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Meetup: Los Angeles Area
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  • Here are a couple of framegrabs from my test video using Vic's sweet SLRMagic 25mm T0.95 at wide open:

    The Personal View L.A. Film Crew photo PVFilmCrew1.jpg

    Vic becomes one with the BMDCC photo PVFilmCrew2.jpg

  • I was wondering if we could continue the dialog here at this post... Just keep that meeting going here on line? I sure did have a good time...and speaking of the time it flew by...


  • @htinla ... I sure do like that Post Card!

  • @htinla ... that is quite an album... I was looking at the light... amazing lighting for a gathering... I could imagine streaming a live user gathering... you could put different feeds in the monitors and have folks join us if you had a switcher with GH2s on it... Personal - Views... There was a famous series called Cheers! ... I cut a lot of the behind the scenes stuff on that when I was working on that project a long time ago...

    I am always thinking!


  • @LALisa Would people tune in to watch a bunch of guys geeking out on film technology while guzzling down beers? Hmm, maybe just strange enough that they would.

  • Wanted to discuss one idea with you.

    What do you think about making next LA meeting in conference room with screen and projector?

    So you could show your works. May be make short courses (by @shian :-) ).

  • @Vitaliy_ They have a bunch of flat panel monitors at Big Wangs... Big Wangs would work for a small group of 10 or 12... A video projector on a big screen... that will take some doing I suspect... A Hotel meeting room might work ... the costs could be a bunch perhaps... More discussions for sure...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @LALisa

    At the end of the last meeting, @Shian, @VicHarris and I all talked about our thoughts for the next one. The consensus was that while we would enjoy doing another one (August looks like a strong possibility for one at the moment) it would be better for people to share their work online, or informally via a smaller screen on a one to one basis. We talked about setting aside 30 minutes early on in the events for giving a small seminar or presentation or discussion on a technical topic, but the consensus was that using screens for a "one-to-many" presentation style would make the get-togethers feel less social and too much like our other work environments.

    Everyone should feel free to weigh in, of course, and if someone else would like to organize more of a "presentation-focused" get-together, then that could be good as a separate thing.

  • Also, since I have a bit of free-time at the moment to type for a minute, I'd like to say how great it was to see everyone this weekend. :)

    Thanks everyone for coming, and thanks especially to @vicharris for doing all the work of finding the location, organizing the event and even paying for food and drinks. I don't know how late The last three people stayed but I know that he was there for around 7 hours. Kudos!

    It will take me another event or two to get names right for most people, so I apologize in advance for not leaving more personal comments, but I will try to post some of the pictures soon at least. :) I'm looking forward to the next one!

  • Perhaps we can all openly submit our individual suggestions and schedule the ones that are most popular or doable. Some may want to offer presentations of their work, others might want to hold a technical seminar. If we all know what suggestions are on the table, then we can tailor any upcoming meetings to suit what's needed. We might even be able to create a calendar of events if we plan things well enough.

  • @htinla I think that's a great idea, but with a caveat: if there are going to be ones dedicated to presenting peoples' works, they should be separate events as opposed to being tacked onto the more social events. The audience for the two wouldn't be a 100% overlap.

  • I'm moving to a place that might be great for hosting an event, and I have some ideas about that, but I need to wait to see how everything shakes out, but it would be one hell of a cool event if everything falls into place. Very educational, great food, and a ton of fun. Just wanted to throw it out there, so If I can do it, it doesn't come out of left field.

  • @Shian Sounds great. Keep us posted! :)

  • I foresee a BBQ meeting in our future. Dang, these gatherings are gonna be bad for my diet.

  • @htinla a great questions... they can be a lot of work... we could maybe do a link up with Vitaliy ... then again it is possible to do links... live stuff can be fun and a lot of work... Local meet ups and we can share links here... Just let this room build on its own...

  • Anyone happen to grab my sunglasses before they left? @whisper1 Did you by chance?

  • @vicharris Sorry, I left a little after you did and don't see what happened to them.

  • Give them back Per!

    BTW: What an excellent set of photos and great to see that all had a fabulous time. Really wish I'd been there. One day LA beckons. :-)

  • I knew it was Per!!! He was eyeing them all day. It was either that or he was checking out my ass. One or the other.

  • Here are a handful of more snapshots from the event.

    @vicharris And to think I was just wasting my time doing neither. What was I even doing there? ;)

  • Cool, thanks for uploading the pics Per! :) Looking at them makes me feel like I need to hit the treadmill a little more often though :/


  • @Wilbo Sure thing. But I'm telling you, that's just the ultra-wide-angle lens distortion talking. :)

  • @thepalalias Thanks for the terrific photos. I really appreciate the many angles you took of me, although I too need to hit the treadmill.

  • Lets meet up again.

  • @whisper1 Great idea. :)

    Before that maybe someone can go through the group photos earlier in the thread and label the screen names... so that I don't embarass myself entirely at the next event by not remember what face goes with which SN. :)