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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • Just a question, do you think that kind of stuff could work in a waterhousing? I may consider to use it on my surfing board.

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  • wow, this whole gimbal concept is getting better and cheaper every month, very exciting news. btw @Rambo congrats on your project! clever and creative I think.

  • Coming from multirotor background my needs for steady footage have now dropped over into land based requirements, and there are so many things in the pipeline in this part of the industry. I have thought about adapting some of our brushless gimbals to be used by hand but just the amount of messing about has put me off and so I await a manufactured solution like everyone else. Must tip a hat to Alexmos for their incredible controller boards, and hope that fairly soon we will have an affordable GH3 stabilized gimbal for the semi-pro or amateur videographer.

  • @cjdincer>wow, this whole gimbal concept is getting better and cheaper every month, very exciting news. btw @Rambo congrats on your project! clever and creative I think.

    Thanks, I have now successfully mounted this gimbal, battery (I'm using a GH1 battery to power it), electronics and the GoPro camera inside a fully WATERPROOF housing 110mm x 110mm x 87mm with large Perspex port. It's working fine just need to coat black everything internally to eliminate/minimise reflections onto the inside of the port. I've stripped the gimbal of its anti-vib mount and relocated the electronics, so it's now very small.

    This housing can now be mounted on a pole, helmet, etc etc etc and controlled/video monitored with the GoPro remote or the iPhone app. Very cool. Post photos soon after I have refined it a little more.

  • ahhh great thing @Rambo ! this is definitely my next project, can't wait to see your pics of the beast !

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  • The DEFY maybe so good that Relentless does not comply with the production. But less well is the fact, to put off the customer due to a delivery date again and again. I've already ordered and paid for a G2 on 18 September 2013. The delivery was promised originally the end of October, then November. Now we already have December and I still get no binding message.

    So dear DEFY fans, be careful with the promised delivery times.

  • Been having a go with the DEFY G2 lately and thought I'd share some footage from both testing and couple of jobs. Gotta say it's pretty straight forward to setup and use. Takes a bit of practice to get used to when walking or running. But way easier than my previous very limited steady-cam experience (both in the setup/balancing and actual use). Also, the customer service in my own personal experience has been top notch. The crew was always stoked to help answer any questions and even sent a couple of personalized video tutorials to help get me up and running. Loving it so far.

  • Bloody hell, a few months ago I did a bit of research into 2 axis gimbals and have now come out the other end building this thing. A 3 axis handheld will be something I put together later next year. There are kits out there that are pretty much under $700 for everything you need.

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