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3-axis stabilizers ala FreeFly MOVi or ZenMuse - DIY and commercial
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  • So as these stabilisers become cheaper and more widely available, I'm wondering what the actual difference is between all of them? I've seen the best footage from the movi and be steady, so apart from the price tag what's the difference? and how is their footage so drastically different to ones like came 7000 where you see the footsteps, is it down to the balancing in firmware? Or the weight of the setup?

  • Gimbal ISEE I for GOPRO

  • I just found this forum about Gimbals and and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a Canon t3i, RODE Videomic, a pretty light lens, and was thinking of getting this gimbal, My rig should be less than 1500g. I was wondering if this was a good gimbal and could do things like follow mode, etc… or if anyone could recommend a gimbal to me, that would be great. Also, since the t3i does not autofocus during video, I would need a way to pull focus. I was wondering if something like this would work, if I put it on the handle of the gimbal or if you had another solution to this. Thanks!

  • @ajs880

    For now this things require calibration skills and to focus and such you need focus puller anyway. On Canon you can use something like aputure you referenced.

  • I ordered the Nex DYS kit from Came-tv last week "1 x DYS 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal w/ 4108 Motor and AlexMos Controller (4108M+CB1) = US$388.00" .. when it came, there was no controller in the box ... no explanation, no reply

  • Hi guys, this systems look damn pretty good and better than cheap steady as flycam nano. But they are more expensive and there are so many models out there.

    Can i ask if it does exist a simply (and not so expensive) solution?


  • @asterik

    It says on their website that you need to get an Alexmos controller:

    Note: •This gimbal does not include controller and battery, AlexMos controller is sold 100USD. •If you are a new beginner, learn more the Gimbal controller link :

    Also, how is the gimbal? Does it work well?


  • It says on their website that you need to get an Alexmos controller:

    Note: •This gimbal does not include controller and battery, AlexMos controller is sold 100USD.>> Where does it say that. They have dropped the unit I bought last week from their listing currently. Maybe they have run out of controllers so they thought they would just send me one without. They had the motors, Nex gimbal etc for sale too without the controller for $150 less than I paid. Here is my invoice. What do you think it means if not that I would be getting the controller (and the third axis addon)

  • DJI Ronin


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  • @asterik it says it on came-tv's website

  • Regarding the DJI Ronin, I would suspect that the DJI people would have their head around the software side of things.

  • Dear DJI, 99% of people that's in the market for a gimbal stabilizer is not gonna have a 16Ib camera and lens gear combination to use with the DJI Ronin. The under $5000 price point is great for the 1% of those people. But for us 99% in the market for a gimbal stabilizer, please make a cheaper version for small DSLR (3-6Ibs) and you will take our money. Signed,

    the people.

  • The Ronin looks great, I hope they make a cheaper version for lightweight cams too. Thinking a GM1 + 12mm sized ...

  • My friend and I took on a DIY 3 axis gimbal project, we had a red/bmcc/fs700 weight .motors are iPower GBM8017-120T controller on small weight dslr its very smooth (7d and lens ) , as soon as something bigger like bmcc is on it for the life of us we cant get it balanced (just weird vibrations), pretty sure the motors are rated for heavy weight setup , is it mostly software settings , we been trying for no kidding 3 months and no improvement , very good with dslr and smaller weight, big boy stuff not at all. thanks for any input

  • @Vitaliy, is there a release date and price tag for the Varavon Birdy Cam? I think the infos on are still from NAB 2013.

  • @anti12

    We will have first rigs on deals in the month or so.

  • Lanparte gymbal videos

  • More detailed view at DJI Ronin