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PTool v3.63d topic
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  • @mpgvxsvd. I did, even better - I've compared reAQuainted with another 176m gop3. You can see a difference between these high bitrate examples. Stock is worse than either, which is why we all are here in the first place.

  • Vitaliy I want to marry you. This ISO 12,800 patch is a dream!! I shot with it at F0.95 on the Voigltander Nokton in Shanghai yesterday evening and was just floored at the quality.

    Footage here:

    This was shot only at 44Mbit, I am yet to fine tune it but thanks to @Ptchaw 's suggestion of Black & White Dynamic film mode it really does help. Colour with this level of low illumination is pointless anyway, and I've always loved black and white and the fine grain of film... this is heaven for me.

    Judging from the quality of the stills at ISO 12,800 the quality of the video has floored me quite frankly, there was no way I was expecting it to be this good.
  • @EOSHD That does look really amazing and very inspiring. I'm about to do a video with some backstage footage and this might save my day (and black and white is a quite established look for backstage type shots).

    Just to check my understanding, when you say "Colour with this level of low illumination is pointless..." I take it that you mean the camera output is noisy in colour and the B&W hides the noise a bit more? Because there's no reason that a camera shouldn't be able to see colour at low illumination levels (if it has enough gain and low enough noise). It's just a consequence of how our eyes work that we can't see colour in low light levels, not that there's any less colour around in very dim lighting. However, the B&W does give more of a sense that there isn't much light around - I guess it's a "shorthand" for us as viewers because we can relate to how our eyes work at night.

    EDIT: Ah I was looking at the vimeo site. Just noticed in your blog you say "The tonality of the image is really excellent in Black & White film mode because the camera doesn’t have to worry about colour, so an 8bit codec isn’t as much of a handicap. It pumps all of those 8bits into black & white and is far happier as a result." That makes sense, I think.
  • Back stage footage - nice. Well, colour wouldn't be *entirely* pointless - poor choice of words there - but what I mean is, at the ultra low levels of illumination I was shooting 12,800 at, the hue of objects all look washed out because there isn't enough luminosity to pull out the colour, and that goes for human vision as well which is why everything looks grey when you turn the lights off in a room.

    I much prefer the look of it in B&W but will try more colour shooting later.
  • Sorry for being dumb. What am I doing wrong? I've downloaded the files but they are 3.62 not 3.63. Is it really available to the public?
  • @goodempire
    don't know where you're downloading from. should be:

    Make sure you know where you're saving it to. And where it's getting unzipped to.
    Maybe your paths are mixed up.
  • Hi everyone
    I am new to this amazing exchange of findings and views! First of all thanks to Vitaliy and all the people contributing to transform GH2 into an amazing camera.
    I have already used PTools 3.62 and now I shoot at 42Mbs, which looks quite impressive really!
    I wonder how and where I could get PTools 3.63, and what can improve in GH2 besides the ISO? I see some people changing setting for slow motion, is that possible?
  • So, yes I would also like to test 3.63
  • GH2VK at 12800 is the new dark night.
  • it is already online under the link provided above.
  • I saw it. Nice job @eoshd.
  • I like bokeh from fast primes... but it's really nothing unique about it anymore. Everyone going for bokeh. In fact it's one sure way to mitigate aliasing issue.

    I prefer deep DOF over shallow DOF if possible. I wanna capture more details. Often it helps telling stories. Shallow DOF only if a subject needs to be isolated.

    For photography, fast primes give fast shutter speed. For videography, we prefer 1/50 or 1/60 shutter speed. Really... no need for bokeh monster. The 20mm 1.7 pancake at 2.0 seems fast enough. In a close range, 2.0 is too fast to capture entire face. 2.8 would do it on m43 system. GH2VK & 2.8 aperture & 3200 ISO look ok. Imagine having AF OIS zoom at 2.8, no tripod, a run-n-gun rig. Heart-pounding excitement!!! The noise from high ISO does look like film. I like those fine "jumping" noise that looks like "noise raining". Let's keep dreaming on.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Congrats on unlocking the high ISO on the GH2! Any chance of an update to fix the problem with the GH1 ISO patch as well?
  • Regarding high frame rates. Is it possible to have 720p60 on one setting, and 720p120 on separate setting? Or must you switch firmware each time?
  • 120Fps is not possible, it was a hoax. Might come, dunno.
  • I did the iso limit patch. It says auto iso when i hit record, but it keeps the iso settings i set before i hit record. all exposure is set to manual. Is this normal?
  • Yes. It works.
  • One interesting limitation on the 12800 iso patch is that is seems to only work on the 1080p 24p AVCHD codec under the 24H and 24L settings. I tried to use it with the HD Mjpeg settings and with 720p 60p and the moment I pressed REC the light instantly shifted down to the 3200 ISO light settings. Its not a big deal and I'm elated to get 12800 for 1080p 24p where it is most useful but I find it strange it won't work on the other settings though.
  • @pedro

    I'll be looking at ISO patch issues in more detail soon.
  • Where is the ISO patch? I'm going down all the settings ticked open? Thank
  • @Troy_McLure

    I may remember you from such Vimeo clips as "Handheld Shallow DOF at Starbucks" and "Test Of New Lens: All The Crap On My Desk".

  • Using mpgxsvcd's 42Mbit stable patch and shot with a 25mm f1.4 GE TV lens (c-mount). I did notice, when you do press record, the ISO number suddenly changes to "AUTO ISO" instead of 12800. But its certainly at its highest setting, no doubt about that.
  • Okay I hacked the camera with 3.3d and using Kae 66MB GOP3 hack from a while back as a preset and everything looks good and the ISO can go to 12800 etc.

    ..But when I shoot 24p review the video clips in-camera it DOES NOT have the 2 seconds of garbage at the beginning.

    Does this mean that the older version of KAE's settings did not take in version 3.3d of Ptools?

    Or has the 2 seconds of garbage at the beginning of clips gone away now?

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