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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Just finished up a video celebrating 100 years of a very cool family-owned company. I used mainly a Canon 5D Mark II, C300 (for super wide interviews at the factory), 7D (for the 60P) and the GH2 with Moon T7 for most of the factory B-Roll. I really love the look of this hack and thought it cut together really nicely. Plus, the size of the camera with the articulating screen made it a joy to work with in tight spaces. The lens of the GH2 is the SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 12mm T/1.6.

    Thanks Driftwood and the rest of this community.

  • Just a quick test for high-level cinematic look of Drewnet T9 with GH2 and 14-45mm lens, manually focused.

    1st part - ProRes (PC Win7), 2nd & 3rd part - DNxHD (601 None).

    Do you feel the difference between ProRes and DNxHD?

  • Hey guys! ( @acauzzi @spacewig @producer @Stylz @cjdincer @WarLightUK) Thanks a lot for the kind coments, here is some info:

    It was shoot on the Intravenus patch. We tried to get a lot of light into the scenes to be able to keep the ISO low. It made a huge difference when color correcting it. The shoot was really low budget (not budget really) so we didnt have time to white balance every shot properly, but we did use the smooth profile with everything on -2 to gain a bit more dynamic range.

    Gear ways we were really limited, we had a gh2 with an olympus 14-35 f2 and a panasonic 7-14 for the top shot and the falling shot. We also git got a couple of tripods 1 slider and 3 LED lights.

    On postpro I used after effects lights to shape the shots and colorista for grading, I also added a bit of noise with film convert. I did use some unsharpening masks on some shots and funny enough we blured other ones that came out too sharp.

    Here are some before and after pictures of some of the shots:

    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 4.59.35 PM.png
    1334 x 554 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.00.33 PM.png
    1335 x 554 - 821K
    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.01.26 PM.png
    1337 x 555 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.02.21 PM.png
    1332 x 556 - 942K
    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.04.35 PM.png
    1334 x 560 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 5.05.48 PM.png
    1336 x 559 - 791K
    1229 x 510 - 885K
    1227 x 512 - 832K
  • @Charpu Thank you kindly for sharing your process. The Olympus super grade series of lenses are great and I maintain that they are, investment wise, a better deal than having an equivalent range of prime lenses. Again, fantastic job and good luck with your future pitches.


  • @charpu in the future I hope you get more of everything lights, lenses, cams etc. and most, the time and money. you are talented man. keep working.:))

  • @CHARPU Cool short. Really like the premise. I've tweeted the video (, but noticed you haven't got a twitter account for a link back. Should really get one set up.

  • Great film, CHARPU congrats!

  • @charpu.. mate you took "addiction to avoid facing the past" to another level. Well done! I really enjoyed it. It's amazing that you achieved this with practically no gear. Could you tell us more about the lights you used? Just 3 LEDs? Wattage? Any particular reason, why you still went for IV patch over Moon and others? Thanks

  • @charpu

    Really enjoyed your short, I was into it from the moment it started and it held my interest until the end. Can't say that about many shorts out there (including my own)

    Great stuff!

  • Hey @Bozzie! thanks so much for you tweet it! We definitely have to set up a twitter account, we are promoting it this week so I will add that to the list.

    @Aashay "addiction to avoid facing the past" SPOT ON. We rented the Ikan ID 500 LED 3-Light Kit ( pretty cheap to rent ($118/3day) but they did input a good amount of power so we used them to flood the scene with light to stay at a low ISO. About the patch, Im actually not extremely technical with the patches so I tried it and I really enjoyed the results (specially on closeups) so I stick with it.

    @spacewig @cjdincer @olegkalyan @dbp thanks so much for the kind comments.

  • Did a mini-doc with my GH2 and the Moon 7 hack.

  • @Driftwood


    I consider loading "moon" T7 1GOP patch, but I need 30fps ability.

    Previously I have preferred 80% mode, but I used Intravenus- patch and recording time was only about 7seconds.

    Does "moon" T7 1GOP patch have working 80% mode, or is HBR 30fps as good as 80% mode in general? I've had always some doubts about HBR modes...

    btw. What do you think about Intravenus II (with 444)? I liked "444" style color rendition a lot.

    EDIT : Loaded up "moon" T7. 80% mode works only for about 7sec. :/ Do you have any patch suggestions for better rec times for 80% mode? I have 45MB/s SanDisk Extreme Pro cards. Does newer 95MB/s SD cards handle 80% mode better?

  • Hi! Thanks for the great patches! I have a question! I attached an image ( and you can see that the shadows on skin are so desaturated and bad looking... I have the same problem with my shots. I usually use smooth with all -2. I find that i have this issue even if i shoot with wb preset (sun , cloudy...) Thanks for the help

    1279 x 723 - 150K
  • Hi, I got one simple and maybe stupid question. Does moon T7 change, in any way, the color look if compared to a non hacked camera? Because now I'm trying out Filmconvert and would like to know if the color profiles (for smooth, natural etc.) for the gh2 still work right for a hacked camera giving the correct look and film simulation to final footage. I use Gh2 and gh3. Giving the right profile to each and choosing the same film simulated output should give almost the same result. I haven't tested yet .

  • @tihon Thought I recognized that frame. When I posted that I also spoke about a yellow jaundice look, which I now realize was a bright yellow jersey reflecting into some of the guys faces.

    But to the grey look. I started to do some watching of skin tones on telly in drama and movies and noticed that it's pretty normal for that to happen. Especially if the subject isn't lit artificially.

    This year I purchased Film Convert and I have to say it is really good with skin tones in particular and I'll try and post some examples. It really elevates the image to another level. It's not even subtle the change, but it feels far more naturalistic than I ever had with Magic Bullet Looks for instance.

    film convert.jpg
    1280 x 1600 - 313K
  • @Gardner really enjoyed that. Very nicely put together indeed. Watching it I have one suggestion for next time and this isn't a criticism at all. If the instruments had been lit with one light to create some nice shadows and modelling or perhaps two with a fill of a different colour I think it would really take the production level up. One thing I have noticed in my own stuff and that is the importance of light or the lack of it. It just seems so obvious when you think about it but, shadow, silhouette and other lighting techniques really make a production. Perhaps this wasn't the feel you were going for I know and as I said at the start this is really well put together, but perhaps for next time.

    Very nice work

  • @rsquires Thanks for the kind words and as far as lighting goes I only had three LEDs so I just tried to light the scene as best I could.

  • Awesome work @Gardner . I dig it!

  • rsquires, thanks. Did you set gh2 standart camera profile in Film converter? Did you only apply Fuji 8543 VD profile without any others adjustments in Film converter? Thanks

  • @tihon It isn't a one click solution I'll grant you but you do get where you want to go much faster than other software I have used. So assuming you have downloaded the GH2 settings pack from their website read on.

    I set it to GH2 Cinema for starters. However ( and I have asked the developers this but they still haven't got back to me) I am not sure how they have arrived at their settings as Cinema comes out very washed out and over exposed looking. I shoot cinema at -2,-2,0,-2 most of the time, but I am assuming they tested their footage using a default 0,0,0,0 setting. It would make sense otherwise they would have to do a whole load of different ones. Perhaps it's worth shooting stuff specifically at 0,0,0,0 on each of the GH2 settings, then applying the Film Convert film styles to see what it looks like, and which you prefer.

    I then adjusted exposure to compensate for the over brightness of the default setting, also pulling the curve back to about 75%. I also added some saturation I think, but the biggest change was warming the mid tones and highlights as I felt they were still a bit greenish. This is the beauty of Film Convert. It adds the levels adjustment, basic colour correction tools and Saturation even. In After Effects which has no scopes to speak of ( not counting Synthetic aperture) this is invaluable to have.

    I was also not doing this with scopes etc, just by eye and from the still I grabbed back of the web converted into a movie.

    It is a great place to start however and I think really takes GH2 footage to another level.



  • @Gardner That's kind of what I was getting at. Even though you had little light it might have been nice to shoot stuff in silhouette or something. It's taken me long enough but I am now more of the opinion that great cinematography is about what you don't show ( light etc ) than what you do. For years I wanted a very realistic, available light look, whereas now I'd go the other way and stylise. It's just more unique and interesting and it sets you apart.

  • hey iam look for an image or footage with 2.31:1 aspect ratio a that i can put on my sd card that my gh2 will play back or display so that i can mark my boarders in advance

  • @studio2010 hmm I don't even know if it is doable or Has anybody done such a thing?

  • @rsquires I'm asking myself the same questions, if the filmconvert profiles are based on a 0 0 0 0 shooting for each colour effect. I usually shoot with the smooth profile and every thing at -2 to gain a bit of DR but I don't know if the filmconvert profiles still give a correct realistic effect. I also posted another question to this forum -but no answers-, if there could be any grading differeces between the hacked Gh2 and the non hacked camera. Therefore filmconvert should consider developing other profiles for the most popular hacks.

  • Generally speaking, you want to shoot based on your post pipeline, not the other way around. They do make their profiles with '0' for contrast, I have read that. It would also make sense for them to do '0' for saturation. Sharpness and noise-reduction aren't affected by Film Convert.

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