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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • about the ideal SD card , I'm a little confused by the price difference, which would buy you for moon t7 hack? or

  • @mee I'm also interested in your comment about this claimed 'hidden IMAX mode'. Pretty bold comparison. I've never heard of such a thing and I honestly have no clue what you could even be referring too. Please fill us in!

  • @David1313 I wouldn't buy either... off Ebay. Especially when you can get that San Disk 64gb a bit cheaper than that from Amazon, BHphoto, etc...

  • gh2-ob.50mm f1.2 nikkor-moon t7

  • Well, I took my GH2 with Moon T7 into an afterhours club...the camera froze on me around 10 times on HBR. I had to pull and reinsert battery. The club has lots of moving laser lights. Although the picture is great, losing shots like that isn't acceptable in that situation. Anyone have suggestions for a more reliable patch for this type of situation?

  • Well, Stylz perhaps your SD card is not acceptable. which SD card are you using?

  • SanDisk 64 GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s

  • The IMAX mode I refer to is the SH speed shutter function for photos where it takes 40 fps for up to 2 seconds. It's just 2 seconds, but at half speed (20fps) it makes for some very clear 2336x1772 slow motion 4 second shots (all you often need). Because it is in photo mode it lacks the beautiful color profiles of Driftwood and the other dedicated patch magicians here. There is a section elsewhere on this subject if you need more info.

  • @mee so in a way, you're talking about using a burst mode to act as a video mode. kind of similar to how raw cams operate, but with jpeg instead?

  • @mee Oh, the shutterless burst mode. I've experimented with it fairly extensively in past, but to be honest, I found that it's not really practical for almost any real shooting situation - it does give you the extra resolution at 40fps, but for a max of only 2 second takes, and it suffers from jpeg artifacts, often quite noisy images and occasionally severe flicker. Not to mention the LONG delay between processing a burst and being able to shoot another burst (even on SanDisk extreme 95s) and the additional post workflow steps required to use it. Any examples of it being used effectively?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup, yes.

    @JuMo, Please find the thread pertaining to it so we can stay on topic in this thread. There were some beautiful examples from some users that made the best of that mode in the original thread. Sorry forgot the title of the thread, but likely not hard to find.

  • @mee yes, I looked a for a bit, but didn't find a related thread (PV search FTL). I meant to compare it's IQ to MoonT7 to stay partially on topic, but alas...

    edit: after some more digging, I found some threads using search terms 'SH burst mode'

  • @mee, what version from Exceria; Type 1, Type 2, HD?, Im thinking testing Moon T7 and I will go for the sure, my cards Sandisk Class 10, 30mb/s and 45mb/s probably cant work with M T7.


  • @stylz, Today I had the same problem on Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb in HBR.

    @all, I've used an external monitor. Could that be the reason?

  • @elpedro1984. I don't think card write errors have anything to do with external monitors. I use Sandisk 64Gb 95/mbs card and Moon T4 or T7 don't span on HBR/FSH and I get those sporratic errors periodically. That's why if I need longer recording, I use FH/H modes which are still twice the bitrate of the stock firmware and look very good.

  • DREWNET T9 lens pan 14-42mm; Canon FD 50mm f1,8

    key : west2013

  • Good work @kris. Great place to film - Ive done a few sdcards down there in Almeira. :-)

  • thank you,@Driftwood !The location is unique for pictures really :)

  • @stylz try Drewnet T9. Did a quick test, and it`s OK

  • I know this forum is for moon trial 7 and other latest patches. but i wanna how good moon trial 5 behave in low light condition.

  • one thing that I forgot to mention grain was added with filmconvert. and like always thanks @vitaly and thanks nick @driftwood for all your hard work.

  • recent family week away shot with moon T7

  • @imackreath That looks great! Was this filmed in HBR mode and converted to 24fps? Also, when you used film convert, did you use it for color, grain, or both. Thanks!

  • @lmackreath Those are some impressive images. GH2 is still a powerhouse in the right hands.

  • Using older Driftwood hack

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