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Meetup: Los Angeles Area
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  • 'Twas a pleasure to meet the faces behind the posts I see here. Thanks again to @vicharris for setting up the meet and for graciously allowing us to try out his dream bag of lenses. I realized after watching my videos that I treated you like a salesperson at Samy's by asking you "how much is it?" one too many times......thanks for playing along ;-) Thanks also to @collierlandry for bringing the biggest gun of all and letting us put our beer and nacho cheese stained fingers all over it. @LALisa brought enough equipment to shoot a reality show...thanks for lugging all of it to our shindig for all of us to see.

    I'll post some photos of our gathering a little later tonight. I really enjoyed this meeting, let's do it again soon!

  • Good meeting you guys, I gotta tell you it's hard enough for me to remember people's names, but to then correlate the SN to the real name was an adventure for me. So for the person I was discussing stabilization with, and then I blanked on the name of my friend's rig; it was a Flycam Nano

    And the link to the Trance mix compilations is here:

  • It was cool to me everyone who turned out for the get-together. Nice to correlate faces with names. Good group of people.

  • Hi everyone! William here. It was really great to meet everyone and put faces to names for those who don't make themselves visible here with their avatars (like me, I'm the sort of tall, stocky Asian guy from the meeting), and to just chat and get to know people on a better basis.

    Special thanks to @vicharris for organizing the meeting and buying the appetizers and a few pitchers and to @collierlandry, @LALisa and @vicharris for lugging all their awesome gear for everyone to see :) Thanks @shian for being such a knowledgable yet accessible and down to earth dude :) And, a general big thanks to all participants for just being really cool!


  • I wasn't able to make it after all because an unforeseen situation, but I'm glad it turned out well. Hopefully there will be another meeting soon so that I can make it to that one.

  • I have to say I sure did appreciate meeting you all... I could see where that might make a difference if we are to continue doing this... Giggle I could even see us doing a live stream next time depending on where you do it...

    My heart is full ... this group is caring, sincere, knowledgeable, and always looking for the truth of things ...

    Vic... yes I could see how you are an actor... I was impressed looking at your glass through Henry's camera... his composition shooting live and focusing as he went ... I have this little huge idea for a series ... I have copyrighted the concept... This GH2 hacked and folks that know how to shoot... this may be the time to be shooting... so much happening in Labor just now... the business changing hourly... The technologies of the future... Maybe these are the GH2 hacks that are going to change the World...

    We had table space there to play with cameras... and silly me did not have the plug into the power supply when I went to plug the laptop in... it was half in/out coming out of my laptop bag...

    And finally... this was a breath of fresh air for me to be with folks who want to share... I love the diversity we have with in our group too... did you folks know we speak 175 languages here in Los Angeles? I have this huge big idea of a "Working Peoples Labor Channel..."

    I guess I am broaching some political boundaries... my new career of social media marketing... calling it "Kassner House Lisa" ... I have these ideas also of new owner-worker cooperatives ... New Business models...

    Thanks again for a super time and for us to be with each other a couple/few hours...

    Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

    L A Lisa...

  • @LALisa - Interesting concept. Sounds like a long form documentary :)

    @vicharris and @collierlandry - what was that awesome 8mm lens that was used on the m43 BMCC again? The image looked a lot less distorted/fisheyed than I was thinking it would.

  • somebody left their shades (sunglasses)

  • @whisper1, yep, those were mine. Did anyone grab them? Of course big EMS didn't have them still :)

  • I messaged VK for instructions on how I should post my photos (so as not to incur his wrath, hehe!). I'll put them up as soon as I find out.

  • I was wondering too how to post stills and the video I shot with the new Flow Motion firm ware upgrade at Big Wangs... This upgrade looks promising...

  • @LALisa

    You can attach any photos here, until they are few and small. If you have big amount of photos - put them on any photo sharing.

    For videos - vimeo or youtube.

  • I am getting around to trying out the new Pansonic AC supply DMW-AC8 with the Battery grip DMW-BGGH3 for the GH3...question:

    Can I have a battery in the camera and the grip connected with the Panasonic DMW-AC8 and Battery coupler DMW-BGGH3 working all together without hurting anything? This is for external remote/studio shooting...

    I could unplug the external power supply and then just run on the battery in the camera... will the external supply charge the battery in the camera?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for the info regarding images and video...

  • I'd say let's keep the video stuff off for now ;)

  • OK... I put up the still images I shot with my little Canon ELPH 500HS at Picasa at this link...

  • @WILBO @Whisper1 @wrosecrans @thepalalias @Roy Batty @LALisa @HTINLA @Shian @Colleir Landry

    I just wanted to say thanks for coming out and for everyone bringing your knowledge to the table. As you could tell, there were many people with different areas of expertise and I think it made for a good mix! As stated before, it was great to finally match faces with screen names. It's always so mysterious on these boards.

    Also, you welcome and my pleasure to let everyone try out what glass they wanted. If that helps you make a smarter decision on your purchase...good deal!

    We'll see how things shape out in the future to see about planning another one. That time I won't leave my damn sunglasses there!!


  • @LALisa, thanks for getting the first round of pics up!

  • @Wilbo The 8mm was the Rokinon Cine lens.

  • @LALisa Thanks for your pics.

    Here's my album (let's see if I did this right):

    imageimurbucket's PV Meetup 071313 album on Photobucket
  • Thanks VK!

    850 x 478 - 236K
  • @LALisa make or find existing relevant topic to discuss your GH3 power supply questions (I thought I'd tell ya before the big guy does :-)

  • Thanks @htinla and @LALisa for the great pics!

    @vicharris - Oh, duh, Rokinon Cinema lens.... I think you told me that when we were there. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I had mentioned to some of you about adding the AC Adapter to the BeachTek mixer and external power supplies for those of you that held my rig...

  • Hey guys, that was a lot of fun! @Wilbo, ask @Vicharris what that 8mm was again, as I can't remember, and it was his lens.

    If anyone wants to do this again, I say let's go for it!

    @Vicharris, thank you for your generosity! Can't wait to reciprocate :)