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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @Alex_K Moon T7 does not span as far as I can tell. You have probably reached the file size limit. I think it's about 4GB. If you need spanning you may need to use a long GOP hack.

  • I've had no problems with Moon T7 spanning. The key is to use cards that can support it. That means the 64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro, or the 128 GB SanDisk Extreme. With any other card, you take you chances.

  • Interesting. I use the Sandisk Extreme 64gb but no spanning. If I could get a GOP1 patch to span I would stick with it as my main patch. At the moment I need to swap patches for different jobs.

  • T7 24p does span. T7 HBR 30 Freezes. Spizz T6 HBR 30 Doesnt span. Drewnet T9 HBR 30 is OK

  • I should have mentioned that I only shoot 25fps HBR and FSH as I need to deliver to PAL broadcast networks. I don't use 24fps at all.

  • You know that you easily speed up your final product from 24 to 25 FPS?

  • Unfortunately, the GH2 is not the best camera for 25 fps. While the hack can achieve a quality at 24 fps that IMHO makes external recording unnecessary, at 25 fps – which was a kind of afterthought by Panny – external recording might be advisable if you want to stick to this great little camera and record it's full potential.

    Or speed up as suggested by Meierhans.

  • @Meierhans What do you exactly mean? Two weeks ago I decided to try and turn all my wedding shooting and final products into 24fps because I was excited by the great quality of moon t7. I started testing. I saw that ending up into a blu ray at 24fps it almost looks ok, only few things to fix. But when I tried to transcode to SD on Dvd at 24 fps I had to consider I live in a PAL country and that product may not work properly in old Readers - in fact it shows in black and White, like any other Ntsc playing on a pal system. So you are saying that exporting the timeline to 25fps doesn't give any odd or jumping result? I must try it.

  • I don't use 24fps at all.

    I guess I should have mentioned that I ONLY use 24 fps.

  • @davjd That must be some really old TV showing B/W from NTSC. All players and all TVs sold in Europe have been capable of showing NTSC in glorious color for years – not even speaking of China. Or where are you located?

  • Not all the players and tvs have been multi standard capable (and that has been a big issue for me in vhs years) and now I must suppose not all the people have multi standard systems yet. But I hope I can forget about it very soon. The problem is that in fhd age Pal and Ntsc are still dividing us, and the "new" Gh3 came out in two different versions. A shame.

  • Recent work with MoonT7 as the lead camera. Bits of 5D and NEX footage in here, as well. Challenging lighting during the event itself, but overall I was pleased with the camera's performance. This was a few weeks ago, and I now have a GH3 in my possession which will take over as ACAM for the interviews, where I was having some trouble with spanning on T7. Then again, I really don't need video past 4 minutes for any interviewee, so it's not that big a deal.

  • Some wild nature outdoor of my house, my cat catch snake. (Shooted on GH2 HBR 25P, hack: Spizz T6)

    Photo of snake:

  • Episode 2 of my web series "Te$tiMoney" shot on a hacked GH2 w/driftwood(moon T7) and Sony F3.

  • Connection error but otherwise cool ...

  • A Short film with a hacked GH2, Moon T7

    Password GH2

  • @arimurad I like, about the photography, used film convert?

  • @Cinexa, great, beginning in the car, looks like a film, was it shot on GH2, this scene?

  • Oleg. The first scene with the car was shot on Driftwoods amazing Intravenus w/ a Samyung 35MM_1.4 lens. The second episode that I have posted above was shot using Moon T7 for the very last scene in the office between the two men.

  • @driftwood I used 'Moon T7' in 'SanDisk Ultra 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card 30MB/s' and in any settings I couldn't record beyond 4 secs. So it means the card isn't fast enough or is there any other fault?

    Previously I was using Sanity 5 in it without much issues.

  • @sudharsun you need to use SanDisk Extreme Pro 95Mb/s 64GB card for patches as demanding as Moon T7. That's the patch and card I have and it works perfectly.

  • @sudharsun et maddog15

    Toshiba Exceria R95 W90MB/s card works as well for high end patches. The only place the sandisk 95MB/s has an edge is in SH shutter speed for photos aka "the GH2's hidden IMAX mode". The 32 GB Exceria can be had for under $50 which makes it my go to card for all of Driftwoods latest patches.

  • @mee Can you elaborate on this IMAX mode? It sounds intriguing. Googling it doesn't turn up much results.

  • Also the PNC 32GB 90MB/s works well too. I picked up 2 of these at BestBuy a few days ago in Clearance sale for $30 each.

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