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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • @gmoneystudio2010. Go to page 1 for the patch downloads.

  • i am looking for a patch that contains a very high quality 24p mode and 720 6op mode any suggestions ?

  • @gmoneystudio2010 Go to page 1. Moon T5 or T7 for me personally. But if you're new - anything from Cluster X series is "high quality" 24p and 720 60p in my opinion. You'll have to do a little work. Load and test drive each of them to determine what patch best suits your preferences. Asking "Which Patch?" is kinda like asking "Which ice cream flavor?" It depends...take a sample taste of each. You'll know what you like. :)

  • Moon t7 setd. GH2, Sandisk extreme pro 95MB/s 64GB. After recording few clips @ 720/50p, if I press play I get the message "cannot play this motion picture". If I turn off and back on the camera the clips are all there and play correctly. That doesn't happen all the times

  • last question what are your thoughts of 'DREWnet T9 and would you prefer it over Moon T7

  • moon t7 sete even if you dont have a 95 mbps card. you can use 24L mode and get the intra quality

  • Some more SpizZ T6 stuff...

    An Oldtimer-Event in Hamburg this weekend in a minute...

  • @rsquires and @matt_gh2, thanks for your words. I'm doing the proper sound edition (sound guy is doing it), so, I will keep you updated. @kellar42, really cool video, very crisp. It is just out of the camera? Good job. Which lenses, settings did you use?

  • is Moon T7 sete different from Moon T7 , what is the difference and how can i download that one instead

  • @studio2010 It's the same, tle lonely difference is : -setd 24p, 25p/50p, 30p & 60p -sete 23.976p, 25p/50p, 29.97p & 59.94p frame rates.

  • @fran thank you. Mostly Lumix 14-140 and a Rokinon 24. Slight saturation and contrast bump but otherwise left pretty well alone. Forgot to mention that the quadcopter shots are from an LX7.

  • I shot this on both Moon T7 and Drewnet T9. The studio footage is T7 and the venue footage is T9.

  • DREWnet T9 setting -2 -2 -2 -2

    DREWnet T9 1.4〜2.2 ISO160, Shutter 1/120 It's already graded.

    1024 x 768 - 78K
  • DREWnet T9 Love it. :-)

  • @kellar42, thanks, that´s what I was thinking, really sharp stuff. I like it! Good job!

  • @driftwood Superb Patch ever made Moon T7. i think there wont be any further improvements. Gh2 finally reached its Limits. Most promising results with clipwrap & FCP. 24p D setting works with ClipWrap 24frames conversion. Everything works well. 720p Modes looks great. Panny lenses finally looking soft and filmy. the only card it works it seems the sandisk 95mb/s 64gb extreme pro. i had error with other low profile cards. sandisk works likes a charm. thank u so much! Bravo! Bravo!

  • thanks zsound but how can i set it to 24p from 23.976p or where page can i download that version

  • never mind found it but read something bout audio drift is this real ?

  • I tested for audio drift at 24 fps. When the Zoom audio was synced up at the start of the clip, it was less than one frame off after 45 minutes.

    I find that quite acceptable.


    A frame is a lifetime in audio terms. A half a frame is likewise terribly distracting and detectable by complete laymen if you're talking dialog.

    Whatever. Go with God.

  • @BurnetRhoades You must be thinking of 1 second because 1 frame over 45 minutes is less than 42ms. You can barely detect a difference between two copies of the same file playing between 17 to 30ms apart which is why it's a common mixing technique to make a source sound fatter.

    @Jim_Simon Your findings are more than acceptable. Unless you're recording a 24hrs telethon don't sweat it. Thanks for the info.

  • @spacewig Um, no. One frame. And you must not be editing anything very long. And you must not be considering that these sorts of errors slip in and changes to timeline and movement of clips means you start to accumulate error.

    Whatever. I'd love to see the look on an audio professional's face who's had to chase down sub-frame sync error in a project hear you people. Odds are it doesn't matter here. It just sets a really bad precedent for other people who also might not know any better or have the sense to investigate common standards and practices. It's no skin off my teeth if they someday embarrass themselves in front of a client or professionals.

  • @spacewig 17-30ms is almost in the territory of a slap delay!! It is most definitely NOT used as a technique to fatten up audio in the post world, try it and you will hear why:-)

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