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Meetup: Los Angeles Area
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  • So it looks like maybe noon or so on a Saturday might be our best option. If the majority thinks this might be the best possible time for work and traffic, we'll start to narrow down a spot.

  • Noontime Saturday sounds fine for me, except on June 22. But if that's the day that works for everyone else, then go ahead with it.

  • Hey guys. I'm in, schedule depending. Saturdays are better for me.

  • Mid-day Saturday works great for me. :)

  • @vicharris Saturdays work for me, as long as I am not on set, I'm in.

  • I'm Minnesota, but I'll be raodtrippin' out to LA and will be there the latter half of July, would love to tag along if it works out.

  • Mid-day Saturdays generally work for me

  • I'm in, and available on Saturdays too.

  • One Saturday at noon it is. I'm trying to come up with a central location so everyone gets screwed with LA traffic equally. :) I'm going to rule out the Irish place on the westside since that would just be a nightmare during the summer, on Saturday. There's a wings place on Cahuenga (yes, I still have no idea how to spell it!) in Hollywood that has been pretty production friendly to me when I was at HGTV. I'll call them to see if they'll even entertain the thought. I know some people might not drink and that's fine but I'm sure there's a few that would love to tell lots of lie and wrong information to one another over a beer. If we could think of a place that would serve a cold one, that would be great as well. Actually RedRock in W. Hollywood is pretty cool about alot of stuff and I could get my buddy whos had a few events there to call them. I'll check if they have food, if not, that's a no go.

  • Anyone else interested, please chime in now so we can get a running head count to give to any establishment. @thepalalias, I'm thinking your 20 count tops might be about right in the end.
    @5thwall I was waiting for you to chime in!

  • Sounding good so far. :)

    I can make pretty much any of the Saturdays, but I can stay longer if we don't make it July 6th (a family birthday) or June 29th.

  • Oh yeah, I'm out of town on the 6th and sometime soon I'm going to Cabo but I'll plan that after we nail this down. Just for shits and giggles, why don't we look at June 22 or Jul 13 for now and see what people say.

  • Saturdays are usually good for me, just not today :)

  • Saturday will be great, but I won't be able to show until around 7 pm or so.

  • @vicharris yeah I know, wasn't trying to be coy or anything ;-) just a busy week. shot one video last week in huntington beach and cut 5 for a corporate client from footage that came in from 5 separate cities.

  • June 22 should be good. Not sure about July.

  • Saturday the 22nd is good for me. I'm booked solidly in July.

  • So far we have 15ish people. I'm going to take this number to some establishments and see what we can get. If anyone else has some last minute spots, speak up now. I think the consensus is a spot with cheap food and beer if possible, and maybe all ages but I haven't heard anyone speak up about being under 21, so if I don't hear anything else in the next couple days, I'm not going to worry that much about it.

  • I'm in Long Beach and would be happy to attend something in the LA area. I work independently so I can free up anytime for a meet up.

  • @vicharris are you referring to Big Wangs on Cahuanga? And regarding Redrock in w Hollywood, I drove by there a couple weeks ago. Looks closed. I know of a bar in culver city that's filmmaker friendly. They don't have food, but they have a nice large back patio with a grill which you can use free of charge. Let me know and I'll dig up the name/number.

    Sadly the 22nd doesn't work for me. Was really looking forward to meeting the local crew.

  • June 22nd can work for me if it's earlier in the afternoon. Got a photo gig that night

  • So it seems like Jun22 might not work for a few people, IF we move it to JUL13, would that not work for anyone? I know it's far off. @vapourtrail What's the place in Culver? I'm not that good of a grill guy but I'm sure we might have on here.

  • @vicharris July 12th is good for me. The bar is called the Cinema Bar.

    The Cinema Bar 3967 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, 90230

  • I'm booked July 18 to the end of the month, but free till then on Sat.

  • Guys, you can always make survey about date at , it is easy.