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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Hello there. First of all thanks for all the hard work you put into this. I'm yet to experience this great stuff, but I'm very excited.

    Second: The idea is to shoot car video's, which involves shooting a lot of dynamic action shots. I've read that some hacks have a fluctuating bit-rate, depending on the amount of detail in the shots. Are there hacks out there which won't constantly give me outrageous high bit-rates and are especially good for action shots? Thanks anyway

  • There's the rub. Action shots generally demand higher bitrates.

  • @Jim_Simon sent a pm with link to file.

  • This is a video of my friends and i out on Whitaker Point. All shot on moon T7 with 14-140 on the gh2 and a glide cam HD 1000. The footage was graded in premiere pro RGB Curves.

  • I've just got an anamorphic 2x lens adapter and used this as an excuse to update to the latest hack patch and used the Moon T7. Much more clear detail than the old patch I was using, even getting used to the focus of the anamorphic, where a few shots are a bit soft.

    Just some shots form around the house with my girl and her friend.

    Corrected & Graded in Premiere Pro

  • @burnetrhoades: i was being ironic mate :-) i think almost the same applies for 24 vs 25p. I am watching with amusement all those self-declared experts, who say each new setting makes the gh2 a new and better camera that shoots like the red super cinematic etc. i was working as an author for several tv stations and making short documentaries, i am not a techie, i always had dps and editors etc, but i am not a total idiot on those matters aswell.

    its wonderful that the hack and the settings improved the camera and i also think that many people judge the settings while sitting on terribly calibrated screens. but before i blow up a picture 400% and pixelpeep nonsense, i rather go out and shoot or try out something. the discussion around the bmpc is another nice simile. i recently watched tarkovskys "mirror" again, one of the best movies of all times in my opinion, by dp and director standards. in a long bw-sequence in a factory there are all kind of orbs. i never even noticed them before, because i was too much into the movie, even after watching it four times. yes, orbs are annoying, but if all else in your material is very good, then its just a small imperfection (which has been fixed by now btw).

    I shoot with moon 7 now since it came out and i like it and will stay with it for now. but tbh i dont see a real difference between driftwoods top notch intra settings. maybe with pixelpeeping. but if i see a difference during a short film etc., then the story line must be shite, that i am able to focus on such things.

  • @Mirrorkisser.. Eloquently put, Sire. I agree with you 100%. I think sometimes we tend to forget that we make movies/ads/docs for the story and not for 400% pixel peeping audience. And Yes, Mirror is one of the greatest thing ever put on Celluloid. :)

  • @Stylz

    Yep, that's 23.976. Not sure what went wrong. According to Nick, Set D is true 24, and in fact mine do come out that way. So I can only think you did something wrong somewhere. Maybe go back to PTools.

  • Hey guys! Here's a documentary I shot using Driftwood Moon. I used the GH2 as our "A" camera and a Canon t4i as our "B" camera. All shots graded with Colorista II.

  • @cbm32221 Which patch did you use? T7, Drewnet T9?

  • Drewnet T9 test 2 14-42 Smooth -2-2-2-2

  • Hi everyone in the forum and hi @driftwood first of all I want to say thank you for moon trial 7 the last minute version. this patch is incredible. Now I'm gonna tell something that i saw on the web and i pushed even harder. i saw that somebody increased the bit rate from 150mbps to 170mbps and worked great. really clean and full of detail. so I pushed it even harder so I went from 170mbps and 220mbps and work perfect. i wanna say that the image quality is better but i want you to tell me that yourself. i was talking only about 24H. increasing the bit Rate increases image quality or not?

  • @Aashay: the pleasure, the privilege is mine :-)

    @schlanger77: a kingdom for your eyes if you can tell the difference between moon7 170mbps and 220mbps. i think you probably get into stability issues on that route. why the fuzz for the extra mbps? i think the setting maxes out what the gh2 can do. also what would be your benefit if our eyes liked one setting over the other. emancipate yourself and trust your own eyes and guts schlanger77-san.

  • @Mirrorkisser Smiths? :) what about Tarkovsky pocket cam, in raw of course ?

  • @schlanger77 Well, first of all you have to look at whether the bitrate was even a limiting factor in the original footage. :)

    When I was doing a lot of comparisons a while back, I found that beyond a certain threshold, the overall bitrate really didn't make much difference for most footage compared to all the other variables involved. If your real-world footage is often maxing out the bitrate with the lower mpbs, then it may make a difference. If your average bitrate is significantly lower than the max, then upping the max would not have much value.

  • @kidgray I used Moon t5. I can only imagine what it would have looked like with t7

  • Shoot I did for a photographer friend using Driftwood T9. Very happy with the results.

    Password is pif

  • Nice looking footage @jebsly Just remember to use 1/50 shutter for PAL lighting else strobing as in lighting in backgrounds.

    @electria0814 That looks good enough to eat. Well done.

    @cbm32221 Great looking documentary to a wonderful cause. Excellent.

    Kowa Ana working well with moon T7 - cool pictures buddy @hambulance.

    @vstardust Beautiful images Kevo. Very inviting.

  • Screen shots from MoonT7. Great work Nick Driftwood. Solid setting!

    Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.20.44 PM.png
    1024 x 586 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.33.22 PM.png
    1024 x 585 - 1M
  • These shots are from the web series "Te$timoney". Shot with GH2 and Sony F3.

  • Shot with GH2/Moon T5 (mostly close shots) & 5D Mark III (mostly wide shots)... Awfull youtube compression & artifacts by the way...

  • @luxis expertly spotted! I would buy the tarkovksy pocket cam imeditately!

    @thepalalias +1

  • Here's a few recent videos I've shot with driftwood's patches

    This one is also on worldstar and got 9.6 million views

  • Thanks @driftwood I think I need to invest in some ND filters so I can keep the shutter at 1/50

  • Hey guys, I shot a short film about a month ago call THE SHED. It was entered in a local film festival, and it won second prize in the open film amateur category. It was shot with MOON T7. Thank you to @Driftwood @Vitaliy for all the excellent work.

    Have a peek at the Micro site, or check out the Vimeo link to watch/download the movie.

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