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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • 15-30ms delay is very often used in music production to widen the stereo image, of eg: guitars, synths, backing vocals etc...., on the mixer you would usually pan the instrument left and on the right you would have the same signal but delayed by 10-30ms, but on more percussive sounds it could sound like a very short slap echo.

    I think we're getting off topic.....

  • It's true the sync error is sufficient that it would need to be corrected, at least from the standpoint of mixing with the GH2's own audio. But what percentage of folks here use their GH2 for long-form shots with external audio? I'd wager the vast majority are using predominantly shorter takes where the error would never manifest, or are using the GH2's own audio. Even when I shoot a wedding, only the ceremony itself has such a long take, every other shot is too short for sync error to show.

    So for most people, it'll be fine.

    Two final thoughts. First, the Zoom also showed sync errors with my DV camera, but far greater than 1 frame over 45 minutes. And second, another audio device might show a different or even no sync error.

  • what is the benefit of shooting 24 frames, image and motion wise against 23.976? cause I don't care about any audio error issues. if it is better than I'm gonna switch to 24.

  • I first installed setd, and goes very well (except sometimes I get an error if I try to playback and have to switch off and on)... The problem about 24,00p is: having to use a Gh3 and a panasonic P2 cam next to my hacked gh2 I realize I must use sete instead of setd. Infact they both record at 23.976, and I don't want to have sync problems (video, mostly). Other wise I would certainly use 24p with an external audio recorder (1 second of audio lasts 1 second...)

  • I noticed that real film material always looked better across pans and tilts than my own 23.976 footage. There was sort of a 'shimmer' in high-frequency details with 23.976 originated material that wasn't there with real film.

    That shimmer seems to be absent from the 24 fps clips. I still see the normal judder that you'd expect from such a low frame rate, but the high frequency details seem more stable, more film-like at 24 fps exact.

  • @Jim_simon I did the same observation, it feels more natural an fluid. I like the idea having the same frame rate as real celluloid film. =)

  • can any one find out if the 24p moon hack changes the audio sample rate because that's the only thing can cause audio speed changes

  • @jim_simon , @kidgray thank you for your input guys; I see the same shimmering too if the setd is like you mentioned I am installing setd then. what do you guys use to convert setd footage. I am on mac. is 5D2RGB okey? I also have Aunsoft video converter and clipwrap.

  • @gmoneystudio2010 I don't think that it is the case. cause frame rate and audio sample rate are different things.

  • @cjdincer Also on a Mac. I've used ClipWrap with success. I know its gone through a few updates over the last couple of months addressing even better compatibility with Final Cut X and Premiere Pro. ****BUT**** I also edit in Premiere Pro CS6 exclusively now and it imports the Private file with the MTS files with no problem, no conversion or rewrapping needed!

    Hope this helps

  • i envy everybody who sees a difference between 23.976 and 24p...

  • @mirrorkisser high frequency shimmering or what ever you call it annoys me since I bought GH2 maybe this 24.00p thing would help, I'm gonna put it to test for couple days.

  • @Mirrorkisser they only think they do.

    If there was an actual detectable, visual difference in the footage it would mean an error somewhere, introduced by Driftwood. This shouldn't even be an issue related to not having a true 180-degree shutter on these cameras. In the stream they are the same frames, setd and sete.

    Their monitor and playback software would be a more likely culprit in seeing any visual difference between the streams.

  • sample rate [is] only thing can cause audio speed changes

    Sample rate only affects the highest frequency recorded, which is half the sample rate. So at 48kHz sampling, you can record up to 22kHz frequencies.

    It doesn't have any effect at all on playback speed.

  • what do you guys use to convert Set D footage.

    I don't convert. I bring it into Premiere Pro as is.

  • If there was an actual detectable, visual difference in the footage it would mean an error somewhere, introduced by Driftwood.

    How so?

  • When I import setd into PPCS6 and check it's properties it says that correct?

  • One could concert to lossless avi and then change FPS with Virtualdub in direct streaming mode. Then you have files with identical content and just different FPS. These could be compared to each other and to 24/23.976 output from cam. If you wanted to make the test even better you could prepare a set of files this way and send unmarked to others. If they can still tell which was recorded at 24 FPS and which was sped up we have a winner. ;-)

  • Here is a little video I made about our trip to Kevo Nature Reserve in Lapland, Finland. The grade is pretty rough because I'm really just beginning to understand how color correcting works. All the critical comments are much appreciated.

    Shot with GH2 moonT7 720p 60fps and 1080p 24fps Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and Kenko CPL Gorilla Pod /w ballhead and handheld Premiere CC and Speedgrade CC

  • When I import setd into PPCS6 and check it's properties it says that correct?

    It is not. You may not have Set D there. Try flashing again.

  • @Jim_Simon hmmm, I've tried it about 10 times now. Still reads as 23.976. I open ptools, load 1.1, import setd, store settings, save to card with increment, flash camera. Oh well.

  • @vstardust Very nice. Well done.

  • @Stylz - Weird. If you want to upload a small clip, I can take a look here.

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