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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • I filmed for 11 minutes to see if the Sedna would span on my SanDisk 64 gig 95mb card and it did. But I will not play back in camera and it will not record anymore. Says full number exceeded limit. Back to Driftwood_Cluster_v7_'Apocalypse_Now.

  • Are guys using Sedna A, B or C.

  • Thank you so much Stray I looked everywhere and gave up that's why I posted for help. Im going to download it now and try it out. I want to see if it is better then Driftwood_Cluster_v7_'Apocalypse_Now' this is what im using now.

  • Anyone have the link to download Sedna aq1. I am searching and cant find it. Thanks all.

  • @ahbleza - Sounds like a pain. 5DtoRGB sounds like your best option now if you're on 64bit. I've never messed with transcoding since switching to CS6.

  • MTS import under FCPX is indeed not very usefull to say the least, importing in newest Premiere is loads better, but do try 5DtoRGB please.

  • @artiswar I've had lots of problems trying to import MTS files directly into FCPX, even with the new version. I have been relying on Clipwrap, but that's not looking very reliable now.

  • I remember some other people mentioning clipwrap as causing issues with gh2 footage, could you perhaps try to do the something similar with "5DtoRGB" by converting the original full MTS to ProRes format for those specific sequences where you see artifects ?

    @rajamalik thanks for the confirm.

  • @ahbleza - That is nasty at 1:00! Do your original MTS have this issue? Have you tried importing the MTS without Clipwrap first?

  • I'm using Driftwood's AN 444 Soft, and have seen some major issues with motion on some shots. I shot an interview last week with my GH2, and some of the B-roll shots with a lot of movement show terrible artefacts. See for example 1:00, 6:45, 9:06, 9:52 and 12:30.

    I used Clipwrap to convert the MTS files to MOV before importing and transcoding in FCPX.

    Anyone seen this type of problem before? Shot with 1080p24 using Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 at 160 ISO. Motion at 7:32 is just fine. I didn't change any settings in the camera when shooting the B-roll, some of which was before and some after the interview.

  • Driftwood Cluster V7 4-4-4 -soft -Lumix 14/2.5 -O-O-C

    My first one .

  • I´m using drewnet shap2 and i love it, but i feel that something more"distant" is needed, it feels a little bit video... i own a hvx200 and if i compare them both, the gh2 has a lot more detail, but the hvx200 has a more cinemtaic look. Cant find the reason why... maybe is the 24p? Maybe is the softness??

  • @kritzresn almost every recent hack has it. Boom intravenus and upcoming hacks included. go for it, happy shooting !!

  • Does anyone know if the Boom V1 ini file has the Pasadena Pulse Audio V2 Beta 2 settings included ? if not how would i be able to merge it into there ?

  • @EYESOUL Here Cluster v7 12/15 GOP 444 Sharp Matrix

    drewnet cluster v6 VS drewnet v7-nebula 444 soft
    Video recording is done at 720p, 60 fps.

  • @Jim_Simon I was wondering when using DREWnet 12/15 simulated matrix did you notice any strange behavior?I saw someone had posted a video earlier in the forum about some kind of issue that occurred in all Cluster 7 versions except sharp2,something about frame dropping causing the footage to have a glitchy type behavior (don't quite know the technical description of the issue) has this been your experience? thanks..

  • I haven't tried Boom! yet, mostly because I like cbrandin's 444 simulated matrix, which Boom! doesn't use. But I did try Intravenus and Nebula. I ended up going back to the DREWnet 12/15 Soft patch. It's just the best looking footage I've ever gotten out of this camera.

  • @rajamalik... have u tried boom v1? its also a good choice i believe.

  • @ driftwood Getting great results with Apocalypse Now Boom - thanks. No crashing. Grades perfectly. Image quality great. I've probably recorded 30 clips with it, and only twice I was unable to play it back in the camera. A small inconvenience for such superb quality. Planning to shoot a feature film and will use Apocalypse Now Boom for all shots. For that shoot I'll probably pick up a Toshiba Excite 10 Tablet which has SD card slot and use that to review any shots where the playback didn't work. Thanks for your great work.

  • @GravitateMediaGroup @Shon @cam_boy thats not i meant. what i meant to say is so simple, canis majoris series didnt get its last AM setting so its not completed. Sedna Series is complete the AQ1 versions of all 3 sednas are superb. Sedna A AQ1 is the most details and it grades better than any other patch. canis night blue issue is not present in any sednas. Quantum v9b is considered as the most successful patch with default matrix. sedna A AQ1 overrided quantum9's reach. cluster is an all rounder for most sd card holders. but it isnt a top notch.cluster is reliable and good for documentaries.until intravenus cinema smooth matirx's release Sedna A AQ1 is the one and only patch for cinematographers. what do u say??

  • Hi, I really like many of the settings @driftwood has created along with the other talented creators here. I do use Sedna aq1 a lot, otherwise the cluster series. One thing that really seems to make the difference (in taking off the video edge in post) is adding a few percentage points opacity of actual film grain overlay. Under that I add a little tinting in a warm tone rather than "colour correcting" the shot. Adjusting the curve seems to help . Even the pana/leica lens can be tamed this way. Hope this helps for you folks looking for that elusive film look. Happy cinemaphotography!

  • I´m shooting a full lenght feature in november 9. PLease!!! Cinema smooth matrix!!!!! jajaja

  • sedna has the best RGB balance in my opinion, cause w/CanisMajoris had to pull down the blue channel all the time. I think people are waiting for the best all around setting few people like to experiment

  • @rajamalik Perhaps because of the fact that no new patches :)