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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @andy68- that is an unbelievable moment! It's the ultimate "redeye" flight stock shot.

  • @fran-I didn't turn on the sound monitor, but what I saw was outstanding cinematography. SOmeone else said you would have benefited from a better camera - yes that's true. However, Based one what I see here, you may well be able to buy a better system. Bravo!

    What a strange sport! Makes sense though - testosterone vs testosterone. Actually, I loved that no animals or humans were injured in the film.

  • @powderbanks. In what mode did you record the slowmotion? 720 or 1080i HBR/HSL? Looks nice!

  • @kidgray Thanks! I shot originally in 720p/60fps (SH mode in manual).

  • @beheath thank you for your kind words, I'm working on a proper sound design version, I'm a camera man so, let's gonna make the sound guys make their proper work! Looking forward to FS700 or BMCC micro 4/3 ( if it would easy to get )but actually so many fronts...let's see if it works and I can invest in something better! Personally hate bullfights, but I think this kind of shows are more fair and espectacular!

  • @powderbanks Thanx man! I did a recording test with exactly the same settings. Pany 14-42. Moon T7. Some color grading. ND filter.

  • With Moon T7 I can record slow motion in 1080 or what?

    The footage from kidgray is in 1080 and look very good. :O

  • @ Driftwood With Moon T5 I could record 25p in FSH mode and it appeared to be 60i then I could achieve slowmotion by setting speed to 50%. On Moon T7 it doesn't work. Any thoughts there?

  • Here's my Moon T7 test footage with FilmConvert.

  • @Jim_Simon Footage looks great! What lens did you use?

  • @manu4vendetta 720p can upscale to 1080p fairly well. Low light/high ISO stuff will be a bit noisier, but well exposed stuff you can get away with it.

    @kidgray Very nice, did you use a glidecam or something of the sort or just hand held?

  • This is my first official test of Driftwood moon T7...

  • @T1000 Just the 14-140 on all shots. Various f-stops to get proper exposure. No filters.

  • @fran The bullfighter film is fantastic. Wonderfully cinematic and the slo mo is great. Some of the sound design yes could be a little subtler, but to have made this you deserve full praise.

  • @fran Bullfighting video is quite good.

  • Why are a lot of you using 720p for shooting? Doesn't that limit you. Why not shoot in 1080p then downscale to 720p if necessary when outputting in post?

  • @hinesparkprod It depends on what you're trying to achieve. The GH2 can only do 60fps at 720p, so if you want 60fps for either fast motion subjects or if you want to do 'natural' slow motion, you have to use 720p. Everything else I do is 1080p/24fps

  • Nebula T7 footage ungraded straight out of the camera. Not a lot of Nebula footage on here, thought I would post one with some guns and glaciers.

  • great work! which type of lens did you use?

  • @aklumix Really nice looking footage

  • I am sorry for some difficulty to load the first video, this it's not give justice of the great work of Vitaly, Driftwood and all those who are working to help us getting better image quality. This is the video on youtube with small color correction. I hope this is good

  • Some recent work, everything is Moon T7 except for a couple of glidecam shots from a 5D (which stick out to my eye, as not as nice)

  • kind of new to this but is this hack a intravenus

  • Intravenus is the name of a particular hack. This is not the thread for that hack. The Moon hack is an Intraframe hack, meaning no temporal compression, every frame is recorded in full.

  • thanks jim where can i download moon t7

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