hope that PsF will be output cleanly via HDMI. If they add 25p, it can be easily fed as 1080i50 in PsF.
  • yesterday i did a timelapse on 2fps mjpeg with iso 6400. no problems.
  • PsF would be fabulous! The solution to all 25p wishes! and also 30p with sound!
  • an other example of the ISO12800 B&W shooting :

    thanks for your great work Vitality !
  • I have just tried it and ISO 12800 works also in 720p mode.
  • ISO 12800 also seems to work in 720p here.
  • Hi everyone, again greta work and I will continue to donate as much as I can. One question, I have the new ptools but am I being a div as I can't find the patch file? Normaly with the hacks I have patches emailed to me from a friend ready to drop onto my SD card, where wil I find the patch? Thanks
  • Great work again by Vitaliy.

    Do the previous patches work correctly on the new PTools? Can I just import (say) Chris' popular 66mb settings?
  • iso 12800 best result in B&W smooth mode +1-2-2.Thx Vitaliy!!!!!

  • What is really amazing is, that i not only can get now ISO 12800 in Video...
    I have now also ISO 25800 in Videomode...

    You can use ISO25800 with this:
    1. Install the Patched Firmware, with no ISO-Limits.
    2. go to Manual Movie Mode and in mode P, S or A (not M!).
    3. Set ISO to 12800.
    4. Start recording. You record now at ISO 12800.
    5. Click the wheel and then turn to left. Until its +2, nothing changes. But then, it gets more bright, 1 Stop more than ISO 12800.
    6. So, this is ISO 25600. In the unpatched GH2, you'll get with this ISO 6'400 in Video-Mode.
    7. It also gos so high with ISO, in Mode P and Auto ISO.

    Believe it or not: My GH2 has ISO 25600 in Video-Mode!

    Greetings from Switzerland, Zurich
    Alexander Moshe, Dealjagd Ltd
  • @dfracheb I find that combination of Paris and B&W night shooting incredibly classy! Lovely stuff.
  • @DealjagdLtd seems to me more like the camera takes control over the shutter speed
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