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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @Shon

    You have not added grain to the clip? Do color correction? In some frames visible fibers, like bristles or hairs on the film.

    If you're talking about the vid I posted then yea, there is actually some film-grain I added.

  • @Shon, I have used grain / color correct before but my problem was with exporting but @bwhitz help me with it already.

  • I want to analize edited files that are not recognized by stream pharser. Is there another program, or coud stream pharser do it in the future?

  • Here's a clip using the latest Apocalypse now. It was really dim in the church so I had to crank up to ISO to 1000 -1250 using 20mm pancake 1.7 wide open. I can't believe how good it turned out using whatever light there was. Colors are rich and noise is not ugly blocky. I feel confident taking this camera/lens anywhere where lighting is lousy. I tried several other patches, and I like this one the best so far with this lens. Thanks Driftwood!

  • Here is a music video.... really just a concert with some story added in... I shot ALL on the LOWRIDER patch :)-

    • I did let FC7 log and transfer out of I was working working the footage as prores 4:2:2hq...typically I transcode everything I shoot with 5dtorgb but I didnt intend to flesh this out the way I did... graded in FCP7 with ColorGhear Pro.

  • Here is an experiment with Intravenus IV 2 - 720p. This patch is the perfect gateway to explore more usage of the 60fps capabilities of the GH2. Spanning is flawless. Thank you very much for the great patch.

  • I'm using Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7 sharp2 and i get broken images. What could be causing the problem?

    I'm shooting stock footage and I love the Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7 sharp2 when it works. Can anyone recommend the best hack for shooting stock footage?

    I'm shooting the Cherry Blossom in DC and I need a the best hack that works!

    I have used Flow motion v2.0.2 and Sanity 5.1 but I still like Apocalypse_Now_-_Cluster_v7.

    Thanks for the help!

    1917 x 1079 - 3M
  • @jramos That is a very weird error. Do you have the original MTS so I can try loading it in a couple programs to make sure it's not a software glitch?

    Anyway, my favorite Driftwood Intra settings for daytime shooting are IntraVenus V2, Moon 5 and Sedna (though IntraVenus V1 will give you the highest bitrate on low detail subjects). Canis Majoris Night works well for night subjects at high ISO.

  • @jramos I really like Cluster V7 sharp 2 as well, but for me I found that it does not span reliably. The Cluster X Nebula Trial 6b and Slipstream #3 are very reliable in terms of spanning and provide excellent quality as well.

    Best Regards

  • @jramos I have to ask, what card are you using?

  • Thanks everyone for the reply. I had the same errors shooting at night. I will download and reinstall the hack. I usually record no more then 20 seconds per shot for stock footage. Unfortunately I don't have the original but I'm planing to shoot this weekend. I will try the hacks you mention Azo/thepalalias. I hope I get some god footage. I'm using the 95ms card.
    It seems that the error happens when the scene has a lot of details.

    The picture below was shot the same day, same card and it works fine.

    stv-726 001.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Some fun in the park testing Intravenus II. Lots of room to grade. Thanks Driftwood. I think this will be my go to patch for non-event stuff.

  • Thanks man! She makes for great subject matter! Really grateful for all the work you do here :-)

  • @rorykane that was beautiful!

  • Aww shucks. Thanks @brucker! She was re-enacting her own unique version of the Wizard of Oz. I really wish I could have afforded the CGI she needed!

  • here's a little boring test of a x1.5 anamorphic i did the other day,... Apocalypse Now Boom + contax zeiss 50mm planar + Izukar scope x1.5 anamorphic lens (fixed focus dual optic, not mirror prism).

    mostly shot at f2.8-56 with a bunch of ND filters and a polarizer stacked in front.

    straight out of the camera, no levels/effects of any kind as this is sample video for the auction listing of the Izukar scope. ( if you're interested just search for Izukar scope on that big ass evil auction site :P )

    absolutely looooving Boom!

  • @rorykane - great vid. Could you say what lens you used? Also, you say room to grade - have you graded the piece at all? Would you be able to divulge some info, it would be appreciated, man. I'm trying to achieve that sort of 'look' for a short film. I have GH2 with intravenus II. What colour settings, iso, shutter - any post.

    This site is amazing - as a long time GH2 owner - just brilliant work and effort by all.

  • @mangotree72 Thanks man! All shot with 12mm Magic SLR. Wide open in some cases to bring out the haze and flare. Picture profile setting was Smooth (all settings to -2). Went for a warm custom white balance to get as much of the look in camera. It was a bright day so 320 ISO was used throughout. I also shot with a 1/30 shutter and Variable ND. The look was a quick and dirty curves adjustment. It's maybe a little excessive. The blacks and whites aren't balanced either. For pro job, I guess I would have also done some secondary on the skin tones. I like the foliage but the skin tone is too yellow. I added film grain (which didn't quite translate well after Vimeo's compression). For online streaming, I think you want to use either a lot of grain (after de-noising and encoding at the highest bitrate possible) or none at all. 20% grain is just going to muddy your footage. While I'm not necessarily proud of the technical aspects of the video, I'm proud of the subject matter. My niece is growing up fast and this is a lovely reminder of her sense of adventure.

  • Wedding Portrait, all shot with Intravenus II

  • Short film I made in black and white with Intravenus v1

  • IV2 all shot on 720/60p then modified in premiere, added a bit of contrast too

  • @weomck.. Nice footagte. What picture profile do you use with IV2?

  • sorry but i'm not sure,,, best guess is standard, -2, -2, -2, 0 2nd guess is smooth, -2, -2, -2 -2 thanks for watching

  • these are two uncorrected intraVenus V2 frames.

    640iso / 3200K f 2.0 / Canon FD 28mm -2 -2 -2 -2 dynamic

    shot under 2x 8watt fluorescent bulbs inside a soft box type of thing.

    this isn't my sharpest lens; especially not at 2.0 but is it normal that this footage seems to lack some resolution? When you view it at full resolution there seems to be a lot of detail missing. Is this because of the low light and/or the lower bit rates?

    should I look for better lenses or is there another way to get more sharpness?

    I find it odd because everyone on the forum is looking to make their footage less sharp, while imo my frames are still lacking a bit of resolution, even when there is ample light available.

    Thank you for the hard work! Sharing is Caring :)

    1920 x 868 - 2M
    Sequence 010.png
    1920 x 868 - 1M