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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Promo video using Moon t7, Speedbooster, and all nikon lenses. If you're down for a good cause, check their stuff out!

  • @gaddi I watched this and thought "wow that is a really clean image". Then I realized I was watching 480p, switched to 720p and the medium frontal of the guy speaking looks like he is standing right in front of me, as if there no lens or recording medium in the way. Would you attribute a good deal of this to the speedbooster?

  • @Stylz the Speedbooster definitely improves sharpness but i would attribute it mostly to controlling the light. Had big windows (all natural light, great light wrap around face) with shades that dimmed the light Perfectly.

    the hack was cool too, i guess (;

  • Another successful moon T7 test

  • @cbm32221 No it was shot at 720p at 50p and conformed to 25p in FCP X. Orignally I used filmconvert for both colour and grain but after web compression the grain looked too mushy so I removed that and reuploaded without it.

  • lmackreath @ What film mode did you use? Smooth or natural? Lens?

  • Can someone remind me which Moon Trial version was stable in HBR. Really need to film something in 29.97 but Moon T7 on HBR keeps locking the camera up. Sometimes it'll record for 2 minutes and sometimes 2 seconds but it eventually locks up. Have to do the ole' battery pull to reset. Moon T5 I think worked? I apologize in advance for keeping such poor notes on versions.

    Thanks all.

  • @imackreath That first shot was gorgeous, excellent work on the film.

  • @kidgray smooth all -2 lens mostly used was the leica 25mm 1.4

  • @maddog15 yes I think moonT5 has the most stable HBR in moon trials. but again it cannot be trusted working on a serious job. just be careful.

  • @cjdincer Thanks much. Yes I used T5 for a job and the patch performed perfectly. But I was shooting in 24p. It's coming back to me now... The last time I used T7 in HBR mode play back in cam got glitchy when the client wanted to review what we shot.

    I'm thinking maybe DREWNet for this in HBR. Anyone have experience with T8 or T9 in HBR? (NTSC) I've tested with T8 for a couple of days. Beautiful. But I went back to Moon because if the All Intra quality.

    Thanks again

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    It is the Type 1 card (Blue Card). Currently the fastest from Toshiba at 90 write and 95 read. I really like that they clearly color coded these cards by speed. It makes it easy when shopping for them. I also have a type 3 32GB card which is 90 read and 30 write. It also works well with most of Driftwoods current patches, however it is prone to failure in ETC mode, and at 80 percent speed on the top patches.

    Edit.. Holy fukstiks, I don't know how I missed this! I knew faster cards were just around the corner!

  • These

    are the first two movies made ​​with my GH2, lenses Pentax 50mm / F: 2 and 14-40mm /F:2,8 Lumix I used DREWnetT9 (clusterX s3) - thanks Driftwood, set camera to 1080/50i - I think it's best for me, for now . Thanks Vitaliy Kiselev, definitely the world is better with people like you. Sorry for my poor English.

  • I used Moon T5. Sigma 30mm 1.4. I think 640 ISO. 125 Shutter. First Flame

    This is at 720p on Vimeo. Original file is so much better looking. Any critique is greatly appreciated.

  • Hey guys! We finally released our latest short film (premise for something longer) 100% gh2.

    Thanks a lot for all the knowledge!

  • @CHARPU Awesome work all round! Any chance of seeing a HD version? Couldn't detect any breathing on the focus pulls. What lenses were used?

  • hey @pundit! Thanks a lot! We are not able to put the HD version online yet sorry. We used the Olympus 14-35 f2. Really great lens, its really easy to pull focus, we didnt even had a follow focus. For a couple of wider shots we did use the panasonic 7-14mm

    thanks again.

  • Hey @CHARPU, really great work, not just image wise but great sound and storytelling. Would you care to share with us some details on color grading you've set for this work?

  • Well done Charpu. My taste far exceeds my own talent and I usually don't make it more than a minute into these GH2 user films, even when they're 10 times better than anything I've ever done, mostly because even at 10 times better, they're still pretty far below my standards of 'quality work' (which gives you some idea of how much I still suck at it).

    But yours is one of the few that kept me watching right till the end. I still saw a tough of 'amateur' in there, but not nearly enough to 'break the spell' and make me stop watching.

    Your premise is original, and would make a very good feature film. I could definitely see this story coming out of Hollywood. Have you considered finding an agent to shop the script around instead of making it yourself?

  • @charpu great job! I too am really curious about the grading. It seems you've removed the harsh elements in the highlights and made the images "creamier" for lack of a better adjective. It almost feels as though a lot of the lighting was controlled in post with vignettes. I'm really impressed.

  • @CHARPU: Really great!

    Obviously an unsharp mask has used, but how did you get such a soft shapes? Because of the lenses or of the post edit?

  • @CHARPU Love it. This is what short films should be all about. Engaging and thought provoking. Looked great too. Thanks for sharing.

  • @charpu great short thanks for sharing. now everybody is curious about how you made it =))

  • Hey guys;

    Shot this video here with the Driftwood DREWnet hack. Quite pleased with the quality that came out of the GH2 using this hack. Might move into the Moon T5 for the next job though, as I had issues with 60p on a recent shoot that for some reason came out at 25i (user error most likely).

    Still, very proud of this... so a big thanks to Driftwood for unlocking this sort of quality out of our little GH2's.


  • @CHARPU Good work, enjoyed watching it... Only, the flipped shot at 1:25 is a bit annoying... Car's reg plate and the parking sign on the wall are mirror images... Am I missing "artistic something" here or is it a genuine mistake?

    EDIT: Well, looks like it is done to match the interior shots - door opening direction... Hmmmm...

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