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Meetup: Los Angeles Area
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  • I plan on coming... OK it is at Big Wangs... could someone make a definite Post

    Place/Time/location/parking/what to bring?

    Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

    Lisa J. Kassner

  • @vicharris Add me to the 'Yes' column.

  • If anyone brings a MetaBones Speed Booster, I'll bring my BMCC MFT mount and we can see about that Super 35 image Phillip Bloom was talking about...

  • I would like to see the Speed boosters work...

    I am looking for someone to help me with firmware upgrades... it would be nice to hand you a blank 95 Mbs disk and have someone transfer it for me... looking for the 44 mbs the 50 Mbs and the driftwood hack... Now is all of this stuff AVCHD codecs or are we going to .mov files as well with the GH2s... I have so many questions about the GH2 firmware upgrades... presentations would be nice...

    I am really looking forward to meeting you all...

    Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

    Lisa J. Kassner

  • Ok, here's the poll one more time for me to get a final head count. If you've already voted yes, no need to vote again but if you were a maybe or a no and that's changed, please go vote again so I can give Big Wangs a heads up. Thanks ya'll.

  • So we're a couple days out and it still looks like it's 6-9-2. Hopefully alot of those 9s will end up coming. I know you're not @5thwall, next time! I've double checked Big Wangs and were still good and I still told them to expect up to 15 so hopefully we'll get close to that since they are being so cool. The meeting time is 1PM but I'll be there at 1230 or so make sure we have a good space, outside if it's nice and not crazy hot. Not sure if there's a heavy demand to bring gear but I'm still down for bringing my Noktor and Rokinon Cine lenses. If people want to try stuff out, bring your camera and a memory card so you can get some footage to go home and peruse.

  • Well, I'll buy a pitcher to share and bring my crappy modded c-mount lenses (12.5mm f1.3, 12mm-75mm f1.2) if anyone is interested :)


  • @vicharris What is the mount for your Rokinon Cine's? Will you bring the adapters too, please, and we'll slap them on my new BMCC MFT. I've been wanting to check the Rokinons out for awhile now.

    I can also bring a few of my vintage Nikon primes as well.

  • I'm coming to big wangs at 1pm hope to see somebody at least. my name is Reuben. Interested in C-mounts and cine-lenses but having a back ground in high contrast Black and White Photos i really don't know where to begin taking my art to higher ground. So i will be pitching in for the pitcher.

  • I got some c-mount lenses for you to look at @whisper1 (but you will not be impressed, haha). @collierlandry I'm kind of excited just to see someone with a new m4/3 BMCC :)

  • @collierlandry All my glass is nikon mount but I'll have my novaflex adapter to connect it to mft. No worries :)

  • Ok peeps, hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow. Tomorrows weather looks to be the same as today so hopefully not too hot downtown.

  • CHEAP PARKING: If you don't mind walking about 4 blocks and have an LA Library card, you can park in the underground lot at the Central Branch for a $1.00 flat rate. The library closes at 5:30p on Saturday, lot closes at 6. Show your library card and get your parking ticket validated inside the library, first floor Information Desk. Pay a dollar at the automated payment machine in the garage.

  • Thanks for the info @htinla

  • Just a bump: The L.A. meet-up is today (July 13th) at 1PM.

    Big Wangs at 801 SOUTH GRAND AVE. LA, CA 90017

    You don't need to bring anything but you are free to bring gear if you want to.

  • BTW, we better take some damn pictures at this thing! I've seen a few other meet ups where people didn't take anything. That might be very embarrassing for LA ;)

  • @vicharris

    Get my good advice - get photos, not concentrate on videos.

  • I am really looking forward to our gathering...

    Yes I am bringing the GH2, a brand new 16 gig 95 Mbps memory card and a USB Thumb Drive.

    I will also have my laptop and the GH3 rig I use to shoot on location.

    I am hoping someone can help me with three hacks...

    I would like help setting this GH2 up to do the Sanity hack (44 meg) in F1. A 70 meg hack in F2 and the Driftwood hack in F3.

    I hope someone is familiar with how to do this... I think I have the sanity hack now only...

    Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

    Lisa J. Kassner

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Of course, I didn't even consider shooting video. Too much time involved and everyone will want to know what damn settings and lenses were used! Then they'll critique the shots and lighting, followed by the advice that we should just reshoot the whole thing and use RAW to give us more latitude in post to CC and grade!!! :)

  • @LALisa You can only put on setting on your cam at once. Every time you want to change, you need to reload what you want from a memory card. It's easy if you just bring three different cards with you when you shoot and always have a fresh Pany battery.

  • I have a small Canon ELPH 500 I use for stills... I have not shot many stills with the GH2 as I have primarily shot video... Question... when the hacks are in place...does that also influence still photos? I have no experience shooting stills with the GH3.. I suppose it is time I should get to speed with that as well...

    Cheers...see you at "Big Wangs!"

  • We're a bit off topic. Ask away today at the meet up. I'm sure they'll be many people willing to ramble on for a bit on these topics :)

  • Thanks Vic... I am off to Samy's Camera to buy two additional small cards

  • Thank you all for a very nice time at "Big Wangs"...

    I sure did enjoy meeting you all. I hope we can do another meet up sometime!

    Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

    Lisa J. Kassner