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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @benzopilas that's a pretty crazy workflow

  • @luxis the ideas of lowrider have gone into the development of moon.

  • Just did my first shoot with Intravenus 'Cinema Smooth'. Mostly just shooting in 60fps 720p mode... but it up-resses quite amazingly to 1080p. Great patch so far!

    Here's the first clip from a larger project I'm working on...

    Original 1080p file available for download! Check it out in full quality!

  • @bwhitz ha,ha,ha funny end of the clip. Bravo for shooting, fabulous IQ, picture, light and camera motion. Did you use slider? What hell of a sharp lens was used for the scenes with close faces of the fighters?

  • @driftwood ok, thanks! heading to (the)moon then ;)

  • Did you use slider?

    Nope just a glidecam HD-1000 and 60fps... :)

    Glad you got the joke in it! It's a little out of context, as it's part of a longer short, but it's nice when the scenes work on their own...

    What hell of a sharp lens was used for the scenes with close faces of the fighters?

    The whole video was done with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 wide-open with a variable ND filter at about 8-stops. I swear, I use that damn lens for everything I do on the GH2! It's so good...

  • The whole video was done with a Sigma 30mm 1.4 wide-open with a variable ND filter at about 8-stops. I swear, I use that damn lens for everything I do on the GH2! It's so good...

    Hmmm, doesn't look too expensive either. Boink, in it goes to my Amazon wishlist so I don't forget. Are you using a "smart" adapter to the GH2 or does it function in full manual mode with the cheaper, non-electronic adapters, do you know?

  • @BurnetRhoades

    It's a dummy-mount Kipon adapter with built-in blades for manual aperture control. It works great with the lens when you do actually use the blades, even though I didn't here. Vignettes with some zoom lenses (like the Tamron 17-50mm 2.8) when fully closed, but never had a problem with primes.

    But yes, the GH2 does fully function with the dummy-mounts. It's a setting in the menu called "shoot without lens" or something of the sort. Just enable it and it's good to go!

  • @bwhitz yeah, I'm using similar adapters for my Nikkors, which don't need the additional iris. I'm just skeptical about using newer lenses, particularly those meant for digital cameras, since a lot of the adapters can almost double that lenses actual cost. I was really impressed here by how sharp it felt at f/1.4 so it's the first digital lens I've been compelled to investigate, besides the Lumix options available, like the 20mm pancake.

    Cool, thanks.

  • @rajamalik make sure you include "in my opinion" when you say "kills every other patch" because there have been playback issues, and other issues made known in HBR and 720, along with some kind of flickering in ExTel. It may depend on what card was being used, but this is still a "trial" setting.

  • @rajamalik obviously you are lost.

    to say "this patch kills every other patch" is YOUR opinion

  • @rajamalik are you even following the moon topic? driftwood has said himself 720 is giving issues.....stop talking and start listening, i've told you this before. I've tested all moon trials. If a new patch was to come out tomorrow called "sun" you would say "it's the best patch ever" stop trying to force your opinion on people and go shoot something. the results ARE amazing...but that's not what you said "kills every other patch".....everywhere else on Earth would look at that as "opinion" I guess India is different?

    you say the patch has "never had any problem" that is possible with settings YOU USE....others are reporting aren't "king of the testers" just because you say it's perfect, doesn't automatically make it perfect.

  • "kind of flickering in ExTel" this is inherent feature of the gh2 (quite often)in this mode, especially if underexposed with little details, in stock firmware as well, don't expect any fixing of this anytime soon.

  • @rajamalik not to mention you are talking about the wrong settings for this topic. this topic isn't for moon discussion

  • @rajamalik lol I don't shoot in 720 with gh2, I will go 60p with gh3 first choice

    from now on, stop pretending your opinion is a fact so I don't have to go out of my way to correct you. I can't wait until the next series (if there is one) comes out so it can be your "flavor of the week"

  • This site title and subsequently content is called "Personal View" so nothing wrong with it and nobody has to correct no one else in this sense ;)

  • @rajamalik can you not read? I "DO NOT" shoot 720 lol

    you are discussing moon in the wrong topic.....

  • but way back earlier in this topic, you couldn't stop talking about Intra and how you were begging for the CS matrix and so've turned your back on it pretty quick I see. Did you ever shoot anything using Intra that made waiting for it worth it? It's available to you to use...but I don't see you post to many edits. I see you set on here day after day begging for the next patch so you can tell your friends "my camera is better today than it was yesterday" GO SHOOT SOMETHING

    do you think you are the only member that knows about 'moon'? everyone can see that there is a topic specifically for it just as you can see it.

    here are questions you asked in the past.

    rajamalik November 2012 driftwood: any news abt the top notch cinema smooth matrix??

    rajamalik January 11 driftwood: The cinema smooth matrix is so filmic. I felt I am using a mini arri. Thank you once again. I hope there will be more of it soon.

    but now that moon is out Intra is no longer a "mini arri"? if you consider Intra a "mini arri" you should NEVER need to use another setting again.