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Meetup: Los Angeles Area
  • Ok, looks like we might have the meet up locked down here. Looks like we're going to be at Big Wangs at 801 SOUTH GRAND AVE. LA, CA 90017 (don't let the name fool you, it's not that bad) on the 13th of Jul at 1PM. They offered to let us have the patio which might be nice but if it's a little hot, I'm sure we can move it inside. I'll throw up some money for some appetizer trays and a couple pitchers of beer but by no means expect anyone else to. I know some wanted to hold this at different locations and possible have some sort of speaker or viewing but some of us think it's better just to have an initial meet and great, then if all goes well and there's enough combined interest, look into other events down the road. Here's a poll to get a real headcount for the business on the 13th. If you could take a min and let us know if you plan to show, that would be great and a huge help.

    In terms of transpo, like I said before, there's two lots right across the street that charge $6 on the weekends and @Shian said the Metro let's off a couple blocks away which is pretty convenient.

    Like we said before, if anyone wants to bring some gear that others might be interested in trying, go ahead and let us know. I'll bring my SLR Magic Cine set and Rokinon Cine set, though I just did sell the 14mm to one of our guys here. Maybe he'll bring it if anyone wants to try it. Thanks again and see ya'll on the 13th of JUL!!

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  • I'm up for an LA based meeting. I'm out in the OC, but its no big drive out to LA. I'm typically available weekends.

  • @sanzadez Cool. Let's hope some more people respond and we can start coming up with some dates!

  • If I remember @vicharris is the main organizer. You can PM him and ask.

    Also check original topic for people from LA.

  • If you can manage to hold this thing at the pub down the street, I'll stumble by

  • I'm a DoP out here in LA (well Pasadena) and I'd be delighted for a reason to get out of the house one of these days. Dunno what help i'd be to the hacking community other than being eternally grateful for what you've done for the little GH2 or waxing poetic about shooting.

  • I'll help out too of course. @shian Are you in the valley? Some of your test stuff looks like you are?

  • I'm in. I live in Santa Monica but I will meet wherever. Looking forward to meeting other GH users :)

  • Someone possibly had a spot in Venice. Not sure how equipped it was to host something but we can look for a bar or pub that can make room, depending on how many we end up with. Also I live down in Culver City on what used to be MGMs Backlot #3 and I have a big clubhouse that I can reserve. Not as exciting as a Westside bar on a weekend with scantily clad women but It's an option if we need it. And people can geek out since they shot Raintree County here and part of The Wizard of Oz. Still have some of the yellow brick road around a lake that was used in movies as well.

    I think a weekend might be better for most of us as well, possibly day, leading to Happy Hour if we're at a bar. Yes?

  • Also maybe if people have any lists or gear they ever wanted to try out, members who have it can bring it along so they can check it out. Maybe that might be bad idea! :) For example, I have sets of SLRs and Rokinons Cine lens people could check out. Just spit balling here folks.

  • I'm in if the day and time are good. I'm in Hollywood.

  • I'll have my schedule more down shortly. What weekend are people thinking?

  • The gear thing may be cool. I can bring a Paralinx Arrow+ for anyone to check out. I'd love to see some of the Rokinon line too. Culver City sounds cool.

  • I'm in Burbank, but depending on the day, I can go anywhere... except maybe Laguna Nigel.... they won't let me in there after what happened last time... :)

  • Forgot the name of the person on here, but he was local in Pasadena and did a thorough hack test with multiple GH2s last year.

  • I am in Ventura County. Count me into LA...

  • I'm in Long Beach and I have a GH3!

  • I'm in the ie.(cucamonga) i don't mind the drive to meet depending on the date on time

  • @griplimited @shian Thanks for mentioning me - I did not realize we had a local thread already. Yes, the test was an interesting experience and everyone that came out and participated was just great - though it turned out the testing was not quite consistent/controlled enough to analyze the results as originally intended. Totally my fault - it was the first time we all tried something like this on PV and it was still a great experience. :)

    Anyway, did you guys want help organizing this or should I just show up? With enough warning I can make it most places, most times in the greater L.A. area (except for a consistent gig 4-8PM Wednesdays and Thursdays that is set in stone). Obviously, the closer to Pasadena the better but I am flexible.

  • Does anyone have any ideas of specific places they have in mind? I have an Irish Pub on Whishire and 26th in Santa Monica that I shot at before and they might give us all a spot. It's pretty large. Just have to do it on a day when the Redsox aren't playing as it's a mad house then. I'm just thinking a place like that instead of a place like my clubhouse would be better so people can grab some food and maybe a beer if they want.

  • @vicharris That is definitely an option. Here are just a handful of others (brainstorming to see what people want).

    • Griffith Park Observatory (well, close to it): Outside, no charge and no parking cost.
    • That Buffalo Wings place (I am blanking on the name so maybe that is it): inside, sports and bar,private parking with no cost and lots of booths. Definitely enough space if we give them warning.
    • SlawDogs (best variety of hot dogs in Los Angeles area0: Inside, enough space for up to 20 people if we give them warning. Parking is trickier.
    • IHOP: There is one anywhere in L.A. Just let them know we are coming.
    • Asian tea places: Many of them are used to rowdy college kids so we are no worry. Plus they are used to people hanging around without spending much.
    • Beach
    • Other Park ...

    I mean, what are people most up for? And will more people come to Pasadena, Hollywood, Downtown, Santa Monica, Studio CIty or Burbank?

    Personally, I would prefer somewhere close to the 134 freeway but as long as it is not rush hour, I am open most places. I do not drink but I am fine with a bar. :)

    P.S. My only big request is inexpensive and unpretentious. I would much rather be surrounded by PVers at a place everyone can afford and has clothes for than be limited to a couple with cash and clothes.

    Also, do we have anyone under 21 that wanted to attend?

  • @thepalalias I'm thinking we try to do it on a weekend. Many people have weekday jobs and like you said, I don't even want to deal with traffic. Possibly mid day on a weekend might be best. I do think somewhere with food at least would be best. Are you talking about Buffalo Wild Wings in Burbank by the AMC?

  • @Vicharris Okay, then we should just decide it will be on a weekend. :)

    Yes, BuffaloWildWings was the name of the chain. So far I have encountered 3 of their locations around the greater L.A. area and there probably more. But either Burbank or Pasadena would certainnly be better than Punete Hills Mall, for instance.

    A friend of the family also runs a kicking wings and hoagie place with locations in L.A. and Sherman Oaks but I would have to check if they have enough space for all of us. If they did, the food is even better. EDIT: The place is "".

  • @thepalalias brought up a good point about any under-21 PV'ers (or kids they may bring in tow) or non-drinkers, a bar might not be ideal. A family-friendly venue is probably the more inclusive way to go. I'm partial to a casual daytime gathering at an outdoor location like a park. Griffith Observatory is a fine spot. Legg Lake Park in South El Monte is near freeways and scenic with plenty of ducks to shoot (with cameras!) if you so desire. If at a park, would it be a picnic? Potluck or brown bag? If at a restaurant/cafe, definitely some place casual and inexpensive with a tolerance for loud groups.

  • @htinal Either way, we definitely have more options if we go with mid-day like @vicharris already suggested. I know I'm definitely not a morning person since a lot of jobs end at 2AM or later and if we get too late then the outdoor venues aren't really an option.

    So perhaps before we pick a venue the two big questions are:

    1) Is anyone under 21 interested in coming?

    2) Is there anyone that would not be able to come mid-day that could make it if the event were later?