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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • I found something very interesting and hopefully I will be able to mod it to fit my GX7 - 0.7mm to high (Pocket seems ok): Just ordered and will post footage. This is a multirotor gimbal, sou you have to think for yourself to get handles attached. Price is way interesting!

  • I cant wait to see footage. Does it offer "smart" pan and tilt for single camera man movement?

  • @eyeiaye you can connect either a special joystick (around 60$) or a full RC remote. It has multiple modes (fixed, follow and so on) and the board is licenced AlexMos Board ( ). Most used (and copied) board for brushless Gimbals as far as I know. + still awaiting delivery... exceptionaly stuck in Hong Kong...

  • @hellrazor PLEASE post samples and also what you used for a grip!

    cant wait. this looks like the best affordable option.

  • footage will be done this weekend. This thing works! pretty good out of the box! the settings are not optimal for the pocket... I have to tune and balance it first + find a grip... Anything else than 14mm pancake + pocket did not go well, but a great start!

  • @hellrazor This is fantastic! I wonder if a c mount lens would work? also, would there be room to fit the view factor cage? if so, it might be able to hold larger lenses given that the weight would be more balanced. Thoughts?

  • Also, can you show different modes, and joystick if you are using them?

    This is exciting

  • @eyeiaye: set up is just almost there, but... video is uploading... C-Mount works. No heavy stuff which throws it out of balance! Pancakes 20mm & 14mm work flawlessly. Wide angle on 14mm works most of the time... seems to be the limit. Cage is not needed + no space. GF7 does not fit. 0.7mm too high + there are some knobs on top. Motors seems very strong and default setup comes way overpowered for handheld.

  • December 2013 issue of IEEE Spectrum had an article of a DIY two axis stabilizer that looks interesting and inexpensive. Here's the article link: A video in the article is:

  • password: fly

  • looks great. and what a fun day.

    I am seeing a few micro vibrations, is this from the rig?

  • @eyeiaye: yes. Lets say the kind of rigging. I used the 14-42mm PZ X zoom with MK3 Vari ND, which placed the cam way out of balance. The tilt motor was humming all the time (listen in the first seconds). Worst case Test. It was the first day out with the pocket. Also working on a more neutral grade but skin tones were to low exposed ;) And everybody should consider LANC or Wireless remote control of the cam on such a rig as it is hard to press buttons while the rig is active.

  • @hellrazor, for being a "worst case test" it was quite good. this being said i would love to see a test when you get the rigging down.

  • GM1 + 14mm pancake + MK II vari ND + arris zhaoyun

  • Using it as a remote head:

  • @hellrazor NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!!

    Have your rigged up a proper mounting solution?

    I would like to mount a monitor to this beast!

    And to clarify, in no way do you think that the viewfactor cage would work on this?

  • @eyeiaye All the shots for now are done with a handlebar from a home trainer. I mounted 2 Clamps (from magic arms) and so I can clamp the handlebar on the fly. Very solid, but quite heavy. I am working on a PVC handlebar covered with Carbon fiber. Handlebar has to be solid & detachable. I plan to attach a monitor. But I want it with the RC. A HDMI transmitter (there is 5V next to the camera!) should work fine. Just lacking a 10cm cable... It should work to run a HDMI cable from the gimbal to the monitor.

    For your Cage: I see no point in putting the cage. The Gimbal is a cage. + I would not add balancing mass if not needed. If you want to use it, mount it to the top and attach your monitor there!

    the RC solution: DSM Orange RX by HobbyKing for 6$. Add a MLP6DSM 6CH Safe Tx from a Blade helicopter (-> spare parts!). + 5 Volt. You won't get it cheaper!

    In parallel, I need to make it possible to control the GM1 by WLAN using @lenuisible project.

    And the settings in software are 100% overwhelming! Maybe I tried 5% yet.

    4592 x 3448 - 1M
  • Last week we used our new Porta Head 5 system for the first time with the cablecam and the brushless gimbal brought another improvement into the stabilization together with the kenyon gyro I used before. I edited some footage and making-of-material from the shooting with the cablecam. The camera used was a Canon 5D Mark 3 in RAW modus. Focal length mainly used was 50 mm, some shots used 35 mm and up to 85 mm.

    Best regards,

    Andreas Kielb

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  • Nice idea but I dont think that the ergonomics of gimbalgunner is convincing. You have to carry all the weight there is no balancing as in standard sholder mount. If look at the operator you see that viewing is another problem. You cannot use a viewfinder as the camera has to stay flexible... last not least pricing almost 5000€ plus VAT..