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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • Thanks, I also plan to put the Portahead on a steadicam sled soon besides the handheld mode. It will help to carry it for longer time and also eliminate the foodsteps. Will post some demo material in the next time. The change between handheld and steadicam mode only takes a few minutes.

  • Hi all,

    I'm a noob when it comes to gimbals and this thread has a lot of great information. Is there an affordable 3 axis gimbal (around $500) that is worth buying? It would have to be able to hold a GH3 and GoPro (not at the same time). Any recommendations?

  • Nothing?

    What about a 3axis gimbal worth buying for a GoPro?

  • @hellrazor

    would love to see more footage from the arris zhaoyun! thinking to get either this or besteadyone for GH, canon or go pro - seems a little bit bouncy from that wasteland footage. are you improving with it /is it getting easier? What is it like to set up?

    I've seen much steadier footage from be steady but dont see how the same tech can be so different...

  • @mickey walking technic and the handle/grip seems key element next to the controller setup. A collegue who party does steadycam OP did not have the issues as I have (but he did not permit me to post his indoors... Cat Video). Footage gets better every time I use it. It is a nice, clean, stable and damn small gimbal which came with a usable out of the box setup (a backup copy of settings on DVD). Once you got through the instructional videos for programming the controller you get an idea. I did not give myself enough time yet to experiment more, but I got e.g. the complete follow mode + radio control working by now. Will go out this weekend with gimbal & pocket if weather is ok.

  • I think the demo for Gazer stabiliser is hilarious, just like many of the new stabiliser video. He should be moving around with the stabiliser and not standing still and play with the pan and tilt joy stick accompanied with the over the top epic soundtrack :) We already know that it can pan and tilt, so move on and move around to show us some footage. What we get is 5 seconds of not so impressive footage at the end of the video....sigh.

  • Great forum!

    I thought the OP created this thread for Gimbals around $500?

    What was I expecting?

  • Anyone seen these ? They're on ebay for less that $250.

    Not quite a pretty as mastor tech.

    Also some 3-axis gimbals for gopros for less than $250

  • Thanks Kurth,

    That second 3 Axis gimbal you linked to is one that I am considering for a Hero3+ Black. No info anywhere on them though.

    The first one (video) does not seem too good to me and confirms that 3 axis is really needed.

  • 3axis handheld gimbal for GoPro even cheaper here :

    Or this one?

    Both are 3 Axis and look identical other than the boards. Will the more expensive version be easier to setup and work better even though in the specs they both say "debugged and ready to fly"

    Ideally I would like one for my GH3 but not willing to risk paying $600+ for a suitable handheld gimbal if it's going to be junk. $250 I don't mind risking although it will only work with the GoPro. Thoughts?

  • I agree about the price/risk ratio. that's why I posted. ....and you mean "will only work with the gopro", right ? ...not gh3 ! I kinda of like the 2-axis for it's design. On your does say the controller is "kit only" for the cheaper model controller. Don't know what that implies. And that site has a wide variety of prices for what appears to be the same machine. Must mean they come in different levels of completion. Which puts it at the same price as ebay...and it looks like the identically same product. They also sell the feiyu and it has an excellent review. At least you get some protection with ebay.

  • 9V battery ? Is it enough ? got some serious doubts about the autonomy

  • Feiyu's site says 2 hours. I got a doubt where to get these batteries.

  • easy to find in Europe

  • Kurth,

    Yes, my mistake. Will only work with the GoPro. Fixed it now! The products I linked to say that the gimbals are "ready to run". Is this not the case?

  • @Tone13

    If you arrow thru the slidebar at top, I think only the most expensive one at $233 is ready to run. Read the highlighted red print for which model lacks what. The others require assembly/i.e programming, or missing components..or are 2-axis. It's confusing because there's so many options.

  • Ok, I'm seriously considering the 3 axis GoPro gimbal Kurth linked to on ebay (Ebay protection an advantage as pointed out). I know nothing about gimbals, do the motors used in that gimbal seem descent enough? Should the sum of it's parts make a good gimbal? Unfortunately I can't find a single review online but the seller does state "100% customer satisfaction guarantee " for what it's worth.

  • Here is a new 2 axis (no pan) option that is big enough for DSLRs:


  • @grisnjam Since Stephen Tsang of MastorTech started a new company and formed the new business under the Gazer name, I've lost confidence in their highly-anticipated SF1, which was supposed to be able to fly the BMPCC and even my Lumix GM1. The newly-branded gimbal is now priced $100 more than previously promised. I suppose that's for the new red accent plastic. The Came gimbal, which comes in at only $100 more, can fly my GH3 as well. Do you think I can use the Wifi to view on my iPod as a sort of monitor?

  • A good CAME 6000 run by Cheesycam

  • even unfinished on setup and handlebar, the arris zhaoyun 3-axis brushless gimbal rocks! very quick and dirty post prod... I hope it is worth sharing.

  • Hello everybody! I would like to buy from Ebay a 3 axis gimbal. There are two different offers for the same model: with Carbon + Aluminium Alloy Tube and with Carbon + Glass Fiber Tube, at almost the same price. Which of this two types could be the best? Thank you!