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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • alright, so moon is still in trial right? you gave up on intra and went back to canis because you didn't think intra was stable enough yet right? I'm pretty sure there hasn't been another version of Intra released since you made that comment, and you think there will be as many builds of moon as their are P-V members? so is Intra still not stable enough for you? you contradict yourself very often.

  • read it again.... if you consider Intra a "mini arri" you should NEVER need to use another setting again. (not camera, setting, you're using a GH2, you are saying Intra turns a GH2 into a Mini Arri, so if Intra emulates a Mini Arri, why on earth would you ever need to use another patch/setting)

    you are telling me to encourage and praise people....but you are the one that says "good video, but too short" to people or always have some type of critique.

    what ever your newest or best edit is, please PM it to me so I can give you praise

  • I agree with @GravitatMediaGroup here. @rajamalik you need to chill out buddy. You do say every new patch is the most amazing thing ever and many issues have been posted about these hacks. You can't say there's no problems with them to other users. That is wrong. Driftwood even mentions it during the releases and that he's working on it. You need to slow it down and stop giving so much advice, please. This is what you posted "This patch Really kills every other patches. No Write error, spans well, playback had no issues in Cam." Not even close to the facts. Please stop confusing any new members here. There's already so much stuff going on and new patches coming out, one doesn't need to be lead astray with bad info.

  • Wow, I think you guys pumped out 9 new posts in the time it took me to type that!! LMAO

    I have one word...THUNDERDOME!!!!!!!!!

  • @rajamalik so a 5 second test clip is to short? lol be real with yourself buddy go practice your grading, because it's slightly off. that's all the praise I have for ya

  • I got a few words, I'm about to go outside and make a bmcc vs moon edit lol

    ProRes of course, RAW wouldn't be fair lol

    what lens should I use, rok 14...35....85....or sigma 30 with variND?

  • @MbhuyKo, I'm wondering what settings you've used that match a hacked GH2 with the GH3. I'm shooting both and trying to match Cluster with straight GH3 settings. Have any luck there? Thanks, Kevin

  • @kevintraywick it's tricky, but 90% of it will come down to matching the grade.

    are you shooting 50 or 72?

  • @ gravitatemediagroup @rajamalik you two guys let us know if you need some more privacy to cuddle :) And jesus, you have fast fingers. I would bet my money on you in any typewriter contest...

    funny, how people can get so personal about cameras, while today 40.000 children in the 3rd world died of starvation. My best pal @vicharris and i can tell a story about that...

  • @Mirrorkisser thats a good idea. i removed all of em.

  • funny, how people can get so personal about cameras, while today 40.000 children in the 3rd world died of starvation.

    If that's funny why are you wasting time like everyone else here babbling srs bsnss to the interwebs? Go save them, hero.

  • LOL, funny one .. seems to be a OT-Thread now ^^

  • @mirrorkisser so do you agree that moon trial 4 "kills" every other driftwood creation? because that's where this came about if you didn't know.

    if this was your first time visiting P-V, is that the information you would want to be given?

  • I guess I kinda saw it coming cz @rajamalik.. I do believe your intentions are good but kindly refrain from making superlative comments about everything that varies in matter in days or weeks cause then you are not really giving out helpful suggestions. A little while back you suggested to me that using Sony Vegas would improve my editing experience but I found nothing to support it. It turned out to be a problem of using long gop setting which is more taxing on my PC than say Intra or 3gop setting. Now I use Spizz and I like it a lot. Migrated from FM and gotto say, I'll be shooting my next feature on Spizz or Moon, PS- I also live good 6-7 months of the year in India and kindly don't say things like "Its diff in India" and not elaborate on it. It puts the country in bad light. Granted how things work in India is v diff from how things work in UK but don't let it be an excuse for anything. You just gotto Adapt. @gravitatemediagroup Rok 35 and Sigma 30 please. and some moving shots.

  • @aashay I shot mostly rok 35mm, but I did go ahead and shoot 2 clips with the sigma. none are moving clips because I didn't feel like dragging my good tripod along, it's too heavy. and with the BMCC I'm going to have to invest in a serious slider, because the 2 junkers I got now won't cut it lol

  • @gravitatemediagroup: i would also not say that moon kills every other setting. For 24p its my favourite right now, but there are many other wonderful settings, some i like better for their grain, like intravenus1 or valkyrie. But i think 20 posts arguing what is and what is not just makes it harder to oversee and find the necessay informations, because the thread becomes bloated. But in general i agree, people with semi-knowledge giving verdicts also spread a lot of misunderstanding and misconcepts. Maybe you have a suggestion for a minimum kind of knowledge or other criteria that has to be fulfilled in order for people being allowed to post. I could not find any yet for public forums. As there is also only a thin line between knowledge and opinion. In the end this is Vitaliys castle, he decides...

  • Thank you @driftwood and @matthere, looks like I just needed to be logged in!

  • @maxmontea That's funny. I did the very same thing a long time ago. I thought I was logged on and couldn't figure it out. Drove me crazy! :)

  • I like Boom :)

  • A test with my newly acquired Gh2 and 14-42mm kit lens

    I briefly tried Sanity 5.1, but the sharp, sterile and aliased look turned me off and I went back straight to 'Apocalypse Now' 444 soft matrix!

    Stock with Nostagic vs Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' 12/15 GOP (DREWnet) with cbrandin '444 Soft Matrix' with Standard profile, raw footage straight from the camera. See 3:05 for low aliasing and moire... In HBR mode for both

    I took some more footage today, just after dawn and it was beautiful, looked cinematic and film like straight from the camera!

  • Which hack is better Apocalypse Now Intravenus v2 or Sedna AQ1? Thanks!

  • See also the new Moon patches glsmatt ;)